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Being quietly stoic is respectable, but here’s why it’s best to be open

Be open

Whenever something goes a little awry in life, one of the best things you can do is let others know about it. As a society, we tend to look at those that face up to issues and silently defeat them. It’s sort of what a hero or heroine does, and we think it’s a pretty cool and attractive trait. While we can appreciate that it is pretty awesome, it’s also quite a stupid move to make in the grand scheme of things. Nobody is invincible. Nobody can tackle massive tasks on their own. Many of the greatest achievements in this life have been down to teamwork. So, with that said, why should you be open?

It’s very difficult to do at first, and if you’re an introvert, then it can seem like the scariest thing in the world. Why would you want to let people into your strange world? It might seem hard at first, but whatever your problem is, here’s why you should talk about it:

Be open to release a lot of mental tension

Keeping things bottled up might sound like a really good idea at first. You’re not burdening others, you’re not embarrassing yourself, and hopefully the issue might just go away! Well, unfortunately, it’s never as simple as that sounds.

Keeping thoughts and worries stored away in your mind can make you even worse off than before.

Whenever you have free time to sit and think about the problem, the hole you’re in only gets deeper. You always try your best to come up with solutions, but your overthinking brain only picks out the negatives.

You’re essentially suffering twice as much as usual at this stage because your mind is adding double the amount of worries! Once you speak to someone, they can firstly reassure you and calm you down. You can then work together from then on.

You’ll be more inclined to then help others

Once you do it yourself, you’ll see how easy it is. You’ll also see just how much it can positively impact you and those around you.

If you see somebody else suffering like you were before, you’ll probably be in a better place to advise them. You will have had experience in this kind of thing; you’ll be able to get them to open up like before. Not only have you shifted a weight from your own shoulders, you’re now working on helping others.

People will get to know you more

This can be quite a daunting idea if you’re somewhat insecure or extremely introverted. When you like keeping yourself to yourself, the thought of somebody learning things about you is scary.

It’s nothing to worry about, in actual fact. When somebody gets to know a little more about you, it means they’ll be able to approach things correctly; they’ll be able to find solutions that are based around your personality and life.

Be open and let someone into your life; it also builds your self-esteem and confidence – two massively pivotal character traits.

You can be pointed in the right direction

As said before, different solutions can be tailored to you. When you talk to somebody, they might immediately understand what the problem is and rush to help.

You have way more chance of fixing your issues while working together with others; flying solo will take a lot longer. Getting a recommendation from someone you’ve spoken to might solve your entire problem.

For instance, if you suddenly start to be open about something like arthritis, then you may be pointed in the direction of the Paddison Program, and it could completely transform how things go for you from then on. If you hadn’t opened your mouth, on the other hand, then you’d probably still be sat idle in your living room wondering what to do, exactly.

You’ll be more open to accept help in other areas

Now that you’re content with the idea of letting others help you out; you’ll probably be fine with it happening in other aspects of your life. Somebody that was once as stubborn as a mule would turn into a very free and open individual.

As said at the top, most great accomplishments in this life have been achieved through teamwork. You might be able to create something great, and it would be down to your willingness to share and accept help.

Be open: You’ll come across as friendly and affable

This might not be a vital point right now, but it will over time. Your personality will blossom. Others will see you as a more approachable and friendly character. When someone is quiet, belligerent, and stubborn; they probably won’t be as inclined to engage with them.

Do you find it hard to be open? Why or why not?

9 thoughts on “Being quietly stoic is respectable, but here’s why it’s best to be open”

  1. As hard as it can be to open up to others, it really can be cathartic. Sometimes, just sharing a problem, even if all the other person can offer is a friendly ear, can help us gain a new perspective, or just feel the weight of the issue less from having “unburdened” ourselves.

  2. Great topic, Christy :-)
    I have learned to be more open, but I am more careful with whom, I might open up for and ask for help or advice. Often the most easy people to ask (of strangers) are not the right ones. But it is important to be able to ask for help, when needed.

  3. Christy, opening up can be risky and that’s why I’m careful to choose people who are equipped to help rather than people who just want to be in the know. I look for people who’ve had similar experiences or who have skills and/or knowledge about what I’m struggling with. I totally agree that two heads are better than one, but I’ve learned to choose my resources carefully.

    1. And on that note also only open up to those whom you trust to keep the confidentiality of the discussion, Linda. Appreciate what you wrote about having discretion.

  4. I absolutely agree. I think there can be times when going it alone may be the only option or the better option but so many more times perhaps where letting others in or asking for help can be so beneficial, not to mention easing the burden on you and your mental health. It’s a shame as a society we often see being honest about how we’re feeling or asking for help as a sign of weakness. If anything, it’s exactly the opposite. Great post!
    Caz xx

    1. You are a great example of opening up and being brave, as you do so much on your blog Caz. I hope you are okay, I’m not wanting to overwhelm you with comments on your blog. Take time to yourself when you can, dear you.

  5. I’m both types. I’ll bottle things up – depending on the problem; or I’ll try to work it out with someone else. There’s a value for both, though the second is a healthier choice indeed.

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