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Rising support for Biden to pick a Black female running mate

Black female running mate suppport

When it comes to potential Vice Presidents if Joe Biden wins the U.S. election, a female running mate would be amazing as it would bring the country one step closer to having the first female President. Many prominent voices are encouraging Biden to appoint not only a female VP, but that it be a woman of color, as well.

With the recent killing of George Floyd and the ensuing protests for racial injustice and equality, Biden has been under mounting pressure to reflect the current unrest in his political campaign. The issues are tearing the country at its seams, and a potential VP who is a Black woman would be able to bring her real-life experiences to the table (Biden is a white man in his ’70s) and provide the historic moment that the world really needs right now.

Potential candidates for Biden’s female running mate

Several strong Black women have been supporting this cause, both publicly and in privately, as per a recent article published by CNN. Biden has explained that he will choose a female to run with him in the election but has not yet given the name. His annoucement came back in March.

By choosing a woman of color for US Vice President, Biden would carry the support of an untapped electorate: Black women. Energizing this loyal group of Democratic voters would be welcomed. Furthermore, this candidate could speak to the issues of inequality and intolerance, if Biden wins in November.

Biden is said to be looking at a number of Black candidates, including Californian Kamala Harris (the only Black woman to be appointed Senator), Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Val Demings (a Florida Rep.), and former Georgia gubernatorial Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams. Though of course, none of these names have been officially confirmed by Biden or his staff.

Biden has also had pressure from white female politicians, such as Amy Klobuchar, who officially dropped out of the race last week, wishing him to focus on appointing a woman of color.

This campaign (and impending decision on Biden’s part) comes mainly in response to the many protests and the desire of said protesters for more Black representation on the Presidential staff.

The request for more Black representation

At the time of this writing, there have been several op-eds and open letters to Joe Biden, asking him to appoint a Black woman as his Vice President. One, in particular, was signed by over 500 people. This one, compiled by Melanie Campbell, who chairs Sisters Lead Sisters Vote, resulted in a very “respectful” meeting and call for Biden’s team, in which they considered their options, as well as the implications of such a decision.

Campbell recently said in an interview that Black women are the core of the Democratic party. Thus, tapping into this electorate might really win him the election, or at least, so they expect.

The main idea here is that while there have been female politicians in seats of great power in recent years, as well as Black men in such places, there are precious few Black women, which means the Black female electorate often feels misrepresented. With pressure, the importance of representation, and unrest across the US, there are many reasons for Biden to appoint a Black female running mate for the 2020 race.

16 thoughts on “Rising support for Biden to pick a Black female running mate”

  1. Definitely a strong back woman who can also relate to the people. I’d love to see Staci Abrams or Val Demmings up there. I think Kamala is right where she needs to be, Holding a Senate seat tight. <3

  2. I think that when Amy Klobuchar backed out as a potential candidate, she was thinking of what is best for the party winning the Presidential election. I think that a black woman as VP would encourage even more people of color to vote. I guess we will know soon of Biden’s choice, and how it worked out. We do need more diverse representation in all areas of government, in my opinion.

    1. Thanks for the update on Amy Klobuchar, Peggy. Yes, totally agree on more representation in government. Let’s hope it starts to happen soon xx

  3. petespringerauthor

    I would have rather seen a woman on the front end of the ticket, but I’m glad that he is considering these choices.

    1. Trying to break ground and get subscribers on YouTube is so difficult. I’m trying to stay posive. Thank for your positive words. I really needed that today.

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