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How to Climb the Career Ladder Easily

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Few things are more frustrating than being stuck in a job you hate going to day after day. Rather than struggling on, hoping for your life to change, you must take a proactive approach to your career. Yes, if you want to wake up every morning feeling excited about work, rather than wishing the day was over before it has even begun, then take the reins. Use this guide to climb the career ladder easily.

Write a Three-Year Plan

As you likely already know, most successful companies will develop a business plan in the beginning. And you would be wise to follow in their footsteps. Picture your life in three years’ time. What career will you be in and what responsibilities will you have?

Once you have imagined your future, identify the ways you can make your dream a reality. For example, you could return to school to gain a diploma, or try Icon Training Business Support Services to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to advance in your career.

Review Your Social Media Profiles

Both your current and future employers are bound to look at your online profiles when considering you for a higher rung on the career ladder. Prove that you are the ideal candidate for a position by reviewing and updating your social media accounts where possible.

They are looking for a passionate, responsible and capable employee, and every online profile you have should reflect their needs. If you don’t want an employer to view a specific profile, then set it to private to avoid their assumptions about you based on posts or photos.

Build a Powerful Network

It’s often not what you know but who you know when climbing the career ladder. To give yourself the best possible chance in your industry, aim to develop a powerful network. For example, LinkedIn offers a great way to increase your visibility and become a thought leader in your industry. It can also help you to connect with busy professionals from businesses of all sizes.

For example, you can climb the career ladder using any or all of these networking activities:

  • Introduce yourself to potential employers
  • Get advice from people in your desired career
  • Find a mentor who can offer tips and hints to secure a new role or promotion

The more people you connect with as an ambitious woman, the quicker you will climb the corporate ladder.

Identify Your Manager’s Communication Style

Give yourself the best possible chance of getting a promotion by adopting your manager’s communication style. For instance, if your employer tends to have an analytical mindset, then present your ideas using statistics and facts. Doing so can support your pitch and promote your skills and experience in the best possible light.

Be a Team Player to Go Further up the Career Ladder

Employers are looking for staff who will not only go above and beyond to get a job done, but who can work well with others too. So, not only do you need to work hard but you also ought to help a colleague if they need it to meet a deadline or improve a project.

Doing so shows your boss that you not only care about the company, but that you care about your colleagues as well. This activity will demonstrate you are a team player, so they are more likely to think of you when a promotion arises in the near future.

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