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How to support your partner through a tough time

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When you go through hardships, it can be so much easier with loved ones there to help you, or simply to listen and give a hug. When you have a spouse or partner who is going through something difficult, it’s important to be a shoulder to lean on for them, just as you would want them to do so for you. Here are some tips for how to support your partner through a tough time.

Listen when they need to talk

It’s good for them to have someone who listens to their thoughts. Even if you don’t have the solution to whatever is the problem, it can still be helpful for them to offload what they are feeling onto someone else. You are a great person for them to confide in as you show respect and provide a safe space for the conversation.

When it comes to how to support your partner who is going through something, you can provide another perspective to theirs. That can be helpful when they’re not seeing other ways to problem solve or have gotten so in their heads that they aren’t able to distinguish what is an overreaction or not.

Try to be there for them whenever you can, and make sure they know that they can always talk to you whenever they need to do so. They might want to talk about mens alcohol rehab programs or simply how they are managing the situation they are currently going through right now.

Be the emotional support they need in this moment. Listen, rather than interrupting every time they open up.

How to support your partner: Offer them advice

Sometimes, just getting someone else to tell you that you’re perhaps not seeing the full picture or giving you advice can mean a lot. It’s especially important when it comes to someone who is close to you, and you know that they’re not someone who is going to lie to you just to make you feel better.

Offer them advice where you can, and give them a perspective on the situation they’re going through that they might not have thought about before. It could help them gain insights that lead to important conclusions.

Retain some sense of normalcy

It’s important to keep some sense of normality as part of how to support your partner effectively through a rough time. If everything else in their life is all over the place, it can be so much harder for them to recover from what they’re going through, whether it is an addiction or something else.

Furthermore, people often look for the comfort of normalcy when they are trying to heal from something that has been traumatic for them. Give them that sense of normality that they need in order to help them continue in a more positive way than recent times.

Make sure they’re eating too

Food is often something that can be used in two extremes when someone is going through a tough time. It can be eating too much or not eating at all.

As their partner, you bear the responsibility of making sure that they’re getting the food they need in order to help them feel better emotionally and physically. Try to ensure they’re having having healthy, balanced meals, and that they are not going to either of the two extremes mentioned above.

The more normal the eating plan, the more energy they’ll likely have to try and bring themselves back to a stronger sense of self. That’s why it’s an important part of helping your significant other through a tough time.

Conclusions on how to support your partner

While they might not openly express it, they appreciate your efforts. Don’t give up on them. They’re worth the effort, and your relationship can grow stronger following this dark time. When you persevere together, hope is there, whether it’s easy to see at first or not.

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  1. Roberta Eaton Cheadle

    Some excellent advice here, Christy. It is not easy helping people, no matter who they are to you, through hard times.

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