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How to be a better adult daughter

Adult daughter relationship

You might worry sometimes that you are not doing everything possible to make your parents’ lives as good as they can be and to be an amazing daughter. Perhaps you have several commitments that take up your time and energy. If your goal is to be a better adult daughter, especially as your mom and dad get older, here are steps to help you do so:

Help plan your parents’ future

The decisions that your parents have to make as they get older can seem overwhelming to them, especially if they cannot easily use technology to research all of their options. As such, if they are struggling to know the best options for them to look after their health, you can step in and provide valuable assistance.

Consider helping them to sort through all of the retirement living options that are open to them. For instance, they might decide to move into an assisted living facility. You can then help them to find a community that suits them and even take them to look around the facility.

Being a better adult daughter: Listen to their concerns

One of the best steps that you can take is to listen to your parents. Give them support when they are going through hard times.

That can then help them to feel as if they have someone on their side. Try to provide them with a safe space in which they can talk through their issues when they are with you.

Involve them in decisions

It can be easy to make decisions for your elderly parents without involving them in the decision. However, you should always host a discussion about big decisions that you are making for them, especially if these decisions involve legal issues or include moving house.

That will then ensure that their wishes are respected. Ultimately, you can make a decision that can benefit your senior parents and that they are not set against.

As a better adult daughter, let them lead

Avoid taking over their life and instructing them on what decisions they ought to make. In other words, try not to be bossy.

Let them take the lead, especially when it comes to accepting help. This approach will ensure that you and your parents can live in harmony and that you can be the daughter that they need at any one moment.

Make time for them

Don’t forget this one! Make time for your parents, even amongst the chaos of your daily life and your other commitments. Although you might not have time to see them every day, seeing them as often as possible can make them feel less alone.

Use the time together to check up on them and any health issues that they may have. Carving out time with your aging folks might mean you need to take some time off work or delegate less important tasks on your to-do list to other people.

The time together is invaluable. Creating and maintaining a strong mother-daughter bond or father-daughter relationship is so important!

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