How to say no and spend time on yourself

How to say no

“Can you help me with this project?” “Can I talk to you for a second?” “Do you want to go to happy hour Thursday?” “Will you help me with this errand?”

Between our family, friends, romantic partners, bosses and coworkers, requests are consistently coming at us from all aspects of our lives. It’s too easy to focus more on fulfilling the needs of others instead of ourselves and attempt to say yes to everything asked of us.

But the reality is, saying yes all the time isn’t sustainable.

When we put others before ourselves, we’re putting ourselves at risk of physical and mental exhaustion, burnout and stress. The effects of these symptoms can be insomnia, anxiety and even sometimes increased illness. It’s important to navigate these requests with care and find a balance between saying yes and no so we can prioritize our own health and wellness.

But how can we learn to do that?

The first step is ditching the idea that saying no makes you look mean, rude or incompetent. Everyone needs to say no sometimes for our own mental and physical wellbeing, so we shouldn’t worry that doing so is a bad thing.

Here are some tips for how to say no and how to say it right:

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How to Say No

8 thoughts on “How to say no and spend time on yourself”

  1. It’s such a beautiful, helping advice. I suffered all my life since I couldn’t master the art of saying no.’ The effects of these symptoms can be insomnia, anxiety and even sometimes increased illness.’ It’s true .

  2. Love the info graphic. Now more than ever people need to set boundaries and learn to say NO. Your mental wellbeing is more important then having chronic stress.

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