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7 flattering short haircuts with bangs for women

Short hairstyles are empowering and beautiful. When it comes to short haircuts with bangs, they’re particularly stylish and appealing. Many celebrities love them because they showcase their their faces – and we totally get that you don’t necessarily want to hide behind your hair either!

So, why not try out a style? Here is a list of 7 great ways to wear short hair with bangs. Thanks to Monica for the fab guest post today.

1. Short haircuts with bangs and an edgy undercut


Do you want a fashionable hairstyle that will leave you looking like a super diva? If so then you might look for a style like the one pictured above. Superstars like Rhianna are rocking this trend.

The short hair has elongated swept bangs and an edgy undercut. It’s a style where both the top and the back are long, but the sides are shaved.

You can select a shade of your choice, and you can also involve a professional hairstylist to help you choose a colour that will perfectly blend with your skin.

2. Long pixie hairstyle

Many ladies feel that styling short hair can be more difficult to long hair. That’s not necessarily true – and you’ll get better at styling it as time goes by.

A great thing about short hair is the unique looks you can create. The long pixie cut incorporates curls, as well as side-swept bangs. The curls really add a breath-taking element to the short hair with bangs hairstyle.

3. Angled bob

Missy Elliot short hairstyles with bangs
Missy Elliot rocks the short bob with bangs. Photo by Atlantic Record, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

This is an ideal choice for black ladies with relaxed hair. The A-line cut thickens the strands that may have weakened as a result of intense heat or chemical treatment. For the lovers of length, a medium to short cut can turn out to be the best as it shapes your face giving you a great look. A woman’s hair says more about her, and black angled bob is undoubtedly a less drastic choice that will amaze people.

4. Go grey, with long bangs

If you love grey colour, this is for you. It’s one of the exemplary short haircuts for women that you will surely love, especially when done by an expert hairstylist. The style has a silvery tone where the hair at the front has long side-swept bangs while at the back it’s short.

This hairstyle is proof of how magnificent grey can look in diverse shades as well as styles.

5. Funky short haircuts with bangs

Of the short hairstyles with bangs, this one is popular for being jazzy and fashionable. It’s a short graduated style that has light and straight across bangs.

Funky short hair with bangs is a hairstyle idea that you can refashion however you want, from retro styles reminiscent of the 1950s to modern glam. Try out different colors too.

6. Soft pink short hair

In case you are looking for short hair that is both fun and attractive, this one is likely the ideal choice. It’s a hairstyle idea where the hair is relatively short and incorporates long side bangs.

The splendid soft pink colour makes it spectacular, and many love it. It’s such an attractive and elegant shade of pink that can serve you well during summer and spring.

If you have yet to try it, make a point of considering it next time it’s time for the salon.

7. Spicy red short hair


This hairstyle is not overwhelming but it is an attention grabber. This color is toned down to a spicy red hue.

A good hairstylist can also blend it with dark brown to make it look more natural, if that’s what you want for it. The cut is cool and fashionable with long bangs and a graduated back.

It’s a style that suits anyone’s face shape. It might be your next style if you’re looking for new short hairstyles with bangs.


There are thousands of hairdos for gals and this list is a great place to start to experiment and see what you like (and don’t). And here’s a final note.

Don’t forget to take care of your bangs to keep them growing. For quality services, go to a reputable hair salon to ensure you get value for your money.

Choose any of these 7 styles, rock in it, and feel beautiful.

Do you have a favorite one from the list above? Are you loving short hair or are your tresses medium to long in length?

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Monica is a passionate writer and content creator. She spends her days working closely with many businesses around the world. Her interests including outdoor activities, fitness, technology, entrepreneurship and everything in between. Say hello to Monica on Twitter.


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12 thoughts on “7 flattering short haircuts with bangs for women”

  1. These are cute! Some pixie styles look lovely, and I’m also a fan of red hair short and a little edgy, but when I tried the latter it went horribly wrong because I’ve got quite thin, fine hair these days so it just looked limp. I don’t think I have the face for short hair, but I wish I did! xx

    1. The pixie cut is so cute, right?! I’m like you and have fine hair, it matts so easily. Your current style looks great, based on pics you post sometimes xx

  2. I especially like the 4th one. Not that short, though. Dualipa’s short hair is one of my favorites, if I had to choose. Mine is shorter now, but still quite long. Great share 🙋‍♀️😘

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