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How to Spice up Your Love Life

spice up your love life

Every couple or anybody in a relationship may undergo moments when they are likely to have less sex. Such types of dry spells are very normal. They are likely to cause undue stress to the parties or even result in a questionable relationship. If this happens, here are very few and simple adjustments to help spice up your love life without resulting in potential or extreme awkward measures. Therefore whether, you want to have things switched up with a long-lasting partner or maybe to be adventurous by nature, here is how to spice up your love life.

Make Eye Contact

Try to focus on making eye contact with your lover whether in or out of the bed. You may not intend to have a staring eye contest, but you can make eye contact especially when you feel more confident. Doing so can instantly transfer that particular energy to your lover. Now on you’re on your way to being able to spice up your love life.

Set the Mood

Dinner prepared at home could be the best opportunity to help you dial up the romance with your partner. If it’s your cooking day, set the mood by using dimming lights and candles on the table setting. Ensure mobile phones are off so that you two can have a conversation without any interruptions. Play soft music in the background too. It is one of the greatest ways to evoke a romantic and calm mood. Stretch out the eating experience by serving a dessert and appetizer along with the main course.

Having trouble with sexual intimacy? It might be a low libido, which is more common than you might think.

Get Out of Bed

Simply changing the sex scenery can be one of the simplest ways to keep novelty in your sex life. Putting public indecency aside, there are some very effective and popular areas. They include on a couch, armless chair, desk, or by trying to test your balance against a wall. An all natural male enhancement is another consideration for couples who want a better sex life.

Watch Dirty Movies Together

A dirty movie night is another romantic way to go. Spice up your love life by watching an explicit movie. It can put you in the mood and offer you some great and amazing new ideas to then try together if you’re both comfortable doing so.

Sexy Massages

Massages are almost always sexy and relaxing at the same time. So, get some soothing-scented massage oil and take turns giving one another massages. If you’re using condoms, which we hope you do, ensure the oil is marked as being condom safe.

Try to be Affectionate

Affection is one of the most important parts of a relationship. Try to touch your significant other’s hands when you have a conversation together or touch their knee. Another idea is to lightly brush their shoulder when they walk past you. If you are in a comfortable place, kiss and hug your lover regularly. According to research, cuddling and touch may help a lot in alleviating stress and anxiety as well as building trust with one another.

Explore New Positions

Most couples will engage in certain habits in the bedroom because they understand very well what is likely to make their partner happy. It could be having some associated perks but experimenting with new things is one of the best ways to spice up your love life. You can find new things that you might like in the bedroom. Therefore, try to be creative by exploring other possible sex styles regularly.

Use Sex Toys

The introduction of sex toys into the bedroom can be one of the greatest changes in love life for individuals in a relationship or single women and men. You can find a good selection here They are some of the things women can buy for themselves as they are playful and fun especially when used with your partner. They can help to make things to be more imaginative and creative.

Try Silent Sex

You might have mastered this tip to spice up your love life because of your building’s thin walls or not. Either way, try challenging yourself and your partner to some silent sex. It can be more exciting than the full volume. Without noises, you will be able to pay attention to the partner’s physical cues, and this close attention can be damn hot.

Try Blindfolding

Try to blindfold your partner before doing sexual activities by use of a discarded piece of cloth or an actual blindfold. Inhibiting their sight will help to make other senses very alert. And, of course, not knowing what is likely to be done next heightens the anticipation.

Undress Slowly

Try to undress slowly, removing key pieces of clothing from your partner. Try to unzip his fly, rather than removing his pants, or pushing your underwear on one side instead of removing it. This tip may seem silly to think about, but taking your time to reach the sensual parts of the body will likely make your session spicier.

Conclusions on How to Spice up Your Love Life

Regardless of how long you two have been together, it is very important to remind your partner how much you appreciate one another. By both of you putting in some extra effort, including using thoughtful gestures, you two are more likely to grow closer and strengthen your relationship.

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