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Can You Design Wedding Invitations on a Budget?

Using Design Bundles fonts and templates for invites

The wedding is coming up later this year and everyone is telling me it’ll be here before I know it. So I have a checklist of what to do when and a calendar full of reminders. Now that we’ve chosen a venue for the wedding reception – woohoo, I’ll make another post about that soon! – I’m starting to brainstorm about wedding invites. If I design wedding invitations, on a budget is that even possible?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Design Bundles. I have been compensated for writing it, but all opinions are mine.

Why DIY Wedding Invitations?

Good question. I like that my fiancé and I have full control over the process, to be honest. We design the font, size, color, all of it. And the size of the paper even as we’ll buy that separately.

When we design wedding invitations ourselves, we can make sure they fit with the overall theme of the event, which will be rustic. It will be very “Victoria” by including elements of nature, such as greenery. Our city is known for outdoor beauty so I’m very excited to bring that part of Canada’s west coast to the wedding.

Thankfully couples don’t have to be graphic designers to do design wedding invitations, thanks to providers like Design Bundles. They offer fonts and templates that are easy to download, personalize, and print out for the invites.

Lastly, as with most couples, we have a budget. So, I want to DIY whenever possible to save a few bucks here and there.

Design Wedding Invitations on a Budget? Is it Possible?

But as even the best DIYers know, sometimes it’s actually not cheaper to do a project yourself than to buy it pre-done by a company. Then I found out I can use a combo – paper cut templates and files through Design Bundles. So, I don’t have to start completely from scratch figuring out how to create fonts or do calligraphy. Instead, they have Monogram svg and other svgs that would be perfect for invites for our special day.

I could use their floral monogram letters clipart, for example:

Floral font to use to design wedding invitations
Design Bundles’ floral typography would look terrific on our invites, judging from how it looks on my laptop!

The beautiful floral letters with our first initials A and C would look wonderfully elegant and earthy, fitting with the rustic theme. Then I can print out the wedding invitations onto the paper of our own choosing, right from home. 

Oh wait, I got carried away – I was talking about affordability when it comes to deciding whether to design wedding invitations.

Pricing it Out

That floral template I mentioned is currently only $5 CAD for unlimited download from your Design Bundles account. One purchase and then it’s yours whenever you want it. So that’s a great option for us as we look at mailing out invites to about 100 guests. Then all I need is to buy the cardstock, which I priced out at a local store at $8 for a 20-pack.

So that’s $45 total to create my own invitations at Design Bundles, assuming that each person gets an invite. But we have a lot of couples coming so it won’t be one invite per person. For a husband and wife, for example, we’d mail a single invitation to their home.

So it’ll actually be under $45 CAD to design wedding invitations using one of the Design Bundles templates. Of course, this estimate doesn’t count the envelopes and labels we’ll need too. But even with that, it will fit within our budget.

On with the Planning!

While it might sound corny, I want to design wedding invitations for November because the invites will then be as unique as our love. We can incorporate our rustic theme exactly how we want it to look using Design Bundles templates. And then simply print them out from the convenience of home. Choosing everything from fonts to paper is exciting, as are the other parts of planning a wedding!

Did you make your own wedding invitations on a budget? Or would you do so if you marry one day? Feel free to share your experiences creating invites. 

29 thoughts on “Can You Design Wedding Invitations on a Budget?”

  1. Al helped me design our save-the-dates, and then I wanted to do the invitations. I was browsing OfficeMax one day near my office, and stumbled upon the prettiest invitations in the clearance section! I did the math, and bought one box to bring home. We drew up a template through MS Word, and then I bought the rest of the boxes on clearance. I think I paid $45 total! My parents helped us print the text on the vellum part of the invitations, and then I tied the ribbons, and hand-addressed all of them with calligraphy pens. It was fun, although my hand was definitely cramped after addressing 175 envelopes!

  2. I LOVE seeing DIY wedding invitations by creative folks! It’s such a lovely way to have a unique touch on a piece of stationery which will certainly be an heirloom (I have my own wedding invitations bound & framed :)). What software did you use to design yours? I find MS Word & Pages quite handy for stationery designs!

  3. My sister is a Creative Director at a large advertising agency. She designed my invitations with the Art Director she works with. I didn’t pay anything and they were completely amazing. It is all part of the wedding fun, isn’t it?

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