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What Does Embracing Your True Self Mean?

Embracing your true self, symbolized by hands around globe

I think when you are true to yourself, you listen to your gut. It’s that pull that you get in your tummy when you hear something that isn’t quite right, even though you cannot always put your finger on why that something isn’t resonating as all positive. This is what embracing your true self or #TrueSelf means to me.

Embracing Your True Self: My Experience

Recently I had an issue come up with my significant other. You see, I sometimes have trouble speaking up about my opinion. Why? Good question. I try to dig into the “why” and what I come up with is… I was in a demeaning relationship before where my opinion was not taken into consideration even when I voiced it. It’s no wonder I had trust issues. Sometimes I go back to that old, unhealthy thought pattern of “my opinion is less than.” So I don’t voice it.

But that was then.

My partner “A” respects me, and I know he wants to hear what I say. This is a healthy relationship I am in. So, although recently I hadn’t spoken up, I did get up my courage and told him this week what I thought about a particular decision we were going to make together. I realized this isn’t that other relationship – It’s not dysfunctional.

And, you know what? He listened to me and agreed that we would work together to find a better way to make us both happy with this particular item. I am happy because I spoke up and because my words were met with respect from my partner.

What all of this means is that A is part of my #TrueFam because he supports my #TrueSelf. He makes me feel good about myself and encourages me to continue to be true to myself.

Thank you to True & Co. for encouraging the #TrueSelf message with their bras and other intimates that are designed to help women feel more comfortable with their bodies. Empowering women can start with her bras – heck knows I’ve worn enough uncomfortable ones to know that I value one that allows me to move freely.

Check out this true self-research from True & Co. The fact sheet below highlights the importance of #TrueFam:

This #TrueFam Effect fact sheet, based on research, encourages embracing your #TrueSelf
The #TrueFam Effect is positive and empowering! Fact sheet courtesy of True & Co.

Who is part of your #TrueFam?

Do you have a #TrueSelf moment to share too? If so, write a new blog post and link back to this one. Please make sure you tell me about it in a comment here on this post or I might not see it to give you credit. I’ll give you a shout-out in a future blog post if you (1) link back to my post here on embracing your true self, and (2) use the #TrueSelf and/or #TrueFam hashtag in the future post of yours!

18 thoughts on “What Does Embracing Your True Self Mean?”

  1. Lovely post, Christy, and how nice to feel that you can be yourself! Many women are still struggling to find their voices and own their place as an equal player in a relationship. For me, it took years, and it’s one of the best things about getting older. I can choose to be flexible and kind, but there is no need to “please.”

  2. #TrueSelf indeed. I spoke up today with regards to some decisions being made that were not/had not even been part of a conversation. It didn’t go the way I expected but I was true to myself and I’m okay with that. Thank you for this post :)

    1. I’m proud of you for staying true to YOU. I love your phrase “I’m okay with that” because that’s what really counts. ♥

  3. Aw that’s awesome. I realized I needed to speak up more, too. Been practicing that lately actually :D I’m always scared of asking for this or that in case I’m being an annoyance or a burden, but I’m practicing the idea that I must ask or the answer is already a no. And this and that. I actually pushed myself today to go out and try doing work somewhere new alone just because I had this urge. The idea was scary and daunting and I felt myself shrinking back toward the comfortable already, but I am here and as I expected I feel great! :)
    I’m happy you spoke up, you have a great partner, and everything worked out!

    1. Thank you for appreciating my words here! When you wrote “I must ask or the answer is already a no” I thought this line was brilliant. You lose every time if you don’t at least try, right? Your comment is beautiful, as are you :)

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