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How to be an independent woman

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Becoming a more independent woman doesn’t mean you’re selfish. It also doesn’t mean that you don’t want to include men in your life; in fact, a strong and self-assured woman can thrive in a committed relationship. Instead, it’s a way for you to build your self-confidence and thrive in a very challenging and sometimes cruel world. Also, how to be an independent woman isn’t just about what you have. Instead, independence is a feeling of contentment and self-assurance that no one else or outside influences can stir or disrupt.

That’s an empowering feeling for a female. And you’ll likely find the experience and journey toward becoming more independent to be quite rewarding too. The following tips are going to help you become an independent woman so you can ultimately transform into your best self and feel more satisfied in your skin. The first one may not be your cup of tea and that’s all good too – do what feels right for you.

Start your own business

How to be an independent woman? One way is to set the goal of starting a business and being your own boss. That way, you can be the one to call the shots and make the decisions; have ultimate control over your career and destiny.

Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to. Maybe it’s starting your own clothing store. Or, becoming a Chameleon Glass Reseller. To learn more about how you can start on that last idea, check out the latest in Wholesale Glass Pipes. Ventures like that offer you the opportunity to set up your own storefront so you can provide an in-demand service. Plus, it allows you to become financially independent.

Other flexible models include affiliate marketing – where you can promote products you love and make healthy commissions when they sell. You could become an eBay affiliate or join one of them any popular affiliate networks like Commission Junction.

Learn to embrace alone time

Alone time is also vital when it comes to how to be an independent woman. While it’s nice to be around people, it’s also a good idea to get more comfortable being with your own thoughts.

Use this quiet time to get to know yourself better, determine your strengths and weaknesses, and know the ins and outs of your personality. At some point, you have to be okay with going out on your own to buy groceries, for example, as well as making important decisions. Relying on someone else to perform these kinds of tasks for you will likely make you unhappy in the long run. You’ll feel discomfort when alone too.

How to be an independent woman: Find your voice

Finding your voice means being able to speak what’s on your mind, without feeling shame or guilt about your opinions. This goes for when you’re in the workplace and at home with your family. It’s also about having the ability to be more assertive in your delivery and not allowing others to make you feel unimportant or less of a person.

To help you get there, practice in the mirror if you have to! Or, read books that help you improve if you’re struggling.

Essentially, how to be an independent woman with her own voice involves the following two things. Firstly, take time to reflect and understand your wants and needs. Secondly, be ready to share them with others when appropriate. Accept that sometimes another person may not see eye-to-eye with you. And that it’s okay for you to disagree with someone else. You are beautifully unique. Stand confident in your opinions!

Challenge negative self-talk

Lastly, become a more independent female by monitoring your vocabulary and inner-voice better than ever. You have to recognize and be willing to challenge negative self-talk and replace it with more positive words and phrases if you want to become more self-sufficient.

Words such as “can’t,” “won’t,” and “shouldn’t” are limiting; these words hold you back from achieving your full potential and being successful. You, therefore, have to get comfortable with being your own cheerleader. Encourage yourself to believe in your abilities and keep going when it seems no one else has your back.

One helpful exercise is to get in the habit of saying thank you when someone offers you a compliment. That’s instead of deflecting it with a self-deprecating statement or feeling embarrassment.

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Have healthy relationships

Having self-confidence and loving yourself means you’re not willing to put up with people who treat you poorly or disrespect you. You can start on how to be an independent woman by being picky about who you spend time with and only being in healthy relationships. This especially holds true for anyone of romantic interest. Choose stand up and respectable men who treat you right and help to both lift and encourage you.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to walk away from and cut people out of your life who aren’t able to meet your standards. If they aren’t adding any value to your life, it might be time to distance yourself. That’s because unhealthy relationships are difficult on your well-being. Therefore, you probably won’t be able to find peace and happiness with yourself if you let others walk all over you.

Focus on financial freedom

It’s also important to focus on financial freedom if you want to be an independent woman. This way you won’t have to depend on anyone else to pay your bills and can purchase your own home and car, for example.

In addition to wanting to have your own money available to you to use as you please, also understand what money you have and where it’s going. Even if you’re in a relationship, make sure you have a good idea of what funds you have, your expenses, and what spending of your money looks like. That’s yet another reason it’s in your best interest to have a way to make your own money, should you ever be by yourself.

Conclusions on how to be an independent woman

Above are only a few ways of many to guide you toward being a more independent woman. My hope is that you find true freedom in your life.

Put these ideas into practice, and it won’t be long before you’re soaring to new heights and reaching your goals. Keep in mind that it may not be an easy journey or task; there will likely be setbacks along the way.

However, continue to work at it, and you’ll discover that you enjoy your new way of life and being. That’s the moment when you know that all of your hard work and extra efforts were worth it.

36 thoughts on “How to be an independent woman”

  1. you have made some great points here for all those women out there who are afraid of the society i must say women should see this post and put step forward and should dont care about the society!

  2. This is absolutely wonderful, Christy! <3 I especially love beginning your own business so YOU get to determine the course of your road, learning to love alone time and challenging negative self-talk. (That last one is a BIG one for a ton of women, including myself).

    We have an epidemic of self-hate, I fear. It has bred a culture of hating others. When in reality, it’s not true hate/jealousy. It is simply a toxic culture that has pitted one against another, creating a lie that you don’t stack up against the rest. (sigh) That’s a hot button issue for me so I’ll leave it alone!

    Indeed, your points are absolutely perfect. And my goodness, what agreement I’m in with you about finding the right man to be in relationship with if one chooses that path. I was abused and manipulated for over 20 years and I wouldn’t wish that on a single soul. Self-love – we need to learn and accept it. No more feeling less than. :(

    I pray this culture (and the world at large) begins to understand that everyone was born with a purpose, has inherent value and gifts/talents that only they can bring to this earth. We need everyone and no one is more important than another. We are all puzzle pieces to a beautiful masterpiece to be celebrated. Time to live like it! ♥ Love ya Christy – keep up the amazing work you do! You’re a blessing.

    1. Oh Holly, your words are the encouragement I need at the start of the week to continue to push forward and hold my cheerleading pom-poms high :) You have a wonderful way of including hope and also being realistic in your visions for women now and in the future. I am frustrated with the images of “perfection” that social media seems fascinated with and know it eats away at self-esteem of both women and men. I love what you say about us as puzzle pieces. I’m sorry you went through manipulation. I was with a master manipulator and likely we share a lot more than we care to. Sending you a gentle hug for your kind spirit xo

    2. Your words truly touch my heart deeply, Christy. Thank you so much!

      I am in full agreement with absolutely everything you’ve written. So sorry to hear that you too were with someone who treated you poorly and brought such negativity into your life. That’s never okay! Hurt people hurt people and unless they take accountability for growing and healing – that’s what they’ll continue to do sadly. :(

      I bet we would have a ton of life learning stories to swap. I enjoy your spirit and am thankful you are here to encourage and uplift. You’re gifted at it :) Have a beautiful day friend. Many hugs and much love to you for your kind and warm spirit as well ♥♥

    3. Wow, this is easily one of the best comments I’ve received, Holly. I agree that if someone doesn’t learn from their actions then they won’t be able to change their ways, and that involves a lot of self work that not everyone’s willing to do. But think of the amount of hurt that could be saved by doing so! The idea’s not to be perfect but instead to be better. And I love to encourage other people with their goals! That’s MY goal :)

      Your words are beautiful and I am sure I will come back to read them again. Keep smiling, dear Holly, and know you are appreciated!

  3. Love this, Christy! And…if I had to judge whether you have coached people in this area based on this article, I would say YES! Hehe. You’re a wonderful writer, & natural leader. You’re the paragon of independent woman! I agree with all these: working toward financial freedom, starting a business, finding your voice, being loving toward yourself and happy with your own company – ALL THESE! YES!
    I hope you have a great weekend. Sending you big hugs.

  4. kathrynobloggell

    Useful article. I think being alone and enjoying your own company is essential to most people’s happiness, and relying on someone else for fulfilment is unhealthy for everyone involved!

    1. Yes, just because we’re in a relationship doesn’t mean we’re not able to maintain our unique identity. That’s actually vital to a healthy relationship. Thanks for the support of not only this blog but independent women in general, Michael. Happy weekend to you too!

    1. Yes Christy doing fine just a bit tied down with planning my move and will be back in action soon .Thanks for asking ! Hope all is fine at your end as well.

  5. I absolutely agree with all the items, more strongly with the use of the quite time to get to know oneself better. Another wonderful article. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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