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7 huge health mistakes women tend to make (and what to do instead)

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Modern-day women are always under pressure. You’re expected to look after your family, maintain action-packed social lives, and work top-ranking jobs, all without breaking a sweat. With so much on your plate, certain aspects of life are bound to be neglected. Although there are so many ways to free up time, it’s usually health that gets pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities. The issue here is that, unless you take care of yourself, you could find it more difficult to manage your busy lifestyle. With that in mind, here are 7 huge health mistakes to avoid.

1. Wear heels daily

Six-inch stilettos may be a fabulous shoe, but they aren’t a comfortable one. When you wear killer heels every day, it can cause serious damage.

Bone and nerve damage are very common, as are spider veins and back pain. Because of this, you should ditch those shoes and stick to flat footwear.

During days you have to wear heels, give your feet regular breaks. Make sure you only wear the shoes for a few hours at a time and stay seated whenever you’re able to do so.

2. Stay awake all hours

Relying on coffee to stay awake is another biggie when it comes to health mistakes. While it’s easy to stay up late when you have work to do or kids to look after, you must make sleep a priority.

A lack of sleep is incredibly harmful, affecting much more than just your energy levels. That’s why it’s here on the list of common health mistakes, ladies.

There are many health issues that are either caused or made worse by sleep deprivation. That’s why you should adopt healthy sleep habits, like avoiding caffeine in the evening and sticking to a bedtime routine.

3. Miss those daily workouts

Although it’s important to rest, you can’t afford to do so for too long. Exercise is another vital element of a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, many women miss out on exercise to do other things, like stay late at work or attend a school play. Even the busiest people have some time to workout.

Perhaps you could do yoga while watching television or walk while taking a meeting. If you’re a female who doesn’t like working out at gyms, there are other options that might be more comfortable for you.

More health mistakes:

4. Drink way too much

Do you enjoy a glass of wine after a long day? I know I do sometimes.

However, if you’re knocking back several drinks each evening, you must consider the impact on your health. It’s about moderation, as with most things in life.

Drinking to cope with stress can easily lead to dependency, as well as diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer. While you could visit an outpatient alcohol addiction treatment center for help, you should try not to let it become a problem.

Make sure you limit your alcohol consumption. Try to drink more water, instead of the booze.

5. Tan the natural way

A golden tan can be a beautiful accessory, especially during the summer months. Nonetheless, the way you achieve this tan can put your health at risk.

If you spend hours baking in the sun, you will age your skin prematurely. This practice also exposes your skin to harmful UV rays, which increases your risk of developing skin cancer.

For this reason, you must wear sunscreen every time you go outside. If you want a glowing tan, you can find a much safer version in a bottle.

6. Follow every fad diet? Avoid big health mistakes

Social media plays a huge part in our lives. We use it to connect with friends, market our businesses, and learn about the world. With your face never too far from a screen, it’s impossible to stay away from the diets celebrities are always promoting online.

These cleanses and meal plans swear they can help you live your best life. Sadly, this is untrue and could harm your health instead.

A healthy lifestyle requires work, not a powdery smoothie or fruity tea.

7. Put off fertility talks

Having a family may not be your only life goal. There are likely many other things you want to do before you start having kids.

However, if you believe you’ll one day want a family, you should think about it now. Nearly everything you do will have an impact on your ability to conceive.

For this reason, it does help to speak to a doctor about what you can do to preserve your fertility now. While there are other ways to have children, many women would prefer to do so naturally.

Make health your top priority, and you can do so by following the advice above to avoid common mistakes.

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  1. I used to wear very high heels in my 20’s and 30’s and even go out dancing in them! Now it’s comfortable shoes, trainers etc and if I do put heels on, I wonder how I ever walked in them years ago. Some of my shoes have a small heel, I can just about manage them these days xxx

  2. I’ve had issues with my feet in the past, so I hardly ever wear heels. Instead, I collect Skechers and other comfortable, attractive shoes that I can wear all day without pain, but still look stylish and professional when needed.

  3. Heels are the worst invention ever. I am guilty of not always getting enough sleep because my mind wanders at night. I wake up the next day feeling like I have a hang over.

  4. Must be mandatory for women, read your article. There is nothing like correcting mistakes that are often arranged to make them look better, but that is very harmful to your health. Fashion has a lot of influence in making the wrong decisions. Excellent recommendations A contribution to have quality of life. I apologize, the above came out by mistake.

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