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Author Joseph De Cross on femininity and a female US President

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Please join me in welcoming Joseph De Cross, the author of the political thriller Code 13: Life of a Madam President. Joseph kindly accepted my invitation to visit and discuss his views on the election of a female US President, which is what he proposes will happen in his newest novel. He also chats about feminism and family.

Let’s give Joseph the stage:

Talking femininity

Joseph De Cross, “here, here!” Talking about women issues and getting inspired on a daily basis! I was raised by a single mom through the 60’s and 70’s. She was the typical housewife that took over a business, left by an ex-hubby that didn’t want to deal with child support.

This, I think, connected me with femininity and its core issues. I have been told by social media friends (yes, ladies!) that I’m a good listener and a sensitive person. I started writing poetry and eventually prose. This paved the way for screenwriting and publishing novels.

Going back to the heart of the matter: females and their rights on this 21st Century. The need to embrace their femininity and know their own worth. Personally, I think women have the right to succeed and excel in this society with double standards. Love those decisive women who know their own minds and actually can stand up for their beliefs — and hopes as well.

A female US president is in Code 13; book cover here
Book Cover of Code 13: Life of a Madam President by Joseph De Cross.

Will there be a female US president soon?

A woman in the White House? Of course! We need a change for the better. Not mentioning any name in here, neither candidate’s names, but time is ticking on their behalf.

Women have innate capabilities to deal with certain issues. The world needs multitasking minds, with a strong spirit. My last book, a political thriller titled Code 13, delves into the mind of this future Madam President. She faces conspiracies and political turmoil with no end.

The book research took us to Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico. Characters took a life of their own. Our Madam in office is sensitive, bright, and ready to tackle those dark and sinister forces. Not that I wanted to talk about the first PMS moment in office, but our Madam is human and compassionate when needed. I believe that this world will be saved by women and their intelligence, period! Thanks Christy for the invitation!

Find out more about Code 13

Great to have you here, Joseph! Thank you for taking time from your busy writing schedule to join us today to discuss feminism and having a female U.S. president.

Readers, now you can get your own paperback copy of Code 13: Life of a Madam PresidentDo you want to find out more about screenwriter and author Joseph De Cross? Read his IMDb profile for details. He is currently writing a script called BlaQ Watch, which once again deals with international terrorism and how to be on top of the game.

Check out the Book Trailer for Code 13 by Joseph De Cross too:


38 thoughts on “Author Joseph De Cross on femininity and a female US President”

  1. I have known Joseph De Cross now for a number of years and it is a privilege to call him a ” friend.” I have always been aware of his sensitive and caring nature and his innate ability to connect psychologically with women. Also it is very obvious the left and right hemispheres of Joseph’s brain are in equilibrium. He has an astute observation and understanding of what women can “bring to the table” in general, with their instinctive leadership roles especially high communication ability with their advantageous ’emotional intelligence’. This enables them to deliver a unified environment which encourages respect in their governing role, allowing the synchronisation of teamwork being able to flourish harmoniously between genders.

    Joseph has observed through his personal upbringing by his mother in the 60’s and 70’s that while both sexes may have weaknesses, the previous traditional role of women simultaneously holding down jobs, raising the children, home responsibilities with domestic chores and overseeing homework, women are more inclined to have exceptional multitasking and time management skills.

    Enlightened men like Joseph in the corporate world are not intimidated by confident women and his book
    “Code 13” is indeed a declaration and dedication to the waning personification of the defunct stereotypical female role, showing gender does not in fact matter and women can indeed master the labyrinth of leadership!

    A brilliant interview and a privilege to read!

    Cheryl Woods

  2. The book must be an exciting read.
    Talking about female presidents: the particular lady who is trying to become one, shouldn’t really be a president. She won’t create a better life for most American, but what do I know? I’m not an American and mentally won’t ever be.
    Feminist or not feminist is most likely a question about what we want to have and what we are willing to lose. I’m neither for or against, but I am completely against about labeling anybody. It is a very characteristic thing nowadays, and I personally think it doesn’t matter how one is labeled or how they call themselves. The important thing is what they do, what they have done and how much their words comply with their doing. Regarding the latter, there are huge discrepancies. Many women have demonstrated they can handle anything as good as men. That shouldn’t be the main issue. The main issue is what their personal qualities are, how honest and willing to sacrifice their personal life in the name of others they are.

    1. What a wonderfully magnanimous comment! Thank you so much my friend. Enjoy your day! 😊

  3. Fantastic interview – so ‘current’. I should think a female president would be a great thing for womankind, but it’s not all about having a female president, but what they stand for and what they will do for the country, :)

  4. Tricia Drammeh

    Very interesting post. It looks like we very well could have a female U.S. president soon. I enjoyed reading your perspective, Joseph.

  5. Interesting interview, Christy. And Joseph book seems to be hitting the market at an opportune time. That said, no one today is keen on femininism, or masculinism for that matter. The real need is for appropriate balance of genders, where the feminine and masculine energies find equitable partnerships to create desirable sense of justice and fair play. A feminine face at the White House? Why not, because it is long overdue and Hillary’s entry should only mean the beginning of illustrious women to make the grade after her, with fair consistency and without long intervals. In this respect, the rest of the world has already blazed a trail through Sirimao Bandaranaike, Chandrika Kumaratunga, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meyer, Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel and Dilma Rousef. Five of the total 29 states of India are today ruled by women chief ministers, viz., Mamta Banerji in West Bengal, Vasundhara Raje in Rajasthan, Jayalalita in Tamil Nadu, Anandiben Patel in Gujarat, and Mehbooba Mufti in Jammu&Kashmir. Recently an all-women Indian crew of pilot, copilot and cabin crew operated Air India’s non-stop sixteen hour flight with full complement of passengers from Delhi to San Francisco. Women must take the initiative by competing for positions in as many various fields as possible so that a steady supply of talent becomes available to fill positions at the top as and when it opens up.

    1. Thanks for your contribution to this post, Rajagopal. We all agree in certain points. Equality, multitasking and a little of more humanity… Thanks again!

  6. I hang on to every page that Mr De Cross writes. He has no connection with the media when he writes, as if he is a modern day Nostradamus. He seems to really be able to grasp what is going on in the world and is able to connect everything through the eyes of a new leader who is female. Amazing! Sensitive writer not only in the mind but also in the heart.

  7. Always enjoy listening to a man’s perspective on feminism. Joseph brought us into the mind of a female President with his artfully written, poignant views in Code 13. This political thriller captured many moments of intrigue. Thank you, Christy, for bringing us the Author….the man. And, thank you, Joseph De Cross for a glimpse into your life.

  8. Very interesting feature on De Cross’ book… I wonder in which context the research for his book took him to Argentina… Maybe it is because our previous president was a woman… Regardless, I am hinting a more complex, probably darker side of it ( 😯… Drugs?, corruption maybe?) … Thanks for sharing Christy. I enjoyed the spotlight… Sending love and best wishes for your week ahead. Aquileana 🔆

    1. Hi Aquileana. In short words, our future Madam President finds herself in the midst of another September 11. The plotting takes us to Buenos Aires, Cali-Colombia, Belize, Cancun and the Caribe. Drugs, corruption, cover ups and international foes, put our President to the test… and she takes historical and drastic decisions.

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