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Women of the American West: Pursuing Excellence

Too great not to share! This is Dalo’s amazing tribute to the Cowgirl Spirit. As Dalo explains (with fabulous photos to accompany the words), cowgirl spirit refers to “a woman who utilizes her strengths with the confidence to pursue life, and the admiration of men who are secure enough to understand embracing the power of such women will move them up to a higher level.”

~Cheers to that!


29 thoughts on “Women of the American West: Pursuing Excellence”

    1. Oh how wonderful to learn about Mary Fields! Do you want to do a guest post about her on this blog? If so, just let me know. Hugs

  1. I read this over at Randall’s blog and was amazed how he was able to capture in absolute stillness the faces of these women who at the time of the shot were moving extremely fast. That takes a fast eye and a very fast finger!! <3

    1. Yes, it’s great how he got so many great images – and I thought his words were wonderful complements to the photos! Thanks for the lovely comment xx

  2. Great post for inspiring all women, Christy, and this verse speaks truth, “The whisper of the wind matches the cadence of her gallop. Her light laughter trails off, leaving us cowboys choking in a cloud of dust. Nothing can get our hearts beating faster.” Sending hugs, my friend

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