As Women, What Can We do to Gain More Confidence and Self-Esteem?

Be proud of your mind and body as a woman
Looking for ways to increase confidence and self-esteem, ladies? Pexels photo, CC0.
Be proud of your mind and body as a woman
Looking for ways to increase confidence and self-esteem, ladies? Pexels photo, CC0.

We all know that beauty is more than skin deep. What really makes a person is their character, their personality, the things they say and do and the way they treat others. Their work ethic, their likes, dislikes and so much more. The way we look really is such a small part of who we are, but with that being said many of us would opt to be more beautiful if we had the opportunity. As women there’s such pressure put on us to look a certain way to fit society’s beauty ideals; otherwise we’re labelled ugly, fat, unattractive, weird and a whole multitude of unpleasant names.

So, it makes sense why several females report having low self esteem. Instead of seeking an unrealistic ideal of perfection, one of the best ways you can improve your confidence is to simply make the most of yourself. Embrace your features, try your best to love yourself for who you are and take care of yourself. Here are some of the ways to do so.

Dress Well

There’s nothing quite like putting on a perfect outfit and having that Eureka moment. Regardless of your body shape, the right clothes can make you look fantastic and feel just as good. Take some measurements and from there you can work out your body shape. There’s lots of advice out there for dressing different body shapes so you could do your research and find out what’s most likely to work for you. For example, apple-shaped figures look best with empire waistlines and outfits that show off your slimmer arms and legs. Hourglass figures look best with outfits that cinch in at the waist. Once you have an idea of what’s likely to look nice you can get out there and try things on.

You don’t need to dress to impress every day, however if you find yourself wearing your comfy clothes more often than you’d like then why not re-evaluate your choices. Instead of sweatpants and runners, try a soft jersey dress, a pair of leggings and some pumps? They would be just as comfy and good for running errands, while allowing you to look much more put together so there’s no need to hide your face when you spot someone you know in public!

Play With Makeup

Makeup is an incredible tool and can be anything you want it to be. You can apply it heavily and go for a super glam look if that’s what you like, or you can dab a little on and just accentuate your features. Even if you’re not especially girly and the smokey eyes, red lips and contour aren’t for you, you could still use cosmetics. A small amount of concealer or foundation will even out skin tone, hiding redness, dark circles and blemishes. A dusting of bronzer will warm up your skin tone giving you a healthy appearance, and some mascara will give you a more wide-awake look.

Even just curling your eyelashes and applying a clear mascara can make a subtle yet positive difference, and it might be all you need to be able to look in the mirror and think ‘I feel good today.’ There are lots of great products in drugstores these days; do some research for budget products and you only need to spend a few dollars. A couple of minutes in the morning and you accentuate your features, and it could give you the boost you need to get out there and start your day feeling confident.

Look After Your Hair, Skin and Teeth

Makeup, clothes, shoes and accessories are a lot of fun. But, underneath all that, you want to look your best just as ‘yourself,’ an unfiltered you on a casual day. The way you can do so is to take care of your body, particularly your hair, skin and teeth. Visit a hairdresser and have them cut off the split ends and put it into a style that flatters your face. A fresh color can do wonders for your appearance and the way that you feel about yourself too.

If your teeth have always been something that make you self conscious then why not visit an orthodontist? It’s never too late to get the smile you want; even major issues with teeth can be put right with a few years of braces. It might seem like a long time, but the quicker it’s done, the quicker they will be off and you can put your insecurity behind you.

Get Yourself In a Good Frame of Mind

Your frame of mind is everything. If you feel sad, stressed, and down, then it’s easy to pick fault with yourself and focus on your flaws. When you generally feel happy, it’s much easier to see the positives. If you aim to be happier overall then chances are you’ll feel more body positive. You could perform tasks like writing down five things you’re grateful for each day, write a journal to help you process your thoughts or speak to a friend who can ground you when you’re having a bad day.

If your issues run a little deeper and point to mental health problems like depression and anxiety, speak to your GP. Even if your feelings of sadness and worry aren’t a direct result of your image, if you’re already feeling this way then this can certainly make worsen things.

Work on looking after your health and pampering your body; it’s good for you both mentally and physically. Try to accept the things you’re not so keen on about yourself and focus on the things you do like – everyone else feels the same way about themselves so you’re certainly not alone.

The way we look on the outside affects how we feel on the inside, including our confidence and self-esteem. These are vital for being able to get out there and handle whatever life throws, so although our looks are just a small part of ourselves, they are important. We need to feel happy with our appearance to achieve happiness overall.


  1. I agree with all you have said. However, I’m still coming to grips with the aging thing. It’s difficult enough to get on top of societal pressures in terms of looks, but the looks I get from many young people are… well, that’s a post unto itself. 😀

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