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7 Steps for Commercial Moving Success

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Commercial moving is the process of relocating your office to a new neighborhood, city, state or country. The process is not as easy as it may appear because many variables come into play, from packing and choosing a moving company to convincing employees to relocate with you. There’s also decorating the new office interior.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Blake & Sons Moving & Storage. I have been compensated for writing it, but all opinions are mine.

Why Do Businesses Relocate?

Most times, commerical moving happens with a goal to expand to try to establish itself in a new market. But often people don’t realize the hassles that come along with such processes. You don’t have to get too concerned about it, but don’t take it too lightly either. Sounds like a careful line to walk, right?

Yes, you need to plan and be careful about every step that you take, the same as you would with a residential move. To make commercial moving easier, these 7 steps will help as they include tips and how to overcome common challenges of relocating the office.

Commercial Moving: 7 Simple Steps to Follow

The relocation process isn’t difficult – if it were to happen in a vacuum, that is! But the reality is that many variables come into play that make it challenging for some people. So use follow these essential steps for a move that satisfies you and your employees:

Step 1. Do Your Research

Thoroughly research the neighborhood to find the right venue. Specifically look for a location that’s safe for both your employees and office valuables. Make you’re also moving to a place that’s easy for everyone to commute to and from daily.

Step 2. Make a Checklist

Put together a commercial moving checklist and schedule each task. This thorough list includes all the moving-related activities and their respective deadlines. It will keep everyone at work in check and reduce unnecessary expenses due to any delays.

Step 3. Talk with Your Employees

Tell your employees about the commercial moving plan. Prepare for the reality that some of them will not like it. Certain members of your team will need to pitch in to make the relocation successful. So, informing them at least a couple of weeks before it happens is a wise decision.

Step 4. Seek Volunteers

Request volunteers to speed up the process. The commercial moving company cannot handle everything without the cooperation of your employees, so ask them to volunteer.

Step 5. Gather Supplies

Buy enough boxes to pack up business papers, office supplies, and other essentials. Also group together tables, chairs, and other furniture for ease of moving. Label boxes carefully so that you can keep watch on all the stuff and facilitate unpacking at the new office.

Step 6. Choose the Movers

Hire professional moving services in Bethesda MD to ensure quick and satisfactory relocation. While some people don’t think much about quality, the reality is that not all movers are the same. So think about more than just price when it comes to choosing a commercial moving company. Otherwise you might end up dissatisfied.

Step 7. Hire Movers as Early as Possible

While the moving process may appear straightforward, the execution is not that simple. Hire a commercial moving service as early as possible so that you can get that piece of the puzzle out of the way. But beware! The market is full of companies that post false claims or inaccurate information to put their company is a positive light.

Challenges of Relocating Your Office

  • Not all employees will be willing to relocate
  • Technological and equipment installation can be more expensive than expected
  • Delays cost money – You’re paying the moving company for more days and employees are busy with relocating rather than day-to-day activities
  • Space is likely a big concern if you’re not sure if there’s enough space in the new location for all boxes and furniture
  • Valuable items may break or get lost during the commercial moving process

You Can’t Think of Everything

The reality is that you cannot think of everything when it comes to business relocation. And it’s probably only something you do once in your career so you’re hardly an expert. But don’t freak out. Instead, accept the fact that you can’t possibly think of everything, be it packing, transportation, or something else.

However, you can make sure that you plan the move in detail. By doing so, you’ll make sure that the process is as smooth as expected and no additional costs arise at any time.

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