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The Spring Season Begins! What’s There to Love?

Flowers for spring season

I’m wishing you a wonderful start (and middle and end) to the spring season. It’s hard to believe it snowed here earlier this year. But I’ll tell you I’m glad to be done with that white stuff and onto a new season! What’s there to love about the spring season? Let me tell you some of my favorites :)

Spring Season Flowers and Cherry Blossoms

They’ll be blooming, and I’ll be smiling. I love gardening! It’s quickly become my favorite hobby since we move into our home, and I hope to expand the front garden a bit this year. I learned a lot in the last two years and look forward to the education continuing.

Here in Victoria, BC, the downtown core will soon have hanging baskets up and they’re a beautiful sight to see. Bold, beautiful… Just so like so many women I know. The big arrangements hang from lamp posts along the downtown streets, a tradition that’s been happening locally since the 1930s. There are over 1,000 baskets, each with nine plant varieties, including Petunia Carpet Rose – I like that name! Yup, it’s no wonder we’re known as The Garden City.

Another part of nature that Victoria, BC, is known for is the cherry blossoms. These trees are exquisite. Some are already blooming, woah, that’s an early start. Sometimes I walk under their branches and marvel at the beautiful pink color.

Sunshine and Outdoor Exercise

I am planning to take more walks under the warmth of the spring season’s sunshine. While I have been doing some walks lately, February was really cold here and not to my liking for a walk brrrrr. I could never make it in a really cold climate! Well, ok, I could, but it’s not my first choice ;)

While I can’t be out in the sunshine for long, as per my dermatologist, I put on a hat, sunscreen, and long sleeves and go out to stretch my legs. Walking is also great for the back as sometimes I hunch over my computer without even realizing it for long periods. A walk can do wonders for my stiff back and is a nice alternative to the gym sometimes.

Going outdoors for workouts also means getting a healthy dose of vitamin D. If you don’t take vitamin D supplements, it can be tough to get enough of it in winter. So, how much is enough of the vitamin from the sun? I read that it’s 10-30 minutes several times a week.

Birds in the Spring Season

On those walks, I look forward to hearing more birds than in the past few weeks. For many people, seeing a robin is a sign that spring is officially here. Maybe I’ll hear one singing a sweet tune on the next walk I take.

In the past, I’ve heard woodpeckers during my walks in spring. Those sounds of nature are a reason why I don’t always wear earbuds during my walks – I’d miss all of that natural goodness! I also hope to see sparrows, finches, and swallows.

Out with the Old, In with the Refreshingly New

You know it – spring cleaning! It’s about refreshing the home, including my wardrobe. I plan to donate some clothes I didn’t wear all winter to a local shelter. And I’m still going through a box here and there of stuff I had packed when I moved recently, so I’m sure there’s more to donate than I realize at this point.

And as I give away items, maybe we’ll get a few new decor items for the home. Maybe I’ll switch things around to make them look fresh and new in a different room too.

Oh, and I can start packing away heavy sweaters, pants, and coats! No bulky coat to put on for a while now, I hope ((fingers crossed)).

What are your favorite things about the spring season? Are you excited about the start of the season too?


Top photo: Flowers in bloom are a beautiful part of spring in Victoria, BC. Photo by Christy Birmingham-Reyes (When Women Inspire).

44 thoughts on “The Spring Season Begins! What’s There to Love?”

  1. So excited for the warmer weather and everything the spring season has to offer! I’ve already started some spring cleaning! I even made a floral fabric tray for my kitchen 🙂 it’s my latest spring craft! Please stop by to check it out! Happy Spring!! 🌷

  2. It sounds like you live in a beautiful area, Christy! Here in the US Midwest it’s still down in the twenties(fahrenheit) at night, but this week the first of my early spring bulbs have started showing green sprouts. Soon I’ll have tulips and hyacinths blooming, and getting ready to plant my containers with tomatoes and cucumbers.

  3. My favorite thing about spring these days is the desert wildflower blooms, especially after a good and rainy winter. I hope we get out to see them this year as they promise to be especially amazing! A little bit busier this year than usual and so hope to make it there in a couple of weekends from now when we might be free, and not miss the show!

    Lovely to know that it’s blooming in your neighborhood again! 🌸🙂

    1. Those blooms you speak of sound amazing, Ka! Yes, I do hope you get to see them :) And cheers to time outdoors as the weather improves. Many smiles to you :)

    1. Hi Sally! I’m seeing new posts from you and will be over to visit soon :) Oh the seasons, yes sometimes Mother Nature takes her sweet time xo I hope those winds die down for you soon. And I also hope you have a lovely weekend ahead.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Christy! I really appreciate your comments. I have many favorite spring recipes, usually involving something green. I love asparagus (my tart recipe is posted) and ramps, and the funny little fiddlehead ferns, one of my spring passions! All best served up simply with a touch of butter and maybe some lemon juice. I also love to make spring salads with ribbons of vegetables and sugar snap peas!

  4. What a beautiful post welcoming Spring! Felt like I am in Victoria! Absolutely love the place and I can feel it in your writing. Enjoyed reading it.
    Yes, its my favorite season too! I am all about walking and running as much as I could. I used to live in Alberta and driving to BC was my favorite part in early spring….but enjoying Spring of Texas now :)
    Keep writing! Keep inspiring <3

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