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Why Support is Key to Achieving Your Health Goals

Reach health goals with support

If you feel as if you never reach the personal milestones you set yourself, it might be because they’re too extreme or you don’t have proper emotional support. It’s finally time to reach your health goals, and the tips below can help make the journey easier.

Set Milestones to Reach Health Goals

While we’re focusing on support here to reach your fitness or other health-related objectives, it’s important to acknowledge the important role of milestones. Support + reasonable milestones = conquering health goals!

Setting milestones allows you to enjoy incremental achievements and successes, without being upset by not meeting hard-to-reach ambitions. Taking time to figure out what you can reasonably achieve can help. Furthermore, we can often do more when we have surround ourselves with loved ones.

Support from Family and Friends

Getting the support of relatives and friends can be invaluable when you’re trying to achieve personal goals. Having friends to cheer you on when it gets tough and go to group exercise classes with you can make your lifestyle venture feel far less intimidating than going it alone.

Here are a few specific ways your family can support you in motivating you towards your health goals:

Meal Planning

Want to cut back on how often you go out for meals, eat junk food or enjoy weeknight cocktails? Then you may need to tell loved ones that you’ll be making a few changes. If your friends and family don’t know that you’re making significant changes, then you might find it even more awkward to turn down evenings out or ask for alternative places to eat. Offering potluck evenings at your place or group dinners is just one way of enjoying meals without compromising on fun.


You might love the idea of going to a group spin session or aerobics workout. But the fear of going alone might mean that you just don’t feel up for it. Asking friends and family to go with you can give you a confidence boost to go out and enjoy a group workout.

After a while, you might not even need their support to go and join in; after all, it’s also a great opportunity to meet new people. However, if you don’t quite have the finances to go to a group exercise session regularly, then working out at home with friends can be just as fun.

Health Problems

If you want to get healthier but worry about personal health problems, then loved ones’ support to seek treatment can be very rewarding. Sometimes, however, professional help is needed. For example, finding mental health treatment centers near you is wise if you are battling with an ongoing cognitive or addiction problem.

Look at What Isn’t Helping You Reach Health Goals

Has your gym membership gone largely unused? Not only is it a waste of your money, but it’s also a waste of your energy. Don’t invest time into activities you hate or resent!

Instead, spend time discovering sports you truly like to do. If you can’t bear the thought of a gym or sports center, then simply enjoying a run or walk with the dog could be the best option for you.

Support + Milestones + Self-Reflection

Creating milestones is the best way to reach your health goals. However, getting the necessary support and being honest with yourself about what doesn’t work will help you. It’ll get you to into a routine that fits your interests and needs. Whatever you ultimately put in your routine, ensure you want to come back to it again and again. It has to be sustainable.

Talking about Health Goals

What are your thoughts on the role of support in reaching health goals? What are some other ways that loved ones can support your fitness and food-related goals?

21 thoughts on “Why Support is Key to Achieving Your Health Goals”

  1. Great post! Really like the part about the unused gym membership. Start with something fun! Then after a while you might find that you want to branch out to other forms of fitness. You might even come back to the gym but with a different mindset. Just because you hate the gym now doesn’t mean you’ll hate it forever. Thanks for posting!

  2. You made a great point about making realistic goals, Christy . There’s no point in wishing for my twenty year old body back, (I’m in my late forties ) but that doesn’t mean I can’t strive to be healthier and fitter.

    1. And think about all that we’ve learned between our 20s and our 40s! I think that’s much more important than the size of our pants :) So long as we’re healthy, that’s what matters. xo

  3. The accuracy. It’s so much easier to complete health goals or any goals for that matter, when you have a good support system. It really does make a huge difference….great tips, btw. 🌹

    1. I had hoped you’d see this post, Brigitte. We’re not an island as the saying goes. We benefit from loved ones in many ways, don’t we? xo

  4. Melissa Seifrit

    This is a fantastic post. I know that when I challenged myself with the Ride to Conquer Cancer last year, with your support and so many others I was able to accomplish much. I know that I can do what I set my mind too…but having the support around me…buoyed me further along my way.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I love all of the tips you give for achieving health goals.
    I am definitely guilty of setting unrealistic goals and being unable to achieve them. I am trying to be more realistic and take baby steps towards my goals.

    I think the support of loved ones is so important when it comes to achieving any goals in life. It offers accountability and unwavering support. It is easier to achieve goals when you know you aren’t just doing it for yourself, but you are also doing it for your loved ones as well!

    Thank you for this post!

    1. I’m so glad these tips are helpful for you, Mel! The key is not to overwhelm ourselves or it’s so easy to just head to the couch to watch Netflix instead of doing an activity ;) If I’m finding it hard to get in the mood to exercise, I make myself put on my workout clothes in the morning and then I know at some point in the day I have to get there. Find what works for you. It might take time to find that “encouragement” from within but you’ll get it, I know it.

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