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Making small moments matter during COVID-19

Do small moments matter during the COVID-19? It’s always been the small stuff that’s really the most important but that statement has never been truer than right now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Small, big, and the balance between them

By “small,” I mean the moments that seem like they’re minor but are heart-warming and stay in our minds. For instance, this photo of our cats that my husband took this morning:

Cats on couch
Our cats!

The pic gave me a huge smile and does so every time I look at it. We emailed it to my parents and I heard back from my dad within half an hour saying that it cheered him up seeing the cats and receiving our attached message with it.

THAT moment is golden.

Small moments matter more than ever in COVID-19 times

So, over here, we’re practicing all of the habits that are recommended, from the 20-second handwashing with soap to home isolation. I’m sure lucky hubby and I get along so well as we’re spending a heck of a lot of time together lately! Lol.

I’m trying to offset those great moments with the world crisis. It’s all hitting too close for comfort with local cases now in our city of Victoria on Canada’s west coast.

One case was only blocks from my parents’ house and also at the university where my husband teaches periodically. He wasn’t teaching this current semester, talk about good timing.

I want to stay on top of the global and local news so that I can do whatever is necessary to keep my family safe. But, I also know that I need to find a balance between my mental health and reading and watching the health and security updates. Taking in the news during every waking hour could really do a number on my mood, and I already have anxiety issues.

If you are finding it hard to keep balance, please know you’re not alone. Being home more than we were before the coronavirus outbreak is trying on the mind as there’s not the social contact perspective that was there before. I encourage you to make phone calls and video chats!

OK so let’s talk more small moments that are reminding me of the good in the world :) Here we go:

#togetherathome on Instagram

I stayed up way too late last night getting in my fill of #togetherathome and it made me happy. Search for the #togetherathome hashtag on Instagram and you’ll find recordings of live streams from celebrities that started a few days ago.

The first one was from Chris Martin from Coldplay. He’s on his piano with his phone in front of him as he sings songs requested by fans. I loved seeing the outpouring of love from people watching it who posted small messages and love emoji’s to show their appreciation for the music coming in as he was singing in his room at home.

Then John Legend followed with his #togetherathome recording. OMG, his wife Chrissy Teagen makes me laugh so much. She comes in while John is playing at the piano, sits on the keys, and says she’s playing the “bum song.” Haha I couldn’t even stop myself from laughing out loud.

What an amazing thing to have a big laugh during this scary time!!

Persian New Year

March 19th was officially Persian New Year. Awesome!

A family friend is Persian and shared a photo with us via a group chat on WhatsApp. Yay for apps that bring people together. She looked so proud in the photo. She stood in her living room in front of a special display she had created on her table.

I felt the connection with her and a bunch of us chimed in with celebratory words for the new year. While the virus is hurting a lot of lives, special moments like seeing this photo that we all commented on from across the province of BC meant a lot for the community it created and the positive vibes in it.

Ah, yes, spring is here

Spring is here, blue sky
Today’s lovely blue sky. Wow.

Waaaa? I couldn’t even believe it when I opened up Google yesterday morning and saw the doodle to signify the start of spring. With everything going on out there, I had no idea.

It was definitely a reality check. I am a warm weather fan, always have been as I get cold quite easily. So I always look forward to the day when winter ends and spring begins as it’s a sign of the weather heating up, flowers coming back to us, and more.

For me to have missed that special day… it was very telling of how different life has been lately. While I’m not saying in any way to ignore what’s happening as we absolutely need to stay on top of news and be vigilant about our health, it’s a reminder that we need to savor and look for the good things still happening around us. Perhaps most of all, seeing that Google doodle reminded me that there are still good things.

And it’s the same doodle that prompted me to write this post.

Final thoughts on small moments

Are you seeing the “small” things too? Are you having trouble finding balance? How are you doing?

Be safe, share kindness.

Love Christy

14 thoughts on “Making small moments matter during COVID-19”

  1. Christy, you never fail to amaze us. Your post here is so heart felt and uplifting. The message is clear …we are all in this together…and reaching out to each other to keep our connections strong…making sure everyone knows they are not alone. Kindness, a friendly smile in this difficult time can go a long way.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and leaving this beautiful comment. When you talk about kindness, that’s exactly what you exude! Much love xx

  2. Beautiful Christy. Yes, this is a new world, a new order coming, and a time to remember gratitude and to never take things for granted. Mother Nature is unleashed, karma is wild and when it’s all said and done, I hope we can all be better for it. <3 Stay in, stay busy, stay in love, and stay safe Keep busy with your work and don't focus on what's outside as much as possible. <3 xx

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