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5 Cute Short Haircuts for Women That You’ll Want to Copy

Cute short haircuts for women

Most women change hairstyles 150 times over their lifespan! Color, length, or cut; you name it, women try it. Sometimes boredom is to blame, while adventurousness is another reason. Are you seeking a different style for the sake of newness? Or because you want to be spontaneous? Whatever the reason, cutting off your long strands might be a huge undertaking. Here are some cute short haircuts for women that will convince you it’s the right choice.

Amazing Short Haircuts for Women

There are several different looks you can get with short hairstyles. Flirty, mature, cute; there’s no end to the possibilities. Caz just got her hair cut and I know she will rock it. So will you! Choose from these great looks:

Amazing Short Haircuts for Women
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1. Rounded Bob for a Cute Style

Bobs are some of the most popular short hairstyles. This makes sense as the style fits most face shapes, and they’re adorable cuts. Rounded bobs are fun to try if you want something short without taking the pixie cut plunge. They frame the jawline and make you look sophisticated.

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to ask for something like a rounded bob. You know what you like when you see it, but how do you describe it? This salon suggests bringing photos and learning a few specific terms to relay to your stylist at your appointment.

2. Asymmetrical Lob

Another of our favorite cute short haircuts for women is the asymmetrical lob. So, what’s the difference between a bob and a lob? It’s simple: lobs are longer than a bob.

Furthermore, the asymmetrical lob is a sophisticated, somewhat creative, take on the lob style. This is a look that tells everyone you’re meant to be taken seriously, but you have an adventurous side. With one side that’s slightly shorter than the other, it makes a statement.

Asymmetrical Lob
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3. Graduated Bob

The graduated long bob is a chic look, especially for women with heart-shaped faces.This style is characterized by shorter layers in the back, with longer strands in the front. It’s a gradual layering of lengths that is subtle and classy at the same time.

4. Cute Short Haircuts: The Crop

Next up is the crop look. Not everyone will venture into the crop on their first try. It’s a bold, beautiful look that takes guts. But if you’re ready, go for it. This look is cropped above the ears and offers a freedom most women will never know.

Keep this style sleek by styling it close to your head or pairing it with longer, side-swept bangs.

The Crop Hair
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5. Pixie Cut with Fringe

Speaking of bold, the fringed pixie is another adventurous choice. Like the crop, pixie’s are cut ultra-short. Also it is our pick for cute short haircuts for women that are also full of whimsy? In fact, you might say it’s reminiscent of dainty, pixie creatures.

Add even more fun to this style by tussling the hair to make it less uniform.

+ A Bonus! The Blunt Bob

Lastly, the blunt bob. Bonus! One of the edgiest short haircuts for women is the blunt bob. As its name suggests, this bob has a blunt end to the hair strands instead of a natural movement. This look is edgy, sophisticated, and simple. Resting below the chin, blunt bobs don’t need fringes or layers to enhance your beauty.

Beauty and Health for Confident Women

For some ladies, confidence doesn’t come naturally. Cute short haircuts have a way of invoking confidence in women, bringing out a sense of beauty. Though hair and beauty certainly aren’t the only things that matter, they still significantly impact how you feel about yourself and act around others.

Want more topics for the confident woman in you? Read about these natural beauty routines on our blog!

39 thoughts on “5 Cute Short Haircuts for Women That You’ll Want to Copy”

  1. “Most women change hairstyles 150 times over their lifespan”. Just wow. But, maybe for women with lots of money that number is nothing.

  2. Some of these cuts look quite nice… ON THE WOMEN IN THE PHOTOS!! That’s the point for me, different kind of hairstyles can look FAB on a person… but they don’t necessarily transfer well. I LOVE my long naturally curly hair… well, except when the rain gets at it and it all frizzes up. When I go to my hairdresser I always get him to do something different with it after a cut or blowdry… but when it comes to me doing it, I’m always happy with the way it turns out with just a slight tweak here and there now and again, it never comes out exactly the same.

    1. Yes that’s like if you see a shirt on a hanger in a boutique and then try it on ~ Doesn’t always look how I imagined it would! At least that’s my experience sometimes. So I get that it can be the same with hair.

  3. Loved this Christy! I just took the plunge a few weeks ago. It’s some kind of bob now, lol. I guess somewhere between a lob and a bob lol. <3 Still getting used to it. :)

  4. I love short haircuts! As I’m letting mine grow out from the buzzed sides and mohawk (lol) I’m headed towards a pixie cut. For many years, I’ve also gravitated toward an A-line cut, but it’s hard to find a stylist who can do that type of haircut well.

  5. Bobs are is what I’ve worn practically my entire life. Therefore, recently I’m wearing shorter pixie type styles. The tough part about a short style is when having bad hair day it’s not much to do with it. A ponytail isn’t an option . LOL Nice post.

  6. This post reminded me how many “looks” I’ve had over the years. For now however, I am growing my hair as long as I can and enjoying every minute of it. As for color change … my hair stylist insists that I was born to be a blonde and so thus insists I remain one. Seriously IF I wanted a new color I would get it. I do like blond though. LOL

  7. I’ve had so many hair cuts, the long asymmetrical bob, also the long bob with the one half shaved off – risky but so beautiful! I’ve had it colored in the darkest blue shade, dark red, highlights, you name it! Now I wear it long and dark, in black. Life’s too short not to try different things, after all, it’ll grow back. 😊

    1. I agree! The black hair color is so very pretty, it’s the only color that I’ve committed to this long. And the ‘blue black’ hair color,when the sun hits it the blue color looks amazing!

    1. No need to go ¨off the Cliff¨, (have done shit too many times)…dumb shit by the way,
      so thank you I will enjoy it at home writing and reading, boring righ?
      You too have a good weekend, read you later you….abuseter?

  8. Aw, thanks for the mention! This made me feel a little better because I’ve felt even more self-conscious since getting it chopped off and wished I’d left it long despite it being so thin and gappy these days. Some great styles! I love the idea of a pixie cut, they can look absolutely gorgeous, and blunt bobs really are quite edgy and eye-catching. Lots of ways to go with shorter hair – brilliant inspiration, Christy! :)
    Caz xx

    1. Love your hair Caz! Enjoy it, it’ll grow back. I think maybe picking up, cutting up/bringing up higher in the back can help give you that ‘extra’ edge you want. It’ll look great either way! 😊

    2. If so much hadn’t fallen out I would try to rock the short hair, and even though I think “it’s just hair” we can all get too self-conscious sometimes, so thank you so much for the little positivity boost! And I think the styles where it’s up more at the back really can look quite edgy, yet neat at the same time! :)

    3. Yes, I know I understand. I had Laminectomy surgery November 2017 for Syringomyelia and they had to go through the back of my neck and about 6-7 inches up on my head, they shaved that part of my hair. It’s slowly growing back – but not fast enough. My hair is long, but I’m still so self-conscious about picking it all up because the back is still growing back. The same thing was done for my brain surgery in 2013, they shaved my hair where the incision was made. It’s hair, but it’s also a part of you. I also think women are more self-conscious about their hair than men. But you look great! Yes! Try going back and asking the hair stylist to pick up in the back, maybe finding pictures online and taking it to the stylist.

    4. I know you were feeling a bit sensitive… I’m glad you’ve found some joy in this post… and always know we bloggers support one another, especially when it comes to how we feel about ourselves ~ It’s like our own support group really… I hope you have a fantastic weekend :)

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