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Bridal style: 5 winter wedding dress trends

Bridal style; winter wedding dress

Many brides-to-be dream about having a wedding in winter, with cozy indoor photos or a ceremony amidst fluffy snowflakes. Many brides though feel uncertain of what dress for this cold season is the most suitable. Actually, winter months are the time to have fun with fashion—especially as cooler temperatures make it easy to add some additional layers to your wedding look that add elegance and beautiful detailing. So, with bridal style in mind, here are the top 5 winter wedding dress trends to look forward to! See which one could suit your big day.

1. Winter wedding dress with statement sleeves

Winter wedding dress with sleeves
Photo by Huie Dinwiddie from Pexels.

While long close-fitting sleeves are still trendy and, in truth, they are already a classic variant of a winter wedding gown, think about adding some uniqueness to your bridal style with more dramatic sleeve variants.

More voluminous and exaggerated sleeves look gorgeous, for example. Designers proved that by adding dresses with really dramatic sleeves to their latest wedding collections. Moreover, they can be beautifully combined with various wedding dress silhouettes.

The sleeves can be different shapes, including blouson, bishop and bell sleeves. They can be made of the same fabric with the dress or instead combine a chiffon or satin gown with sleeves made of lace or tulle.

Moreover, you can go with removable sleeves. This feature of a winter wedding dress can change a bride’s look completely halfway through the celebration.

2. Capes are a captivating bridal style trend

Capes have already won the hearts of many brides, thanks to their royal-like look. And though they first appeared on the world podium a couple of years ago, their popularity continues to grow.

Typically, capes are made of light fabrics like sheer tulle or lace. They can also be of various lengths and designs.

Capes can be worn in a range of ways. Usually, these garments are separate from the wedding dress.

They can just cover the shoulders or be of the same length with the gown. That makes them ideal for a winter wedding, as well as a fall one.

There are some train-cape hybrids too. This accessory usually attaches to the dress and serves as the gown’s train.

3. Mock neckline

Mock turtlenecks have appeared on the 2019 runways so often that I would be remiss not to mention them. Moreover, this closed neckline is ideal for colder seasons. Even if it’s an illusion bodice with thin lace, it still looks warmer than deep plunging necklines.

You will be surprised of how different dresses with mock necks can be. They are available in all possible silhouettes, with sleeves and sleeveless, plus can be made of materials ranging from minimalist satin to luxurious beaded lace. But they look the most flattering in combination with illusion bodices.

By the way, a mock neck gown has some alternatives. Thus, you are free to wear a dress with other types of high neck or try a halter neckline, which is also very trendy now and suits an athletic build.

More winter wedding dress trends:

4. Metallic trend

Metallic wedding gown bridal style

We have already grown accustomed to wedding gowns of various shades of white, as well as of some pastel colors like blush or lavender. However, the famed wedding designers, including Jenny Packham, Galia Lahav and Ines Di Santo, have also showcased wedding gowns metallic in color as well.

Thus, leading winter wedding dress trends include gold, silver or rose gold gowns.

One creative idea as you plan your wedding is to opt for a gown with metallic lace. Metallic color turns lace, which is a classic wedding dress fabric, into something really bold and unique. However, the lace will keep its femininity and beautiful texture.

Also, there are some other cool metallic fabrics, which can be used for a wedding gown. Examples are silver and gold glitter. There are many metallic bridal style options!

Tip: if you aren’t ready to wear a fully metallic dress for your wedding, you are free to add some accents to your look. For instance, you might wear a sash adorned with metallic lace, as well as some gold embroidery or beading.

5. Feathers for fantastic bridal style

Feathers at Bridal Fashion Week this year were quite the hit. In fact, feathers were featured so heavily that I would say they’re one of the hottest winter wedding dress trends for 2019 and 2020. Even Vivienne Westwood, Zuhair Murad and Sassi Holford used this material in their bridal collections.

However, while some women like the idea of wearing feathers for a summer or late spring wedding, fall and winter turns out to be the ideal time for wearing such a trendy bridal style. With holiday season in full swing during the winter months, glamorous feathers seem to be the right fit for the season’s festive mood.

The designers offered various options this year, from fully-feathered ball gowns to adorable short wedding dresses.

I hope these winter wedding dress trends inspire you as you decide what your dream dress will look like on the big day. More wedding tips and ideas are available on this site.

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