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Edible sunscreen: The newest trend in sun protection

Edible sunscreen

Summers comes with beach parties and regular day outs with close friends. As the exposure to sun increases, so does the risk of skin diseases and deadly tan. While enjoying the vacation, you must also keep the harmful effects of sun rays in mind. Keep yourself away from the UV rays by wearing protection. That includes sunscreen. Regular application of sunscreen prevents deteriorating effects on the skin cells. However, keeping up with the application can be a little daunting sometimes, so it can be convenient to use edible sunscreen.

With edible sunscreen, you don’t need to worry about when to reapply it or get it in your eyes by accident (ouchies). All you need to do is eat the edible sunscreen once in the morning. So, eat your sunscreen, easy!

Here’s why the best strategy is to couple up your topical sunscreen with an edible one.

Edible sunscreen and the aging process

While you’re on your vacation with the kids, you might be less likely to take care of your skin because you’re away from the usual routine. But if you’re somewhere with constant exposure to the sun, your skin cells can lose their vitality.

Furthermore, this process causes your skin to lose the glow and opens up opportunities for wrinkles. It might also make you appear way older than your actual age.

To combat this premature aging, you might start eating your sunscreen. The pills are extremely reliable and consumption in recommended dosage can lead to healthy-looking skin.

Edible sunscreen is also full of antioxidants and UV protection rich chemicals, as we’ll explain below. It has the potential for positive change.

Prevents dark spots and bags under the eyes

As exposure to the sun increases, UV rays start acting on the skin cells. Potential damage to the skin with the death of skin cells causes the appearance of dark spots.

Hyperpigmentation, along with dark circles, can keep your face from looking its best. In this case, you might eat your sun protection to prevent any unnecessary pigmentation. Along with this, you can also reduce under-eye bags and dark circles. Overall, taking your pills timely can provide radiant and healthful skin.

With the consumption of these pills, you can also keep using your sunscreen for additional benefits. Wearing as well as eating your sunscreen is strong protection against sun damage.

Skin cancer protection

The sun can be your best friend as well as the worst enemy. While playing water sports or lounging on a beach, you might not realize the deadly effects of Ultraviolet rays.

But, later, when you develop rashes or unwanted skin growths, you’ll surely regret it. Exposure to the sun is known to be the most significant cause of skin cancers.

As UV components enter your skin, it causes structural changes and accelerates the formation of skin cells. So, best to prevent such hazardous disease by using edible sunscreen along with the topical kind.

For example, heliocare ultra edible pills can keep you safe from such life-threatening diseases. Also, take the pills as suggested by known dermatologists and skincare specialists.

Keep sunburns far away

Yet another result of excessive sun exposure is sunburns. With edible sunscreen, you can help prevent these burns from hindering your health.

Due to the Ultraviolet B (UVB) component of the sun’s rays, your skin can receive severe burns and redness. Furthermore, sunburns are associated with skin cancers, including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

By eating sunscreen, you’re able to stay in control with the antioxidant-rich pills.

Decreases hyperpigmentation & tanning

One of the most important uses of edible sunscreen lies in its capability to reduce skin pigmentation. Along with promoting glowing skin, it can reduce hyperpigmentation.

Due to the presence of UV B in the sun, its exposure to your skin can lead to tanning and redness. Applying sunscreen and eating the same has the potential to decrease the effects of UV B on your skin.

Also, choose topical sunscreen with a sun protection factor greater than 30. Only if it exceeds that count will the cream will be capable of tackling UV B.

The convenience of edible sunscreen

Edible sunscreen has many people buzzing about how easy it is to use. The natural sun protection feeds your skin from the inside out.

Of course, the best approach is to couple it with topical sunscreen and also cover up when outside.

Also, you don’t have to keep applying the cream after every 3-4 hours, like the traditional cream. Just grab the pills and take them with water in the morning.

High in antioxidants

Here’s another reason why many people are eating their sunscreen as well as wearing it. Edible sunscreen is highly abundant in lycopene, an antioxidant that links to heart health, particular cancers, and protection from sun damage.

Without harm from the sun, the skin has opportunity to be bright, glowing, and more youthful than it otherwise might be. Obviously, along with using edible sunscreen it’s also important to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and apply topical sun protection too.

Along with better skin, it reduces inflammatory changes and can be part of a strategy to improve skin texture, after dermatologist approval. Overall, it is much more useful than topical creams and lotions.

Final words on edible sunscreen

Sun protection and keeping away inflammation are two of many benefits of consumable sunscreen. With a high amount of lycopene, the pills combine with topical sun lotion to combat harsh rays of the sun.

Furthermore, the edible variety can nourish the skin for glowing and soft texture, not to mention preventing premature aging. Now go enjoy your summer vacation, being all the wiser about how to protect your skin!

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