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Climbing the corporate ladder
Be a leader in business, like this woman. Photo via Pixabay.

Women have been making their way up the corporate ladder with at least a bit of success for only a relatively short time now. Since time immemorial, we have been living in a patriarchal society and it has taken generations to get over the mindset that women weren’t born to be leaders. Whether you are an administrator, an entrepreneur or a woman with the ambition to rise above your current status, make it your goal to learn and improve every day of your life. With that in mind, here are 10 worthwhile forms of self-improvement that every ambitious woman can benefit from.

1. Computer Skills Training Courses

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to operate any kind of business without involving some sort of computer work. Thus, perhaps the fastest way to make yourself a more appealing job candidate and effective entrepreneur is to take a few computer skills training classes. If you’re interested in working on this area of your skill set but you don’t know where to start, you can review options on to get an idea of which computer skills you might need to brush up on the most.

2. Sales and Marketing Seminars

Every business needs to promotion and sales are almost always a factor. Whether you’re talking about selling products or services, it always boils down to the same challenge – impressing prospects and convincing people to take action. If you become a better saleswoman, you’re not just positioning yourself for a job in retail or marketing. Indeed, your ability to sell ideas and pitches will work in your favor when you launch your own company as well. Likewise, with a solid understanding of marketing and promotion you can improve your odds of landing a dream job by successfully selling yourself during job interviews.

3. Communication and Public Speaking Classes

Being able to convey information in an elegant and engaging manner is a skill that can take you far in the world of business. In fact, being an articulate and impactful speaker is one of the most reliable ways to climb the corporate ladder and obtain higher-level leadership roles that offer the most prestige and the best benefits.

By enrolling in public speaking or communication-related courses, you can boost your ability to persuade prospective customers and key decision-makers within the company.

4. Data Analysis and Reporting Courses

A good presentation can build you a solid reputation in the span of a single conference, so you’ll want to know how to gather, analyze, and present data in a revealing and insightful manner. While you don’t necessarily have to become an analytical mastermind, learning how to use PowerPoint and Google Analytics will start you in the right direction. From there it’s just about sharpening your skills and adding new software and platforms to your arsenal.

5. Motivational Videos and Books

It’s good to be self-motivated, true. But there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others when you want to reach your full potential. Listening to motivational audiobooks on your way to work and watching inspirational videos on YouTube in your free time can help you develop a resilient business mindset. Then you’ll keep putting forth your best effort, day after day

6. Organizing Events

You don’t necessarily have to be working right now to get practice as a manager, supervisor, or CEO level employee. You can organize community events to hone your networking and leadership skills. As a bonus, you may even make some career connections in the process.

7. Social Networking

Every serious businesswomen should strive to have an active online presence on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Expanding your network will help you discover new job and partnership opportunities while also improving your overall image of professionalism. Being reachable online gives the immediate impression that you’re somebody to take notice of. And that’s the kind of authority necessary when you’re trying to make a name for yourself in the corporate realm.

Starting an Exercise Routine

Sometimes we get so busy that we forget about the machine that keeps us going: the heart. Whether you decide to walk, jazzercize, or workout at a gym, do something to get that heart pumping.

You may not get the brain-body connection now but you will soon. Remember that your heart pumps oxygen-rich blood through your body. It’s vital to keeping the brain healthy. If you get overly tired and have stress headaches, it just could be that your brain isn’t getting the oxygen or the nutrients it needs to function optimally. Cardio exercise three times weekly can have you feeling much sharper in the office and out in the field.

9. Eating Healthy

Women who are on the go 24/7 rarely seem to take the time to get proper nutrition or the relaxation they need for a healthy mind and body to foster personal growth. Paying attentin to what you eat doesn’t necessarily mean working towards losing weight, although that can be a side benefit. Instead, it’s about learning to eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals. They won’t have refined sugars and saturated fats.

One way to ensure you have a healthy diet is to take up gardening. Do you know how easy it is to grow certain fruits and vegetables in pots or containers? Even if you don’t have the time or energy to plant and maintain in-ground veggies, you can always keep a few veggie plants on your patio. Put them in containers. Then go out to water them and spend time in the sun for amazing mind and body effects. Get inspiration from nature. Then you will find that you blossom in new and uncharted ways in the business side of your life.

10. Partner with a Mentor or Successful Peer

Think back over the years to a time when another woman took the time to mentor you. It could have been this one moment in time that defined who you are today and your goals. Is that mentor still in your life? If so, partner with her so that you can each learn and benefit from what the other is experiencing now.

Also, you may want to think about mentoring a woman! Paying it forward is rewarding because you know that everyone needs a sounding board from time to time. You have your mentor, and now it’s time to be there for another woman. She’s ambitious to grow professionally and personally.

Partner with your mentor to reach out to others who look up to you as role models and guides in a world still highly dominated by men. You can make a difference!

Using Self-Improvement to Further Your Career

In closing, take care of the above to not only feel better but also become the best professional possible. With a well-rounded regimen that addresses your mental and physical condition, you can become the best version of yourself. And eliminate the guesswork!

Just be sure to consult your doctor before changing any exercise or eating routine.


  1. A great list to inspire women Christy! I agree about furthering one’s public speaking and communication skills. I majored in speech communications with psychology for my bachelor’s degree. Those communication classes helped me develop confidence and speaking skills to get my message heard. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

  2. Great post of woman self-improvement. Based on my experience as a woman who doing business, may I add one important thing. We must have a great commitment in doing all of the list. If not, all of that will not work well 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing a great post. Have a great day.

  3. Tips are great Christy. I believe that number one is very important, because it is hard to live in this century if you are not an expert in that field 🙂

  4. I’ve always wanted to try and garden, but I do not have a green thumb! I once managed to kill bamboo…who does that?! I need some help for sure in the Gardening! Maybe they have online courses for that? 🙂

  5. Awesome article. I love the list, and gave me so much information, being a new blogger, Instagram business, and studying my personal training at the same time. I especially like number 8 & 9. Nutrient and exercise is so important, and you would be surprised how good it makes you feel when it starts being a habit. You even feel guilty when you don’t do it. Keep up the good articles

  6. I love these ideas; all such valuable skills. I am definitely in need of a computer course, as well as a few lessons on public speaking. Awesome advice.

  7. This is the very reason I started my magazine blog. This information is so needed in this season. More women are walking in their purpose and creating what they never imagined. This information is epic. Thanks for posting.

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