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Building self-esteem when you have a swallowing disorder

Swallowing disorder coping

When you have a swallowing disorder, your self-confidence can take a knock. It doesn’t have to, but sometimes you may feel that you are not in full control of what you are going through and experiencing countless times a day. The disorder can affect your confidence, and it can stop you from doing everything you want to do.

To stay in control of your swallowing challenges, you need to take positive action. If you do not focus on a positive approach, you may find that your disorder ends up controlling you and your lifestyle.

Focus on your mental health and well-being

Your mental health and well-being are very important, so making time to strengthen these two areas is crucial – especially when you have a swallowing disorder. Remember that your disorder does not define you, and it does not control your life.

There is plenty that you can do to take control of the situation. Focusing on your mental health has to be one of your top priorities.

When you feel mentally strong and well, you are then in a position to tackle anything and also handle anything that comes your way. When you focus on strong mental health and well-being, you will find that confidence then comes more naturally.

Swallowing disorder? Celebrate the little wins

There are going to be good days and, of course, there will be bad days too. How you handle the tough days will matter a lot.

To ensure that the bad days do not affect you, it is important to focus on the little wins wherever you can.

For example, if you struggle with eating at work or in a public place, think about when you have succeeded in the past. Focus on a positive moment and draw energy from it. Perhaps you managed to drink in public, but not eat in public – then celebrate this moment to the maximum because it is a win.

Use a thickening agent

To make swallowing easier, you have to focus on using a thickener. A thickener, like the gums and nectars from SimplyThick LLC can make drinking and eating a whole lot easier.

Using a thickening agent when you are at home, at work, or on the go will give you a greater sense of control. When you are in control, and able to have what you want, your self-esteem and confidence get a natural boost. Over time, using this type of product will become second nature. I

Set realistic goals when you have a swallowing disorder

Trying to tackle too much at once can be overwhelming for anyone, including those who have everyday challenges with swallowing. There are a lot of food and drink items that you want to try, and sometimes you can be tempted by too many at once.

This fast approach may knock your confidence, especially if something does not sit right. Or it might leave you feeling comfortable and uneasy, hesitant to try something else new to eat or drink.

To avoid this setback, consider setting small, and realistic goals to focus on. For example, trying one new drink or item of food a week (and enjoying the process) is likely going to be much more beneficial to you.

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