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Feel Good about Your Body: Eat Like a French Woman

I recently met Marie-Anne Lecoeur on Twitter and have had encouraging conversations with her about the importance of supporting other women. When I heard about her e-course Eat Like a French Woman, I wanted to learn more. I asked her over to talk about French eating and the relationship between women, food, and self-confidence. Here’s what Marie-Anne says:

For many years French women have had an enviable reputation for style and elegance and for having a relaxed attitude to food.

Why is this?

The answer is simple. It is love.

We love our clothes and we love our food. We have a real love affair with both and just like any love affair it needs two things above all to make it work: respect and trust.

French Women on Food

Out of love for our clothes we respect and treat them well. In this way, they always look good and in turn they make us look good. We also trust them to tell us when our weight may no longer be under control. And if they become a little tight here and there, just as in any good relationship, we pay attention, and so, ease back on our food intake.

Moreover, we don’t feel guilty about gaining a few pounds and we don’t shame ourselves for it. We accept that it is a natural consequence of eating food we love, and we don’t punish ourselves by over-restricting what we consume.

Likewise, as we love our food, we also trust it. Selected and prepared with love and care, it gives us all the nutrition we need to stay healthy and looking good. We show it respect by not over indulging.

On Eating Heathily and Feeling Good about Your Body

Like any lover, sometimes you need a little distance and a little less of one another to feel the love more intensely. Honouring our food by preparing it with love and savouring it with delight leads us to eat smaller quantities naturally.

Also, as French women, food goes on smaller plates at mealtimes. We eat slowly, and we eat mindfully. All these are simple things you can do to eat what you want, get what you need and maintain your weight.

So redefine your relationship with food out of love. If your clothes get a little tight ease back, leave something on your plate, have less. It is these constant small corrections born out of a little self-discipline that means we stay more or less the same weight and never have to deny ourselves what we love.

If you deny yourself what you love, the heart yearns for it all the more. So eat what you love, but respect it. This is our French Secret. Love.

If you would like to redefine your love affair with food and Eat Like A French Woman, check it out on the course page today!

Eat like a French woman

About Today’s Writer

Marie-Anne Lecoeur is a personal style consultant and author of two best selling books on Amazon on the subjects of French Chic and French Living. She lives in a small cottage in the middle of the Normandy countryside with her husband and two chihuahuas.

For more information, visit and Also find Marie-Anne on YouTube.

Are you thinking differently about your relationship with food?

21 thoughts on “Feel Good about Your Body: Eat Like a French Woman”

  1. I really enjoyed the article especially as I will be soon holidaying in Italy where everybody is obsessed with being a size zero, never mind your health and happiness.I ll go with a French attitude this year and proudly wear my tankini😉

  2. Marie Anne sounds fabulous, and the approach to eating sounds similar to my own. Although my meals are vegetarian, I am influenced by French and Italian. Way to go!

  3. How true all of the above is, so easy to do and yet we don’t do it. Eating slowly seems to have gone out of fashion, we eat huge meals at breakneck speed. We eat fast food instead of good, honest, nutritious food and we just don’t love ourselves at all. I love this post Christy, it really is inspiring xx

    1. Bonjour Sparkling Dawn, I am so glad you like it. The joy of eating especially around a table with family seems to be on the decline. We can all make simple changes to the way we eat and reconnect with our food and our family and loved ones
      Marie-Anne xx

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