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Check my health: These health checks can be life-saving

Check my health checks

Looking after the body is about much more than eating healthily and going for the occasional run, although those are certainly important things to do. You also need to make a point of getting health checks from medical professionals. When you say “check my health” to them, they will look to see that everything is in working order.

Why get health checks?

You will find that the peace of mind that a clear examination brings is alone worth the effort. But beyond that it is important to make sure that you stay on top of anything that might happen, and, in particular, get in early with any problems so that you can manage them.

There are some specific checks you might want to start with, and those are what you’ll find below. As long as you carry out these health check-ups regularly, you’ll likely live a much healthier life, with less chance of serious problems developing than if you didn’t go in for these appointments. These are just some of the many reasons why health check-ups matter so much.

General medical exams to check my health

When was the last time you had a general check-up?

If you’re like most people, you probably rarely think to go for one. Maybe you worry about the monetary expense of doing so or you don’t feel you have the time for it. But going for an annual medical exam of the body is the most important check-up. So don’t put it off if you can help it.

A general health check-up will uncover anything that might be developing early on. It, therefore, gives you a great fighting chance to deal with any such health issues head-on.

So, make a point of going for a medical exam even if you feel fine or you think that there couldn’t be anything wrong. The truth is, there is no way of knowing until you check it out, and you never quite know what is really going on inside the body. A general check-up is the only way to know for sure.

Eye tests

Unless you know you have bad eyesight, you probably assume your eyes are fine. Many adults fail to get their eyes checked regularly. Ultimately that means that they don’t know the actual state of their eyesight.

Thus, even if you think that you can see just fine, you might be surprised at how much your sight has deteriorated over the years. That’s because eyesight usually declines at such a gradual rate that you don’t notice the changes.

It is, therefore, important to book an appointment with an optometrist every two years, at a minimum. That’s one of the health checks to make even if you notice no symptoms at all. Go right away for eye testing if you notice any of the following occurrences:

  • A lot of headaches
  • Suddenly you can’t clearly see things far away
  • Can’t see up close very well, unlike before

Apart from checking for your sight, a good optometrist will also look for any growths or other problems with the eyes that could be serious. So, eye tests are very important.

Hearing health checks

Unlike eyesight troubles, if you experience hearing loss you are much more likely to notice it. But regardless of whether or not you feel your hearing worsen over the years, a check-up of your ears is absolutely a wise move to make at some point in your adult life.

After all, your hearing is an important part of your life. Without it, you likely would not feel like you are full there, especially if you have had hearing most of your existence.

Going to an audiologist for a hearing health check-up is the only real way to know the state of your ears. At the appointment, you might find out that your hearing is fine, or only slightly worse. Alternatively, you might be in a position where you need to get hearing aids.

Whatever the result, it’s best to be fully aware of the current situation, not burying your head in the sand.

Check my health? That includes blood pressure too

Blood pressure is a strong, reliable indicator of your overall health. While it is something your doctor will check in a general health check-up, you ought to keep an eye on it too.

That’s pretty easy to do so these days, thankfully, using affordable and accurate home machines made for this purpose. Either digital and manual monitors are available to do this particular health check-up. Keeping a watchful eye on your blood pressure could be one of the best things you do for yourself.

22 thoughts on “Check my health: These health checks can be life-saving”

  1. This is excellent advice Christy. Everyone should have health checkups. Some diseases which could be life-threatening later on, or severely impact one’s quality of life, can be addressed when there is time to do something about it.

    1. Yes, let’s get regular checks to stop any issues from growing and becoming more complex. It’s in our best interests! Thanks Peggy.

  2. I go regularly to get my eyes checked and I have my own blood pressure cuff to monitor my blood pressure. I’ve just recently walked from extreme stress which had my BP way too high. So I immediately implemented things I know that would lower my BP which it did. Thank goodness. I also go to my GP every 6 months to keep an eye on my Thyroid, being on medication. Overall, however, I take care of me as I firmly believe in preventative care. And that, Christy, falls to me as my responsibility. Much Love to you! XO

    1. Oh that makes me happy to know you’re taking care of your health and not turning the other way when you see anything crop up, such as high blood pressure, AmyRose. Bless you xo

    2. Funny you should mention high BP. Mine has off and on been high due to the stress of managing and treating very sick cats. I’ve learned how to get it down within 1-2 hours after I know it is high. I use acupressure, deep breaths and forced exhale breaths (I tend to hold my breath when stressed …. pressure in chest!), EO Rose, and avoiding caffeine. I also do Apple Cider Vinegar with baking soda in water. These modalities work, Christy! Also regular exercise works as well. (smile)

    3. That’s great you’ve found what works for you to reduce stress, AmyRose – well done on being in tune with your body! For me it’s a walk outside and deep breathing. Your tip about the apple cider vinegar is new to me!

    4. I’ve found what works for you may not for another. I drink Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg) with the Mother (2 tablespoons) with about 1/8 teaspoon baking soda every day. It assists the body to be alkaline and for me yes it does “seem” to help lower my BP when I feel it high. Stress is a huge factor in getting BP up. I don’t believe in taking pills when we have other ways to maintain a healthy BP. Good luck IF you try this remedy. Lots of good info online about this …. (smile)

    5. That’s true about different things working for different people. We’re all beautifully unique :D Thanks AmyRose for such thoughtful comments xo

    1. Yes. While some of the check-ups take more time than others, it’s less time than would it be if any problem grows because it hasn’t been identified. Let’s maintain our bodies and bodies! Thanks Norah :)

  3. Eye check ups are very important. For me especially relevant since my ocular occlusion back in November 2008. Of course even with past eye surgery it won’t get better but Hopefully my retina Specialist can see if it is getting worse. Eyes over 50 need special attention. Now at age Sixty I have cataracts which the doctor will wait and see what happens. Every visit I must have extensive tests.

    High blood pressure and diabetes runs in my family. I have High blood pressure which caused me to have an ocular occlusion when I was 49. My Father side has a History of stroke.

    Be aware of your family History. I never smoked and only drank alcohol socially, got my exercise but my DNA caught up to me.

    Family History and genetics are extremely important.

    1. Thank you DeBorah for emphasizing the importance of knowing one’s family history when it comes to health. VERY important. Your comments are great additions to the posts!

    2. Thanks. Most doctors here in the United States require patients to fill out Forms asking for family History. The diseases that affect your family have a potential Bearing on your health.

    3. The past defines us in many ways… that thought just became even more real! Regarding your eye health, I’m glad you’re keeping a close watch on that with your doctor.

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