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Defining what makes a good care home

Good care home tips

The decision to become a resident of a care home or to find space there for a loved one is not always easy. Some people can feel as if they might lose some of their independence if they move into a place with additional care services, but part of what makes a care home good is the ability of the staff to reassure and respect every resident as an individual. Choosing a care home that works best for you and your family can be a difficult task, especially if you aren’t sure what makes a good care home compared to others. Here are five aspects to consider when looking at potential care homes either for yourself or for a family member.

Community and socializing

A strong sense of community and inclusion is one of the best signs that can help to inform you of just how good is the residence (or not). If the residents appear to feel like they are a part of a meaningful setup and are given opportunities for social and community connection, those are positive signs.

These qualities indicate the chances of it being a well-run and considerate senior’s home are high. As a caring adult daughter or son, finding a quality residential facility for your parent is one of your top priorities when you cannot take care of their needs yourself.

Safety and security in a good care home

When researching possible care home locations, it’s important to take into consideration the level of security each home affords its residents. The safety of those under their care should be a top priority for the staff at all times.

If you visit a home and don’t see that security measures such as closed-circuit cameras and sturdy door locks are in place, then think twice before making your decision. Even seemingly obvious measures, such as appropriately placed handrails and working smoke detectors, should be an important factor when choosing a good aged care home.


A care home that has plenty of functional apparatuses and furnishings to provide more effective and fulfilling care to its residents than those without. For example, Signature Care Homes offer their residents a variety of activities suited to different skill and mobility levels.

A home that can cater to not only the basic needs but also the enrichment and fulfillment needs of its residents will be able to show you the facilities on offer. Some people consider this to be a top priority when searching for the perfect care home since having plenty of options about how to spend your time adds meaning and fun to life.

A good care home has high hygiene standards

Many people residing in a senior’s home can be more susceptible to illness. Thus, it is vital that the home you choose is highly hygienic and clean.

If you visit a facility and it doesn’t appear well maintained or regularly looked after, consider looking elsewhere. Hygiene is an essential component of being able to provide effective health care to residents.


Take the time to speak with both the staff and residents at the care homes that you visit. During these conversations, ask them what the mood and ethos of the home are like.

These interactions will help with getting a feel for how well you or your family member would settle in there. If you sense strong compassion and genuine care from the staff, you are likely in a good care home.

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