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How to Get Motivated to Reach Any Goal

How to get motivated to reach goals like losing weight.

Motivation is the inner drive that lets you achieve your goals despite all the hurdles. It’s the key to making things happen. However, motivation does not always come easily. Think about it. Why do you work? Because you need to earn money and pay the bills. It’s your motivation. But, if you only want to work for the financial rewards, you will never truly enjoy your career. So, what’s a better way? Here’s how to get motivated to reach any goal, such as losing weight.

Types of Motivation

There are many forms of motivation to inspire you. There is the intrinsic drive (internal source of motivation), external (a desire to achieve a certain outcome), and family (the want to impress loved ones).

As for what goal you are reaching for, there are so many out there. Perhaps you want to lose a few pounds, for example. It could be that you want to start to reduce your caloric intake as part of preparing for Gastric Bypass Surgery in the near future.

Or, maybe you are motivated to make a name for yourself in the business world. This desire will push you to put your best foot forward. You will not only find the paycheck to be of interest but some other rewards are too.

It’s important to find your source of motivation to reach your goals, professionally and personally. Different things drive different people. For some adults, money is the biggest motivator, while for others it’s recognition or the desire to finally be healthy.

So, the question of the day is: How to get motivated? Here are five ways to boost motivation:

1. How to Get Motivated? First, Set Your Intention

If you really want to achieve something, then you must aim to acquire it at all costs. The goals you set give you a clear path about what you want. The next step is to plan it out. Decide how you wish to achieve your goals and start on the plan.

2. Make Your Goal Challenging

Setting challenging goals can motivate you to do better. If your goals are easy, you will probably slack off and not try your best. This is why it’s best to set goals that require you to put some effort forward so that you are at least under a bit of pressure to do it.

Many experts believe that a little pressure is good since it makes you work harder. However, remember that your goals should always be clear and achievable.

A good tip is to break your goals into milestones. Let’s say your goal is to lose 20 pounds. First, be clear about why you losing weight matters to you and how to do so.

The benefits will push you to do better. These may include better stamina, improved health, and appearance. The next step is to think of how you can achieve this goal. There are several options. You can change your diet or join a gym. You may also try yoga as a way to lose weight.

Now that the plan is there, it’s time to break down the goal. You can make a timeline. For example, lose 2 pounds in one month, then 3 pounds in the second month, and 15 pounds by four months from now.

These small goals are still challenging but they are possible and, hence, can help you push to do better.

3. Take Someone Along in Your Motivation Journey

The path you choose is not always an interesting one. You might experience boredom at some point and give up. When it comes to how to get motivated and keep that motivation, it can be helpful to have support. This can be in the form of a friend who has a similar goal to you.

Another way to involve someone is as a guide. Let’s take the weight loss example again. You might join a friend who also wants to lose weight or seek the help of a fitness trainer to keep you going.

4. Find a Reason to do Something

At the end of the day, we want rewards. Again, keep the weight loss example in mind. Losing weight isn’t easy. It requires hard work and time. You may have to devote significant time to the gym and avoid your favorite foods. So, why should you do it?

Think of the benefits. For example, losing weight may improve your physical condition and keep diseases at bay. For some people, this may be enough how to get motivated. However, others may require more benefits to feel the motivation to reach their goals.

You need to think about what is of more value to you. For example, if looks are important to you, then you can get motivated by thinking about how losing weight can make you appear fit and more attractive.

5. Add Some Fun to Your Goals

Goals don’t have to be boring. For example, losing weight can be a lot of fun if you create the right environment for yourself. Working out doesn’t just have to be at the gym. You can exercise instead in the comfort of home or outdoors. Another idea is to join a boot camp, where you can also meet new people.

Another idea for weight loss is to try unique dishes from around the world that are healthy. Be creative as you look to reach your goals. Also, keep an eye on improvements and notice changes. Take stock of your achievements along the way as nothing can be more motivating than success, no matter its size.

Now that you know how to get motivated, nothing can stop you!

What are some other tips to improve motivation?

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  1. Hi Christy,

    great post as always. I believe that the amount of desire is proportionate to success. Everything is possible with strong faith, right :)

    1. Sorry I have been MIA. But I always love reading your posts. They are always well written and inspiring! You are an amazing woman, Christy. Xoxo

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