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How to create an outfit is so much easier once you know THIS

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Style guru Marie-Anne Lecoeur stops by today to explain how to create an outfit that looks great on you, unique you. While it might sound easy, picking out what to wear at the start of the day can be a source of stress and frustration. I hope I’m not alone in saying that!

Last time she was here, Marie-Anne provided great advice on the relationship between food and how we feel about our bodies. Today’s topic is fashion-related – and there’s even a FREEBIE at the end of the post. Take it away, Marie-Anne!

The most important style question

The question I get asked the most in my work as a Personal Style Consultant is: “what is the most important style consideration to take into account when creating any outfit?”

The answer is very easy. 

More than what clothes to wear, which brands to go for, which style icon to emulate is – to create an inspirational outfit – Know Your Body Shape.

Your body is a canvas

Style is an art form just like any other creative endeavour and, as such, demands that you know your material, your canvas as it were, before you start. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail is just important in style as in art.

Ask any artist what they think of before they create a masterpiece and they will tell you that they consider the subject. The subject then dictates the format of the painting – the shape and size of the canvas.

Why? Because on that canvas, they must combine all the Design Elements of Shape, Size, Line, Direction, Texture, Value and Colour, along with the Principles of Contrast, Dominance, Unity, Repetition, Alternation, Harmony, Gradation and Balance to create a masterpiece.

There are certain rules in art, chief amongst them is the rule of thirds. The focal point of the painting is not randomly placed but consciously designed to occur at one of the four intersection points of lines drawn at thirds along the length and height of the canvas. Why is this important? Because Design matters in art.

My point in all this? Subject matters because it dictates the Format. The Format matters because conscious Design is important.

Now turning back to your outfit.

More about how to create an outfit for your body shape

You are the subject: your body shape is the format you have to work with. Using Design/Style Principles, you can create an outfit that has all the Elements and Principles of Design mentioned above, along with those relevant to Style, that is truly a work of art.

So you see, if you do not know the subject of your outfit – you – and you do not know the format of your canvas – your body shape – your chances of creating/designing a great outfit are significantly less and you will be working without a plan!

So, know your body shape above all, to create great outfits!

If you don’t know your body shape, my FREE ecourse Shape Up! Is just the thing for you.

About Marie-Anne Lecoeur

Marie-Anne Lecoeur is a personal style consultant and author of two best selling books on Amazon on the subjects of French Chic and French Living. She lives in a small cottage in the middle of the Normandy countryside with her husband and two chihuahuas.

For more information, visit and Also find Marie-Anne on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “How to create an outfit is so much easier once you know THIS”

  1. Bonjour Everyone 😃
    I will be answering all questions here for the next few days at Christy’s request – so please don’t be shy – if you have a question please post it here 😘
    Don’t forget – Be Inspirational !
    Marie-Anne xx

    1. Thanks for being here, Marie-Anne! Your style is sensational and it’s a pleasure to have you sharing advice to look and feel our best xx

  2. Yes, you need to know your body and learn how to dress it.

    So much easier too when you draw inspiration from others. We all don’t know it all. Buy fashion magazines and read! This way your fashion sense gets the improvement it dearly needs.

    1. Bonjour So Modishly Chic, indeed it is necessary to learn as much as you can 😃 and to draw inspiration from others 😃 you must also look within and learn about yourself as much as possible xx
      PS I love your website 😘

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