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5 ways to lower your air conditioner bill

Lower your air conditioner bill

Running the air conditioner in the summer can cause your power bill to skyrocket, but not running it isn’t a good option either if you overheat and get sick instead. Luckily, there are several steps you can take that will help the AC unit your home run more efficiently so that it keeps you comfortable while saving you money at the same time. Check out these 5 specific ways to lower your air conditioner bill.

Upgrade to a smart thermostat

Upgrading to a smart thermostat is a great way to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Smart thermostats can regulate the temperature when you’re not home, thereby saving you money.

Furthermore, you can calibrate them from your smartphone, which is especially helpful when you’re away at work or running errands and realize you forgot to adjust them before leaving the house. Some models will even “learn” your habits and alter your home’s temperature on their own.

Want a lower air conditioner bill? Get an energy audit

As a homestead ages, it typically develops small air leaks around doors and windows, which will release cool air outside. With gaps and cracks present, your AC will cycle on more often than it ought to because it has to cool more air to keep your home comfortable for you, your partner, and the kids.

To fix this problem, conduct an energy audit. An energy auditor will inspect your residence to determine where it’s losing energy. Next, this professional will make recommendations based on those findings, with the goal to help reduce your energy bills.

Use fans

Not sure how to stay comfortable in the summer without racking up a huge air conditioning bill? Ceiling fans are an ofter-overlooked solution.

Fans can make a room feel several degrees cooler while using a fraction of the energy that air conditioners consume to achieve the same purpose. So, you might consider going high-tech and investing in a smart ceiling fan.

Many modern models have options to schedule times for it to turn off and on as well as to control its speed, all directly from your phone. Looks like the kitchen isn’t the only room getting high-tech!

Raise the temperature

One of the best ways to lower your utility bills at home is to turn up your thermostat. Bumping it up by just a degree or two can save you and your family big money.

Know that your air conditioner can only maintain a temperature that’s about 15-20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. So, if it’s 99 degrees outside and you set the thermostat to 68, your air conditioner will run all day, attempting to cool the interior to 68 degrees, but your home will never get there.

This ineffective process will skyrocket your power bill and put undue stress on your HVAC unit. In this scenario, set your thermostat to a more reasonable 78 degrees instead of 99 degrees. That’s all part of feeling more comfortable at home.

Maintain your AC unit

Proper maintenance is vital to HVAC’s ability to function efficiently. Firstly change your filter regularly once in spring and once in fall so that air can flow freely; it’s easy to remember when you just make the change at the start of each of those seasons.

Also clean your condensate drain tube every 3-4 months to help prevent a clogged line.

Furthermore, have your unit professionally inspected, cleaned, and serviced once or twice a year to extend its life and improve its efficiency.

Don’t let expensive energy bills ruin your summer. Instead, follow the tips above to stay cool while saving money. Even on the hottest summer days, you have plenty of ways to keep your air conditioning usage in check while staying comfortable.

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