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How to keep your business tech safe during COVID-19

Business tech safe in COVID-19

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, businesses worldwide have experienced a lot of downtime. Sadly, hackers haven’t. The COVID-19 crisis has provided an opportunity for hackers who aren’t impacted by a lockdown and who are aware that businesses are likely focusing on keeping the company alive. For many businesses, keeping the company alive involves being attentive to cash flow and furloughing employees. To not include cybersecurity as an existential business threat is a symptom of not knowing enough about the damage that hackers can do; taking all your money, stealing all your customers’ data, or cyber-vandalism (deleting all your files). You must keep tech safe from cyberattacks if you genuinely care about your business’s long-term health.

To keep tech safe, beware of fake customers

If you have some downtime, you’ll likely jump at the opportunity to get a new client. But it’s worth being additionally suspicious of any clients who approach you out of the blue and are unrelated to your marketing campaigns.

Ensure that any emails you receive are from legitimate accounts, and exercise extreme caution if they redirect you to other links. For example, they might write, “I’m using your product for my business [followed by hyperlink].” If it looks suspicious, trust your instincts, and don’t click that link or pursue the opportunity.

If a customer sounds too good to be true, assume they are, and proceed carefully. That is especially true if they don’t fit in with your usual customer demographics. Beware of third party data breaches.

Maintain a secure system

Whether you have a private server in the office or need a couple of laptops connected to a router to function, protect your traffic. Consider using a VPN and always use up-to-date malware and virus protection.

If you have employees who cannot work in the office and have to work remotely, their use of laptops and home security puts your business at risk. It is worth using a capsule cloud – a cloud-based mobile security container that enforces in-network security policies on laptops used at home. That helps keep outsiders from tapping into your network and viewing sensitive information.

Back up everything

If you are operating from different devices, it can be easy to forget to back up your secondary device. However, if you need to use that device for any work-related issue, you should back it up as insurance from a ransomware attack or cyber vandalism.

These attacks are more likely on a computer you use when working from home. So, if you don’t have a capsule cloud or excellent home security protocols, work with extra caution at home.

To keep tech safe, leave data in the office

If you are operating in the EU, it is actually illegal not to keep your customer and employee data safe. That means if you use a personal computer to handle customer data, you are breaking the law if you don’t have cybersecurity threat protection.

In most instances, you’ll be fine, but if you do get a preventable data breach due to using a personal computer, it will be embarrassing and costly for your company. You may face some legal repercussions. Therefore, think twice before you download and use any data on a personal device.

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  1. Excellent tips Christy. I love my VPN for so many reasons particularly when I travel and log in from my own country I can watch all TV channels from home. :) x

    1. Thats true, Christy! Its also seen here. One say Europe will get back into feudalism. The also existing nobility is waiting. Best wishes, be well and stay save. Michael

  2. For those who have their companies and above all, for online sales, these recommendations are very important if they do not want to take surprises when they hack their computers. A great contribution you make every time you implement a business recommendation
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