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Kitchen Connectivity: 5 Ways Tech is Changing the Way We Cook

Tech influences fridges and more

In this day and age, almost everyone has a variety of smart devices. They’ve graduated from living in our pockets to expanding out into our vehicles and homes, and they’re arguably making daily life significantly easier. Generally, when people think smart, their mind instantly goes to computerized and/or internet-capable. But some devices – from money-saving induction cookware to artificially intelligent fridges – can be smart purely by design. Read on to discover top picks for high-tech kitchen appliances that can change the way you cook.


Your stove is one of the most commonly used and versatile parts of your kitchen, so it’s an excellent place to start when thinking about leveling up your tech as you’ll likely get the most value out of it. Induction-powered stovetops have been gaining popularity over the past few years, and it’s one of the food trends that are definitely worth following.

By switching to induction, you’ll get all the benefits of gas cooking without the danger of open flames or gas leaks. Also, the range is relatively new so induction cookware can offer style, quality, and innovation, all in one.


Not having to do your own dishes used to be considered a luxury and while it still kind of is, many dishwashers these days can get dishes far cleaner than you could do by hand. That’s all while using less water than washing by hand.

The result is peace of mind when dealing with items that need to be super clean or sterilized. And you’re helping the environment, as well as your wallet.

More Kitchen Tech: Fridges

While your fridge may not have much to do with actually cooking your food, it keeps your ingredients safe and fresh until ready to use. Some newer models carry distinct smart features, such as inbuilt tablets to help manage your groceries and recipes.

There are also clear doors that trigger the interior light when you knock on them; this feature allows you to browse without opening the fridge. Others have more subtle upgrades, and mini-fridges from have a great design in addition to being functional.

Many refrigerators these days come with blue light technology, which keeps your food fresher for longer than before. Some models can even have their freezer converted to offer extra fridge space whenever you need it.

Small Appliances

The small appliances in your kitchen are often unsung heroes when it comes to preparing meals. That’s especially true for those that are complex or time-consuming.

And don’t forget about the almighty dishwasher for cleaning the dirty dishes after mealtime. Plus, many of your smaller kitchen helpers can undergo an upgrade to start as well as finish timers, change their own settings, or turn themselves off when appropriate, even if their pre-set isn’t complete yet.

Some other small appliances are almost entirely autonomous. Meanwhile, others are controllable by apps. Having the coffee machine make a fresh pot for you to wake up to in the morning is futuristic living at its finest. We got a great one last month from Walmart and it has this programmable option!

Overall Integration of Kitchen Tech

The best part is that because so many devices are now able to connect to the Internet of Things, those who have a reliable internet connection and the desire to do so can essentially make their kitchen function all on its own.

Various appliances are programmable to have dinner prep ready when you get home from work. And others have easy-to-read digital displays, such as those at

Or, simply control them by tapping on the screen of your smartphone, even when you’re hours away. You can also set up compatible devices to talk to each other so they help make your life easier.

Final Words on Changing the Way We Cook

Coming home from work after a long day and having to cook dinner and do housework isn’t much fun. But technology is definitely making it easier! It will be interesting to see where these home advancements take us.

Are you using tech in your kitchen? What are some other ways tech is changing how we cook?

10 thoughts on “Kitchen Connectivity: 5 Ways Tech is Changing the Way We Cook”

  1. We are renovating our kitchen and I’ve been learning about all of the new tech that is out there. We’ve bought and just installed one of the fridges with the built in tablets and convertible fridge-freezer sections. I’m still learning all of its features but I love it! My favourite functions so far are related to shopping. I can do my grocery shopping from the fridge and even see inside it while I’m out to double check if I have something or not.

    1. That’s awesome! Then if you forget your shopping list, you can see right inside the fridge without a worry about missing getting a certain item. Really tech and appliances have made for a super-useful combo in many areas of the home. Enjoy your new fridge :)

  2. True! All the appliances and gadgets really help. Funny thing though, I don’t like using the dishwasher. I prefer sinking my hands into warm sudsy water. It might be therapeutic.

  3. I’m very fond of my kitchen gadgets, but my favorite hi-tech tool is the Internet. I can find recipes and directions for a new technique quickly, or have Alexa set multiple timers or just play music while I work.

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