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The newest in affordable athleisure: Born Tough track pants review

Affordable athleisure Born Tough review

Do you have a certain style that you wear? Looking into the closet, I would say mine is a fusion of sporty and classic. For example, one of my go-to outfits is a pair of runners with blue jeans and a cable knit sweater. As the variety of affordable athleisure grows, I find myself with a runner-up outfit of grey leggings, t-shirt, and long oversized white cardigan. Now I’m checking out Born Tough’s Contoured Tracksuit Bottoms for women to see if they’re my another new fave pants in my wardrobe.

Disclosure: The writer is wearing these track pants, which she was gifted in exchange for an honest review, right now. Why? They’re freakin’ comfy.

First impressions of the Born Tough track pants

Ahem, love the name of the brand. To say you’re born tough means you’re ready to take on the world at any age and against any obstacle! Heck yes.

As for the Born Tough Women’s Contoured Tracksuit Bottoms themselves, they have a contoured style. I didn’t really think about that until I put on my black pair.

Then I realized the design is made to flatter the hip and thigh area, which I’ve been generously given plenty of in proportion to the rest of my body. Lol.

The attractive style features diagonal lines across the thigh and at the front by the waist that make my bottom half look slim in places where some other fitness pants do exactly the opposite. No names mentioned!

With leggings, there’s really nowhere to hide as they’re not baggy, so it’s nice to see that we can rock them and feel good about our bodies with a little help from Born Tough and other affordable athleisure companies.

The pants I have are all-black. Even the small BT emblem on the top of the front left thigh is solid black.

Sometimes less is more with an outfit, especially if I’m wearing a top with lots of writing or a big print on it. Wearing solid color leggings with that kind of a shirt will balance out the look well on me.

Black matches everything too. Other colors are also available; the Born Tough track pants come in black, gray, rose, or brown.

Leggings with pockets? Helllllo!

Born Tough Leggings Pocket


I was super excited for the package to arrive by mail. The main reason was that the pants have a stitched-in pocket on the right thigh for holding a smartphone. Talk about genius!

This simple design idea is one I’ve been waiting for as my exercise pants never have any pockets. That means I have to carry my phone with me around the gym, holding it in addition to my water bottle, which is a total pain.

I’ve even forgotten my phone on the treadmill before and had to go back for it. Arggghhhh!

And when I wear these sporty pants with my baggy cardigan as a comfy outfit at home or when grabbing coffee with a friend, I’ll always know where my phone is. Plus, I can hear it if it rings, whereas sometimes I miss calls because it’s buried in my purse and I don’t hear the ringtone.

So, keeping the phone right on me in a pocket on my side is awesome. And the phone fits snugly within the pocket as the pants contain spandex so I don’t worry that it’ll fall out, even during a run or walking around a store.

The pocket fits my iPhone with room to spare too. So I imagine it would fit larger models or ones with bigger cases than mine.

Born Tough track pants review for comfort and fit

Are they comfy? Do they fit well?

They’re super comfortable. The fabric is a cotton/spandex blend that is soft against my skin.

Born Tough Track Pants Review

I haven’t felt itchy wearing them and they don’t fall down either while you move because of the drawstring waist and elastic cuffs at the ankles. The drawstring is also great for getting the best fit so it’s not too tight or too loose around the waist.

Lastly, the fit is as I’d expect for the XS size I got. So, it’s true to the usual size. And the contouring helps give a streamlined look to the bottom half of the body.

The rest of Born Tough’s women’s clothes also have that same contoured look, I see from looking around the site.

A final note on affordable athleisure

With the smartphone pocket, comfy fabric, and flattering fit, I’m a fan of these Born Tough leggings. It’s great to see more affordable athleisure.

Only a few years ago I remember thinking that workout gear was really expensive. Not everyone cout fit that in their budget, but now there is a greater number of low-priced clothing items. The Born Tough Women’s Contoured Tracksuit Bottoms are reasonably priced and the quality material means that they’ll likely last a long time.

Are you a fan of leggings? What’s your fave outfit when you relax on the weekend or go to the gym? Also, do you follow fashion trends forecasts or not?

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