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We’re Getting Married! What Type of Wedding will it be?

We're getting married and it'll be a traditional type of wedding

I said yes! That’s right, we’re getting married! If you follow me on Instagram or we’re friends on Facebook, then you’ve likely already seen the pics already. But I know some of you solely through blogging or another social network, such as Twitter, so I’m excited to share the announcement here too. And now that we’ve had a celebratory engagement party, we’re entering the planning process. And with that comes our thoughts on having a traditional type of wedding.

With so many options out there, we’re still making decisions on the exact venue, date, and guest list. But here’s what we know so far, and I hope that sharing how we are making these decisions will help you or someone close to you with wedding details.

Disclosure: I’m happy to collaborate with Confetti and Prom Dress Finder today to bring you this sponsored post that includes announcing I’m getting married!

Plan Together: It’s a Joint Effort

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you know already that I’m all about respecting your partner. And the relationship Aureleo and I have is no exception. My fiancé (oooh I’m still getting used to saying that!) often says that he loves how he can trust my decisions. And when it’s something that affects us both, we always check with one another before jumping into it.

Recently, my favorite thing about our relationship is that we both are planning for the wedding. For example, Aureleo set an appointment for us in early January to meet with a manager at a hotel where we’re considering holding our reception. And I’ve already started looking a places to get flowers at an affordable price, as well as alternatives to flowers for table centerpieces to further lower wedding costs.

It’s wonderful not to be the only one doing the planning for the type of wedding we’ll have soon. My fiancé says that he’s happy for me to take the reins on some aspects of the event and he will also handle certain things. We’re in this together, and I love that; it’s symbolic of what our married life will be like. The vision makes me happy.

Gender Roles and Relationships

The days of women being the only one expected to plan the whole wedding are hopefully behind us – unless, of course, a female chooses that, and then I say go for it. But it’s time to stop having these gender stereotypes of what the woman’s role is in the relationship and the same goes for the man’s role. If the couple decides that the guy is going to plan the whole thing, then I’m cheering him on!

For us, it’s best if we each do parts of the planning as we have careers and other commitments. By divvying up the workload, we can hopefully both have time at the end of the day to relax, at least until our family grows (his sister will love reading that!). And, of course, we’ll make the big decisions together, such as the wedding date. We currently envision a fall wedding in 2019.

A Traditional Type of Wedding for Us

While the two of us are so over the idea of traditional gender roles, we are planning a traditional type of wedding. Hear me out! Traditional refers to decor and activities. Getting married this way suits our classic taste; we’re not into most trends. Part of what this means is that I’m going to be looking at a long white wedding dress.

And to my bridesmaids: don’t worry that you’ll be in a horrific dress you’d never wear again – I’ll choose pretty ones like at Prom Dress Finder that you can wear to a fancy party in the future. Then you’ll get more use out of it. I’ll also make sure that you actually like the dress. Aureleo and I joked about a zombie ceremony where everyone dresses like Walking Dead, but that’s not really us!

We see our wedding as being:

  • 100 guests or less
  • Small wedding party
  • Hotel reception
  • Indoor ceremony
  • Sit-down dinner…
  • …Followed by a dance party
  • Classic floral bouquets
  • Tiered wedding cake
  • White wedding dress
  • Black tux or suit

At the moment, we are undecided if our traditional type of wedding ceremony will be in a church or a hall. While some members of our family are religious, others are not. I believe in God but do not go to church, for personal reasons. Aureleo does not attend church regularly either.

Brainstorming Locations

There are many great options for where to have the ceremony when it’s a traditional type of wedding. In fact, there’s so many that it’s a bit overwhelming. Thankfully we have close to a year before the big day, so we’re hopeful that we’ll get the one that best for us. To make it easier too there are sites with planning tips, venues, dresses, and more, all in one place, so you can see possibilities at a glance. Click here for details.

As for the reception, we are thinking it’ll be at a hotel or ballroom. As I mentioned earlier, we have an appointment in early January at a fancy local hotel to see if we like what they have to offer and whether it fits our budget. Food-wise, it will be a catered sit-down meal.

Big Decisions Coming Up

Within the next month, we will decide the exact date for our traditional type of wedding, as well as determining the reception venue. We have to finalize the guest list too. We also hope to have a final decision by then as to whether it will be a church ceremony or not.

I will post updates as wedding planning progresses; my goal is to share what I learn to help make the journey easier for other brides. And I hope to learn lots of budgeting tips along the way!

Oh, and did I mention we plan to move in the New Year from our condo to a house? Soooo big changes ahead and I’ll be blogging about them. I hope you’ll join me on the adventures in house hunting and getting married!

Do you have any wedding planning tips to share? What type of wedding did you have or would you like to have one day?

94 thoughts on “We’re Getting Married! What Type of Wedding will it be?”

  1. Hello there! CONGRATS!!!!!! I also am recently engaged, and am COMPLETELY overwhelmed by all the things I do not know how to do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and process, I will definitely be checking in again for more of your advice.

    1. Ok YES stay tuned and I’ll keep sharing to help… Congrats on getting engaged too! I think so far the secret is to look at it piece by piece rather than mounting up all the to-dos’s as that would absolutely be overwhelming xo

  2. Can’t wait to hear, see, and witness your adventures together. :) When I got married (egads…listen to me..that makes me sound old and I’m not!) I was a wee lass, just out of college. The internet in the early 2000s was still Internet 1.0. Wedding planning articles were scant. Haha. How fun that you have so many ideas and options!
    I’m so happy for you! I wish you a wonderful engagement. And I wish you a wonderful life together!! :)

    1. Oh C, you’re always bringing so much spirit and love here in your comments! Thank you for the well wishes ~ and YES the Internet will be a huge help to us for tips on all sorts of things during the planning stages. I am cheering you and hubby ~ wishing you two a lifetime of happiness too :)

  3. Congratulations, Christy! From your descriptions of the plans you’re making together, it seems that you have a good basis for a very strong, enduring relationship. I wish you and Aureleo all the best.

    1. xxoo Hugs. Thanks for your support over the years, Jeri. We’ve both shared so much online and having one another’s love means a lot, you and I.

  4. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and your fiance!

    For Al and I, we got engaged on Christmas Day in 2014. I knew I wanted to marry him in 2015, so we set our date for November 14, 2015. My mom was ready to lose her mind, trying to plan her only child’s wedding in 11 months. But, the best thing we ever did was have a wedding planner. The best friend of our now-sister-in-law, Crystal runs such a tight ship with her business, but it was so much fun simultaneously. Having Crystal help plan and coordinate the entire day was such a life-saver! About thirty minutes before the wedding started, I sat down in my dress and looked around. I wasn’t stressed, I was just happy the day had come. I asked when time it was, and my best friend and maid of honor said 10;30. I laughed and said, “Can we fast-forward 25 minutes? I’m ready to do this!”

    It was stressful in other ways – Seating charts! For our guest list, we were limited by reception space – 150 people max. We ended up having 102 total – 100 guests and the two of us. It was magical, and perfect. It was very traditional – Church ceremony, semi-formal reception at a beautiful country club. Everyone got dolled up and it was awesome! We got so many compliments on how the reception was so much fun, one of the most fun weddings they had been to. Plus, since our wedding was at 11:00 a.m., everyone went home by 5:00 p.m.!

    Again, congratulations! Best wishes as you start this new chapter together!

    1. Thanks Laura Beth for sharing about your special day – I love that you got to relax after that 5pm end! It sounds like a wedding planner was a MUST for you and Al ~ I’ll consider one too as there’s little extra time some days with career and other commitments. Your hubby is lucky to have you!!

    2. You’re welcome! Our wedding planner was one of the BEST decisions we made. It saved my relationship with my mom, if anything else! We have recommended her to everyone we know. She also plans events and parties – She’s on retainer for my husband’s company’s holiday party now! We are lucky to have each other. It’s hard to believe he proposed four years ago tomorrow!

    3. Oh wow that wedding planner sounds amazing ~ and so glad she’s helping your husband’s company now too :D I love it when someone rocks their career, which is sounds like she’s doing! Aw, you are 4 years in and so happy to hear you’re loved xo

  5. Holy cow! Congratulations! I know nothing about weddings or planning or anything like that so I’ll keep quiet on that–despite the fact that Virgos LOVE to give advice! (but I am a sucker for historic sites and museums as event locations LOL).

  6. Congratulations to you both! We had a very small church wedding and just about everything went wrong but we still laugh about it 48 years later! Hope you enjoy the upcoming events and hope things go smoothly for you. If they don’t…you might also be able to laugh about it years later like we do.

  7. What’s wrong with a zombie-themed ceremony? I think that should be kept as a back-up plan B ;)
    I like the sound of Bridesmaids having nice dresses that are more multi-purpose as it’s always a shame I think these sorts of things are really a one-time use.
    Sounds like you & Aureleo will be kept busy with your planning, but I love your initial thoughts on it. Hopefully it’ll all go well within the next month for you two to get a few things pencilled in and the main decisions made! Enjoy!!
    Caz xx

    1. Haha okay maybe we’ll reconsider the zombie plan ;) Thanks for taking time here as I know you’re busy too. Sending a hug this weekend and beyond!

    2. I let my ladies pick their dresses – My only input was floor-length and a rough color. Each dress was unique, and beautiful. Plus, several of them have worn their dresses more than once to other events and celebrations.

  8. I am not on Facebook and Instagram so this is happy news for me from your end. Mine was, what is called an ‘arranged marriage’ in India, where the whole thing is planned and executed by parents and elders from both sides. All I had to do was just see the girl and give my consent (same from girl’s side too) for the arrangements to start rolling and fall in place within a six month period. In India a lot of money gets blown in the name of wedding as the guest list often ranges from 700 to 1500. The latest trend here is ‘destination’ weddings (venue is either an exotic place or a heritage building) where the entire event is professionally organised by event management companies. Here is wishing you all the thrills that go with preparations for a happy wedded life.🌸

    1. Aw, I wasn’t sure whether to post updates here but really so nice to read the outpouring of support in the comments, including from you, my blessed brother. :)

  9. Congrats! Good for y’all. May you be blessed with love and longevity!

    As for what type of wedding we had? Small, about 40 people. On the beach, on a little Florida Gulf coastal island, at a small mom and pop hotel. All family and wedding party had the entire place, ceremony on the beach at sunset, and the reception on-site in the courtyard. Had originally thought of the traditional wedding, lots of guests, big reception. Glad we went simple.

    Good luck in the planning. It becomes all-consuming, so don’t forget to have fun. 😊😊

    1. Some of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been to have been the smallest ones. I love that your ceremony was on a beach at sunset – so romantic! Have fun, you say ~ YES!

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