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Top 3 Benefits of Homeschooling Your Child


For a parent, the main priority is giving your children the best possible start in life, and one way to do this is by being a positive role model for them. Another way to give them the best possible foundation is to ensure that they have a high-quality education. But that isn’t always easy. If you’re finding it difficult to give your boy or girl the education they need and deserve, homeschooling might be the ideal solution. The main benefits of homeschooling your child are:

1. Individual Attention

Many schools have to educate a lot of kids at once so classrooms can have 30 or more pupils at once. In that environment, the teacher’s attention divides between numerous children. If homeschooling your child instead, on the other hand, your attention as parent and teacher is solely on your little one so they get more time receiving help.

Also, you can specialize the education depending on your child’s needs and where they thrive, spending extra time and resources on certain areas that might just not be feasible in the public school system.

You might even hire a private teacher to assess your child’s academic ability and to tailor lessons specially to them. As a result, they could potentially achieve far more academically, and at a faster pace than learning at school. That’s big on the benefits of homeschooling list.

2. Homeschooling Your Child in Subjects They Love

As all parents know, every child is different. Thus, the subjects that they love may not be the same as those loved by others their same age.

For example, let’s say your child is particularly good at learning new languages and the local school’s lessons limit to only one or two languages. They might not have the opportunity then to learn skills that could prove invaluable in their later lives and careers.

In this case, enjoy one of the benefits of homeschooling your child, namely that they can take extra lessons in subjects that they enjoy or show a particular aptitude for. That’s true even if it’s nearby schools don’t teach it.

3. Benefits of Homeschooling: Get Extra Help

However much you try to take the pressure off, your kids know the importance of high school and college exams. Homeschooling your child can help alleviate exam pressure and give them a great chance to achieve good grades as they do further study in subjects that are more difficult for them. It could be evenings or weekends, fit around a busy family schedule. It can be a great confidence boost for your child when it comes time for college entrance exams.

Maybe the greatest thing about homeschooling is that its customization. Tailor it for you and your child, rather than you having to fit in with the schedule of a school. It can be cheaper than you think too.

A Few More Benefits of Homeschooling

Lastly, homeschooling can bring excellent results for a child, as well as giving you valuable bonding time with them. It’s little surprise then that many of today’s inspiring and high-achieving women were homeschooled. It’s a trend that looks likely to grow.

Would you homeschool your girl or boy? Why or why not?



  1. Damyanti Biswas March 6, 2019

    I don’t know any parents who homeschool their kids, but I know it has many benefits if the right energy can go into it.

    1. Christy B March 7, 2019

      You make a great point Damyanti about the power of positive energy.

  2. simplywendi March 6, 2019

    As a homeschool mom, you are right on with this post Christy. Thank you! :) It was such a blessing to read.

    1. Christy B March 7, 2019

      Blessings to you, Wendi!

    2. simplywendi March 7, 2019

      :) thank you so very much.

    3. Christy B March 9, 2019


  3. robbiesinspiration March 6, 2019

    Home schooling is popular in South Africa as the quality of a government education is poor. A super article, Christy.

    1. Christy B March 7, 2019

      Thanks so much for the generous share and comment, Robbie.

  4. Jeri Walker (@JeriWB) March 6, 2019

    As a teacher, I’ve met many students who have been homeschooled. They tend to fall into one of two camps. The first camp is light years ahead of their peers in learning. Mom and/or dad did an excellent job. The other camp is pretty bleak, as in do you even know your ABCs? A bit of hyperbole, but still. There really isn’t much in between in homeschooling results, at least from what I’ve seen.

    1. Christy B March 7, 2019

      Oh wow it sounds like quite the divide there.

  5. Norah March 7, 2019

    I home educated my daughter until she was nine, at which time she asked to go to school. She attributes her most influential learning to those early years though. I do think it was the best thing for her. I am a teacher and knew how to encourage her curiosity and learning by expanding on and following her interests. It was a lot of fun and great for bonding, as you say.

    1. Christy B March 7, 2019

      That’s so special that you got to have that quality time together, Norah.

    2. Norah March 10, 2019

      It was very special, Christy. We both enjoyed it. :)

    3. Christy B March 11, 2019

      Wonderful :)

  6. Willow Croft March 7, 2019

    You bet I would, if I had kids. Given the travesty that passes for education here in the U.S–absolutely!

    1. Christy B March 7, 2019

      It’s also a travesty about what’s happening over on Facebook with those posts :(

  7. Mary Jo Malo March 7, 2019

    I know only one serious homeschooling mom, and hearing about it has been an education for me! You need to know your state and county requirements, then trial-and-error various curricula. Some states offer you K-12 totally free computers, books, etc. and require lots of scheduled face time with teachers on line. Others are totally free form, un-schooling so to speak. But almost all require some aptitude tests at various grade levels. If you’re also working from home, this can be a double challenge. The best thing about pursuing home schooling is all the online resources from courses to networking with others. Thanks for encouraging people to consider this…our educational system in the U.S. is generally in free fall.

    1. Christy B March 20, 2019

      Thanks Mary Jo. Sorry your comment went to the spam folder – I’m dusting you off now as you’re not spammy at all! I think that providing people with the choices, whether it’s homeschooling or anything else, is important so that they know there are alternatives. Sometimes it’s simply the not knowing that keeps people doing the same thing day after day. HUGS

  8. Megala March 8, 2019

    Home schooling is something we , Indians, never heard of. But this sounds really interesting and I hope this would come into practice here as well. :)

    1. Christy B March 9, 2019

      Oh I hope it does come to where you are, dear Megala. Having more flexible educational choices can be great for families xo

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