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3 tips to help you find a car accident attorney

Find a car accident attorney

Have you been injured in a car accident that you suspect was not your fault? If so, there is a chance you could be entitled to claim compensation. When deciding whether to sue, you might need to seek the services of a personal injury lawyer. However, because there are so many different attorneys out there, it can be difficult to know where to turn. In this case, these 3 tips can help you find a car accident attorney.

1. Research online

In the legal sphere, reputation is everything. If you are unsure about where to start looking for an attorney who can handle your car accident case, the internet can be a useful resource.

Look for law firms close to home, that have experience working on car accident cases. For example, if you live in New York, this can make the decision of how to hire the best NYC car accident lawyer for your case much easier. Professional-looking websites will offer information to help you understand what is involved in a particular lawsuit as well as real-life client testimonials.

Furthermore, you can also use the web to discover any past problems encountered by a law firm such as if the attorney has ever been censured or disciplined by any legal or ethical committees. Once you have found a few potential attorneys online, now is the time to assess your options.

Which law firm has the highest number of cases going to trial, and how many of these are successful? What sort of settlements have these attorneys obtained?

Once you have narrowed down you’re shortlisted, you can begin to organize a few consultations.

2. Ask family and friends for a car accident attorney referral

It is natural to ask your family and friends for advice. Most often, it is these people who you trust to have your best interests in mind, and who are therefore more likely to give honest and valuable feedback.

If anyone in your family or friendship circle has been involved in a car accident and has had a positive experience with a particular law firm, they might be able to point you in the direction of an attorney who can deal with your case. That being said, it is still necessary to personally meet with their recommended attorney for a consultation.

Finding a lawyer with a style and personality that complements your own is incredibly important as some car accident lawsuits require working closely with an attorney for a long period of time. For this reason, try not to make any decisions about a lawyer solely on the basis of a recommendation until you have met the attorney who will deal with your case.

3. Seek out a specialist

The majority of lawyers specialize in certain areas. Although there is no real harm in dealing with a generalist, if your case involves only one type of law, such as car accident law, then you might want to contact an automobile accident attorney.

However, if you are confident that a generalist type of lawyer will be able to handle your case appropriately or know that through using a larger practice firm you might gain access to a specialist, then a generalist could still be the solution you need.

Above all, a specialist is more likely to have experience dealing with your type of case specifically. Try to find out if the car accident attorney you are using has tried or settled similar cases in your area.

Were they successful? Do they have an office near you?

When looking for an attorney, ask about the percentage of cases they cover that are automobile accident-related and whether they are experienced in representing plaintiffs. Car accident attorneys who have worked for the defense more often might be less skilled at dealing with cases like yours.

Final words on how to find a car accident attorney

Ultimately, there are several ways to find and get in touch with experienced car accident lawyers in your area. As with any legal matter, before making any decisions, it is wise to weigh up your options and seek advice from an expert.

Car accidents can have devastating consequences. This statement is especially true if you have been in a car accident in which you were not the driver, such as in a taxi or Uber. If you have been involved in an Uber accident, this blog post explains your next steps.

4 thoughts on “3 tips to help you find a car accident attorney”

  1. Hi Christy

    Great advise Christy and one we all need to begin looking closely at as we are sitting ducks in traffic these days. One of the reasons in my small town that we have nothing but stop signs…

    Back in the late 90’s I was struck from behind while parked with my motorcycle at a set of lights. The force was so powerful that car ended up on my back wheel shoving me ahead. I was rushed to the hospital and they found two damaged vertebrae in my neck and torn muscles in my back and shoulders and initially the insurance for the driver suggested I settle for 300 dollars and they wanted to write my bike off.
    I had invested a fair amount of money rebuilding the bike the way I wanted and refused the offer. In the end I settled for a much later claim and had by bike restored to it condition prior ton the accident. Yes lawyers do help with claims but they do not come cheap. I am afraid we are heading to a country like the US where everyone sues everyone.


    1. Dear Rolly, I’m sorry to hear of the injury from a road accident that you had to heal from, as well as the damage to the bike that you worked hard to restore. It sounds like patience was a good thing for you in this case, and a reminder perhaps to wait a bit before taking an offer.

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