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Stressed out? 3 ways to relieve stress now

This stressed out woman needs a mental break. Make time to relieve stress.

Are you one of the 8 in 10 Americans who report being “frequently” or “occasionally” stressed out? If so, you’re likely facing a busy life of work and family responsibilities. Unfortunately, stress not only can impact your performance at work but can also mess with your overall health.

Therefore, finding ways to de-stress and keep your mind at ease are important for being at your best in all areas of life. Simple changes, such as taking a dietary supplement, can help reset your brain to help keep stress away. Reputable websites that compare supplements to make it easier to find the best one for you. If you are not one for taking a supplement, follow these great tips to help you find ways to relieve stress now.

Head outside to relieve stress

Stepping outside forces you to get away from the office. But, that’s not the only reason we suggest taking a break in the natural outdoors. Going outside combines many common stress relievers into one break.

First of all, sunshine helps to brighten your day, literally. Spending time in the sun can help your body naturally relax. Next, plants are a great de-stressor.

In addition to their great air purification properties, one study showed that when a group of stressed-out adults walked into a room filled with plants, their blood pressure naturally dropped 4 points.

Along with the natural help from sunshine and plants, the physical activity of walking to go outside helps release endorphins. They can help to keep your brain calm.

If you cannot make time to get outside, try bringing nature inside to you. Plants are a great way to brighten up any office. Not only will it make your office more aesthetically pleasing, but you will also get the same properties to relieve stress as if you went out into a forest.

As far as the walking or the sunshine, every time you feel stressed, you could take a small walk through your office to take a look outside. See the sunshine, and envision yourself taking a nice break out in the warm grass.

Eat a (healthy) snack

While stress eating is a side effect many of us suffer from when stressed out, it doesn’t need to be all bad! Instead of reaching for something unhealthy, keep a drawer full of ready snacks that will fill you up.

Examples of foods to keep in stock at work or home are healthy nuts, such as walnuts, and fruits like bananas. A lunchbox with avocado or hard-boiled egg is also great to give your body that satisfied feeling of eating without throwing off your diet.

These healthy snacks will also help signal to your brain that the body is full. Then you’ll stop thinking about the possibility of overeating as an unhealthy way to relieve stress.

Bananas, in particular, have special de-stressing benefits. As high blood pressure is a common side effect and cause of stress, it’s important to try and lower your blood pressure. Bananas have high amounts of potassium, which is an essential mineral in regulating blood pressure. It can also help protect the body against stroke, heart attack, or other possibly stress-induced heart problems.

Stressed out? Take a YOU day

One of the biggest stress epidemics in the US is the lack of vacation time. It’s not that people don’t get vacation time from our employers; instead, it’s the fact that many people never use it!

Instead of continuing to be stressed out at work, use the vacation time that you have rightfully earned. Taking this time to relieve stress does not mean you need to leave home. Take a day all to yourself. Or be a tourist in your hometown for a few days.

Maybe use a day when your kids are at school to focus only on yourself, with the goal to relieve stress. Do activities you delight in, such as reading, or even splurge on a spa day. Whatever you choose to do with this me time, ensure that you spend the time doing things you enjoy, instead of constantly thinking about work. Or, do nothing at all – and don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself!

No matter how you do so, taking time to relieve stress is essential for both your mental and physical health. Whether it is a 10-minute break during the day, an entire day for yourself, or otherwise, it’s important to make time to calm your brain. Doing so can have positive effects on all aspects of your life.

25 thoughts on “Stressed out? 3 ways to relieve stress now”

  1. These are great reminders. For me, learning how and when to say no is so important to reliving stress and preventing added stress. Modestly recognizing our limits is important. (Proverbs 11:2) I definitely need to take a ME day.

  2. This one is so relevant and useful to us right now, Christy, that I actually read this post out loud to my husband. I see more bananas and getting him a plant for his desk at work in the future.

  3. A wonderful article with great advices, Christy!Thank you for this! Here in Germany they always use the term “burn out”. Maybe no longer more most of the citizens “burn” for their politicans. lol I always thought Germanys credo was and is “working, working, working”.;-) Think somedays they will fire :-) some of the officials! lol
    Have a great weekend. Michael

  4. I really loved the post and as a matter of fact I believe that YOU concept should be more utilised and put into consideration. I also feel that stress is caused by overthinking and overthinking can drown you in the mud of stress. In one of my posts, I have mentioned three ways to overcome Overthinking, I’d be glad to know your views.

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