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7 Ways to Protect Skin from Sun Naturally

Protect skin from sun naturally this summer

As summer approaches, we begin to think of day trips to the beach, swim parks, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. We can’t wait to put away our heavy coats and boots to slip on our favorite sandals and tank tops instead before heading out in that glorious sun. But the sun’s strong UV rays aren’t something to mess with, at least not if you want to prevent melanoma and maintain youthful-looking skin. So here are ways to protect skin from sun naturally as part of your summer safety checklist. Yes, there is more to consider than solely sunscreen when heading outside.

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Yes, We All Know about Sunscreen!

Most kids know the drill; put on sunscreen before going outside and reapply after playing in the water or after a few hours. They’re used to it.

But even sunscreens have their limitations. For example, wearing sunblock can give you the false impression that it’s okay to stay outside for extended periods of time under harsh UV rays. But you need to reapply sunscreen regularly or after it washes away. Plus, it blocks out vitamin D from natural sunlight and the body needs that vitamin for strong bones and more.

Furthermore, sunscreen is only part of an effective sun protection strategy. Let’s look at other components below and kick up sun protection to the next level.

Sunglasses Protect Your Skin from the Sun Naturally

There’s one item that I often see adults wear but rarely see on kids and that’s sunglasses. When you see redness in the eyes or see your child rubbing their eyes, you might think they’re tired or have dry eyes from too much playing in the wind.

The truth is that the sun can hurt the eyes. Some sun damage can be reversed and some cannot. Over time, the sun can cause a range of problems. To prevent eye problems, start when they are young to get them in the habit of wearing sunglasses with UV protection from the sun built into their lenses.

It’s super easy to just keep a pair in your purse or in the glove compartment of the car for when you need them. There are a variety of fashionable designs available to suit any face shape so you can look good while protecting your eyes at the same time.

Fresh Ginseng Root Extract

Many people consider ginseng to be a miracle plant. Among its many uses, fresh ginseng root extract can help with digestive issues, lower blood sugar inflammation, and restore energy.

Ginseng processed into an elixir actually lowers your chance of getting a sunburn and inflammation. Given this point, it makes the list of remedies to protect your skin from sun naturally.

Argan Oil

Argan oil comes from the Kingdom of Morocco in the Northern part of Africa. The oil is expensive but it is worth it and a little bit goes a long way. It goes on lightly and almost instantly absorbs into the skin. Then the oil begins to heal your damaged skin from the inside out.

For use, take one or two drops of Argan oil and smooth it directly onto the skin. Then place your favorite facial cream with SPF 30 on your skin.

The Argan oil begins to heal and tighten from the inside out and the cream works from the outside in. There’s no need to go to Northern Africa to ge to some high-quality oil either, you can just visit argan oil shop.

Eat Breakfast to Protect Skin from Sun Naturally

Waaaa? It might surprise you to learn that eating breakfast is an important part of a suncare routine.

That’s because your body has a natural clock that turns on in the morning. Skipping the first meal of the day means depriving your body of what it needs to prepare your skin for the day, beginning with combating aging.

It’s easy to throw fruits in a smoothie or pancake mix, or on top of cereal to deliver a healthy punch to the body. Alternatively, simply put the fruits on the side in a small bowl of their own.

For example, add blueberries to cereal; this yummy blue fruit increases skin circulation. Oh and watermelon is another great choice for summertime breakfast. It’s packed with lycopene and amino acids for healthy skin.

Eat nuts for skin health

More Foods for Skin Health

Okay, yes, there’s more than just fruit for foods that can protect skin from sun naturally! Other great choices to incorporate into your day are:

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Cauliflower
  • Leafy greens, such as kale
  • Carrots

Final Tip for Natural Sun Protection

Clothing choices are important. The sun can burn through your clothing but you have a much better chance of protecting your skin if you keep it covered your body. Wear lightweight long summer skirts, for example.

You can still wear your strappy tops but before heading outdoors wrap a light-colored, wispy shawl around your shoulders. If you don’t want to do that then grab a large sun hat that shades your eyes, shoulders, and neckline.

Also, the sun reflects best off of white, light pinks, yellows, and other pastels. It will absorb black, dark brown, and other dark colors so try to avoid those clothing choices when outside on a bright sunny day.

What are some other sun protection ideas?

46 thoughts on “7 Ways to Protect Skin from Sun Naturally”

  1. Those are excellent suggestions regarding how to protect skin from sun damage. I just recently heard about Argan Oil and the effect it has with regard to skin. A friend introduced me to it. I would never have thought to add the part about eating breakfast being important with regard to protecting the skin, but it makes sense. Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies and it needs good nutrition for optimal health.

  2. I didn’t know the breakfast part, although now I try to eat breakfast every morning now. It would make sense, to fuel your body with nutrients to not only wake you up, but get your body functioning properly.
    Be careful with some oils (carrier & essential) they may require you not to be in the sun right away.

    1. Fuel for the day, for sure! Thanks for adding that tip about taking time before heading out into sunlight. That’s true of sunscreen too; I try to allow 30 minutes after application before heading outdoors.

  3. This is an important post and one with information that is very close to my heart as one with fair skin in the melanoma capital of the world. I never go a day without sunscreen and wear a face moisturiser with sun protection.
    I was interested in your listing of Argan oil as I wrote about where it comes from in a recent post. I also noticed some on a shop shelf for the first time on the weekend.
    I was surprised at the breakfast recommendation, but it makes sense to alert the body to daytime.
    I totally agree with the need for sunglasses. I suffered for many years with a painful ptyergium which was finally removed, but only after it had caused an astigmatism in the eye.
    The remainder of the information is also very useful. Thanks.

    1. The sunglasses point is one I had to include as a coworker of a close friend underwent surgery for an eye issue that doctors say likely happened because of all his time outdoors without sunglasses. The power of the sun is not to be underestimated! I’m pleased you wear sunscreen daily Norah, especially with such fair skin. I have the same type of skin, by the way. Your appreciation for the post brightens my morning!

    2. We need the sun, like everything else, in balance. Thanks for brightening my day – a little ray of sunshine. :)

  4. Sun care isn’t sun protection. As someone who MUST stay out of the sun because I have lupus, these are misleading tips. You need SPF, and sun protective clothing (from places like Solumbra or Coolibar) are effective (as well as creams). And there’s plenty of UV light on a cloudy day.

    1. Hi Suzy, as I said in my post, SPF is necessary but only part of the solution. I have had skin cancer and know the info well. Thanks for sharing your insights :)

  5. Excellent tips here Christy. I especially liked that you added the importance of wearing sunglasses. I never go out in the sun without them :) Also, coconut oil has some good properties for the skin and has sun blocking properties too. I like to put some coconut oil on my skin before sunscreen. :) x

  6. Awesome post, sweet friend! I just got back from the beach for my birthday and I got a bit sunburned. I so want to try that Argan oil remedy! I use this stuff called “Solar Recover” and I swear it’s a miracle solution: it can reverse a sunburn. Hehe. I sound like a salesperson for the stuff, but I do swear by it. I don’t go to the beach without it. lololol In any case, a good breakfast and argan oil and eating good foods – yeppers, this sounds like a lovely plan. :) I hope you have great weekend, sweet friend!

    1. Great tips, Christy! I wasn’t aware of the benefits of argan oil. As for protective clothing, there are a few new lines out that offer UV protection built in. Sporting goods stores like Dick’s will have a selection of these products. They don’t replace sunscreen, but they can add another layer of defense.

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