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The secrets to express your individuality

Express individuality: 5 ways

Do you try your best to fit into situations but never seem to be successful? The reality is that you can reduce stress if you feel comfortable being who you are, rather than who you are not. Being able to express individuality can actually be fun when you realize that what sets you apart is what makes you so special. Be unique and proud of it!

Not sure where to start? These 5 suggestions can help you express the genuine and wonderful YOU.

1. Stay true to yourself

Every one of us has a number of impressive qualities, and it’s the ability to be unique that you ought to embrace, if you’re not already doing so. Uh huh, you know where I’m going here: stop worrying what other people think if you want to be a successful woman.

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it over and over again.

It’s easier said than done but once you get the hang of it you’ll feel freer and more confident than ever as you express individuality with confidence. Show who you are and what you’re good at, without apology.

2. Find a hobby you love

If you love collecting sea shells or doing yoga, don’t be afraid to tell people about it. Just because all your friends go bowling every Sunday doesn’t mean you have to do the same, if you don’t want to do it.

Talk to them about your interests, and you might be able to persuade a few of them to join you. Heck, it could be that they think what you’re doing is awesome and recruit more people to come join you at the activity!

3. Express individuality with what you wear

Do you have a personal style? Or are you still torn between vintage and contemporary, ultramodern chic or youth culture?

With so many different clothing styles to choose from, it can be difficult to know what suits your personality and body the best. Will it be Off-White inspired by youth culture or something more bohemian?

Try out different styles until you find the one that you’re comfortable wearing. For me, it’s a blend of sporty and classic pieces.

4. Be unique with home decor

Even if you don’t own a home, you can still decorate your personal spaces in your preferred style. It could be your desk at the office where you display items you collect and photos of the people who are important to you.

If you have limited space on your desk, then ask for a corkboard or dry erase board where you can post inspirational or funny quotes. Alternatively, express your individuality by creating a chalkboard wall to display your quotes.

Then when you get back to the house at the end of the workday, make sure it’s full of accents that reflect you and your family. Be creative when it comes to how to fill a bookcase or the colors of the throw pillows on the couch. Little touches can add up to an amazing design.

5. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

What if you disagree with what everyone is saying on a particular subject? Don’t be afraid to put forward an argument to challenge it.

Maybe it’s a political opinion you aren’t on board with, or your friends could be making fun of someone else. If you agree with their standpoint, then that’s fine, but if you disagree then say so!

And gossiping isn’t okay in my books so don’t be scared to speak up and put an end to it. After all, how would you feel if you knew someone was talking about you behind your back?

Just remember to disagree and express your individuality respectfully. Otherwise, you might lose friends very quickly.

When it comes to your feelings, you must be honest and upfront. Don’t worry so much about other people’s reactions; instead, try to focus on the fact that being honest will help them understand you better than ever.

Be unique: Final words on how to express individuality

In general, the following is great life advice:

Don’t ever be afraid to take risks and accept new challenges.

Be unique and true to yourself. You will be a stronger and better YOU for it.

Choosing to do things differently to everyone else is a sign of your individuality, so embrace it! The experiences in your life are what define you as a person and are what make you beautifully unique.

27 thoughts on “The secrets to express your individuality”

  1. I’m all about having a closet full of clothes that pass as business casual and that are also quite comfy. I will never wear something that makes me uncomfy. That being said, when I do venture out on rare clothes shopping occasion, I am in the dressing room forever. Also, I tend to decorate by putting rocks in jars or haul in bits of driftwood.

  2. It’s great to have friends who “agree to disagree”.
    My fave hobby is the Art Gowns, but it’s hard to find friends who want to come over and sew. Lol! However, it’s a wonderful alone hobby, it’s all my time, for me. Then when it’s finished, I get to share it out here in blog world!

    1. I hear you, many of my friends here in Victoria aren’t reading my blog even though I suggest it ;) So the blog world is where we find other friends with similar interests. I understand what you’re saying, Resa xo

  3. Interesting.

    I also know, you are a feminist! Killing good man like me with your one fist.
    Anyways, what I took out from Reading this is, ME. I don´t think about how to
    express myself, or individuality, just do what I believe is correct (most of the time, like you and her and the other her) and not think too much about it, actually my problema is that I do not think about my way that I portray (fucking rhymes) myself to others. Just fruitless.

    1. I was, I will say that I don´t agree with your positions in some subjects, but I do what you will call ¨feminist¨ friends, I call them weirdos, one thing does not exclude the other, talking about different of opinions and the so called word.

      By the way I think, at least it was in the New York Times, that you only killed 5 and a half men.

      What do you consider to be a feminist? I´m not bullshiting, just curious, if you want to answer ofcourse.

    2. I know all feminist are not hatters, we are debating. Wich is actually good for the two neurons I have left.
      Not going to go into more, but I do think that is brave (even if I don´t completely agree with you, and that is the beauty) for you to talk and make other people aware of your thoughts.

      Love ya

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