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How to do a quick messy bun for medium-length hair

Quick messy bun medium-length hair

If you search online, you will find many tutorials for a quick messy bun for medium-length hair, but not all of them are safe for your hair’s or scalp’s health. Teasing your roots excessively, using tons of hair spray, or passing your fingers through your hair countless times a day can lead to hair breakage. That won’t help you maintain this great-looking hairstyle without negative consequences. Using the tips below, though, will be helpful.

About the quick messy bun

It is usually associated with casual, laid-back hairstyles. But you can adapt the quick messy bun to countless occasions, from a fancy dinner to a Zoom call.

Use the guide below to arrange your locks for a great look with little effort.

There are two main types of messy buns to get into below. For each one, keep in mind that the tips refer to medium-length hairstyles that have enough length to twist up the strands.

Messy bun with a fringe

Start by deciding on which side you want your bangs to stay on before pulling your hair in a top ponytail. Next, use a wide hairbrush and the blowdryer to arrange said fringe on your preferred side of the head.

Then, choose the shorter strands around the crown and leaving them out to keep a bit of weight around the sides of your face. Next, pull all the hair in a top ponytail and start coiling them as spontaneously as possible so that the messy effect will be visible!

Keep a couple of bobby pins handy to arrange those short ends underneath the crown area. You’re done! Fast, right?!

Here’s the second style:

Quick messy bun without a fringe

It’s easy styling, and you can even create a fake fringe if you feel like covering your forehead and differentiating it from other hairstyles.

For this second style, follow the same steps as the first version, with an important exception. You don’t need to worry about arranging and flipping the fringe on any side.

Instead, pull a couple of hair strands out to achieve a natural, slightly-teased crown that looks as messy as the bun. Another cool hack to help you gain volume is to use a hair donut in a color as close to your natural hair color as possible.

Just make sure that you leave it a little undone so that you do not have that perfectly polished effect. After all, it’s supposed to be messy!

A few more tips

There are some more tips to leave you with before starting to practice in the mirror.

First, washed and condition your hair well. This way, it isn’t dry when you’re creating the messy bun for medium-length hair. In turn, the strands are more likely to stay put in a quick messy bun throughout the day.

That tip will save you having to fix it in the afternoon. It will also prevent hair damage.

Second, replace your usual hairbands with satin scrunchies or special hairpins and flexi clips to keep your locks from getting damaged. Excessive styling can lead to hair breakage quicker than you can imagine.

Finally, be confident

Yes, read those words again if you need to, ladies. Rock the look, whether you’re calling up a friend on FaceTime, at the grocery store, or attending a client meeting. The versatility of this updo is great, but it looks even better when you wear it with confidence!

By the way, taking good care of your hair is as important as caring for your clothes, phone, etc. Your locks and scalp will both appreciate the effort!

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