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Retro Hairstyles: Awesome 1950s Hair Tutorial

1950s hair is back! Check out these retro hairstyles. A hair tutorial include Rosie the Riveter look.

OK, my friends, I found this vintage hairstyle guide, and it’s so good I want to share it here! If you want to go for a full-on, flashback hair makeover, or maybe just try out retro hairstyles, Katherine Simmons of Beautifully Alive can help you with that! In her well-informed and organized piece about the causes and how-tos of 1950s hair trends, she begins by walking us through the changing styles of both men and women in the decades leading up to the ‘50s. The retro hairstyles were really a culmination of the influence of several wars and shifting economies that America witnessed from the roaring 1920’s onward. The impact of history on beauty is evident in this hair tutorial.

So You Want 1950s Hair?

Within the featured decade, Katherine maps out the evolution of favorite hairstyles, from the short, sleek, independent cuts that dominated early 1950s hair trends, to the long, flowing, and more artfully styled locks and waves that were most trendy at the decade’s end. From the popularity of various curling styles to widespread trends such as bumper and peekaboo bangs, to iconic cropped looks like Rosie the Riveter and Audrey Hepburn’s famous pixie, Katherine highlights the ebb and flow of the retro hairstyles. Elegance, tidiness, and simple fun inspired the beauty styles in this hair tutorial.

Retro Hairstyles for Long and Short Tresses

And now you can replicate those great retro hairstyles! Find looks to suit the length of your tresses, and tips on how to best create that style.

For example, you might want to turn your long hair into a vintage faux bob. Restyle any length into iconic victory and pin curls, or use vintage tools to create a sturdy, upright beehive. The classic 1950s hair you’re going for is all there in Katharine’s vintage style guide.

Your Vintage Hair Tutorial

Psst! If you already have a great hairstyle you love, you’ll still want to check out her great tips. Find styling tools, techniques, and products of the era. There’s even a section about the easiest 1950s hair trends to do before you try a more ambitious hair tutorial. It’s time to go vintage with these fun retro hairstyles!

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