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Reduce Moving Day Stress with These Tips

Reduce moving day stress

Moving home is always going to be stressful, whether we like it or not. Even if we know that moving day is in a week or month’s time, it’s almost impossible to get rid of the nerves. Sending yourself into a sleepless spiral, you keep wondering what you will need to book in advance and worrying if you’re going to leave something behind. Even something as unimportant as a hair straightener or just a scented candle that gets left behind can be stressful. This is why it’s crucial to reduce moving day stress.

Find ways of getting rid of all that tension! Moving day gets easier when you receive help from the special providers below with some of the most difficult tasks.

Packing tips to lower stress on moving day

Packing your things is going to be the biggest task as most items can break at some point if the right amount of force is used. Wrapping up your laptops, chairs, china, cutlery, and television in bubble wrap is recommendable.

You can buy large loads of bubble wrap in many places, but the best option is to go look for what you need in an industrial, commercial moving warehouse. Large rolls of bubble wrap come at reasonable sizes and prices.

Even wrap chairs and sofas. They will be among the largest items that need protection from the moving day surroundings. While a large cloth or sheet will do, they won’t prevent scratches and punctures from getting through to the furniture.

Hire professional movers

When moving gets too much, it’s time to call in professional moving companies. Sure, you can give it a go on your own, but if you have other things going on in your life taxing on your mind, moving home can become so stressful that you’ll begin to wonder why you’re doing this in the first place.

Don’t lose hope; professionals take great pride in providing the best services, such as By booking online, you can choose what time the team comes directly to your door and begins the process of neatly and safely loading your things onto the trucks.

The delivery is spread over days as getting everything done in one day is often left to chance. To achieve a higher quality move, the tasks are done by a sort of checklist, and then the move is methodically completed in one big operation with various teams working together.

For less moving day stress: Mail ahead fragile items

One of the newest ways of moving items is that computers can be picked up and shipped ahead to the new location. The internal parts of computers, laptops, tablets, televisions, etc., are fragile and can be knocked out of place, resulting in the technology no longer working.

Companies will send you their preferred wrapping materials, then, on a set day, they can come to your home, take the item from you, and deliver it to your new home. The process is designed to save you any extra stress.

No matter how far ahead you plan your moving day activities, there will come a time during the days when tension and worry build up in excess. Handing off the stressful jobs to packing and moving businesses that are there to help can save you a lot of heartache in the long run.


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20 thoughts on “Reduce Moving Day Stress with These Tips”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I move very frequently and always hire packers and movers. I do some pre-packing just because I am a bit neurotic. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be very exciting-espcially when it is organized! I would love if you took a look at my blog and let me know what you think of my moving experiences.
    Happy Moving!

  2. Hi Christy, nice to read your article. How are you? Your words are right. Packing and moving is very hectic and tough task. And I have to move with my pet. In my international move from India to USA, I searched various packing and moving services in India, but it was difficult to believe on them. It was a nightmare. After some time, an Indian company respond me for my international Relocation Assistance. And they help me from my first call to unpacking the goods. And for my pet too. We easily shifted in USA without losing anything. Happy 😊

  3. Hi Christy:
    Again you have hit the nail on the head in regards to the dreaded move. I know the last one for me was a big move. As it turned out I had some great help and resources to get the task complete.

    Hugs from Alberta

    1. Yes, we don’t have to do everything ourselves and often the specialists can make it a smoother process. Thanks for being here, Rolly ((hugs))

    2. Yes, in packing and moving a professional can help smoothly. No body can do this task very easily. You should trust on professionals.

  4. Good tips Christy. As one who has moved too many times to count and the packer and unpacker of all things, I’ve learned to purchase moving supplies at storage facilities and the like where the price is more reasonable. Those large boxes are almost 5 bucks each! I need like 200 LOL :) xx

    1. That’s a good tip about buying the boxes from storage facilities to save money, Debby. Moving is a lot of work and can be pricey so it’s nice to know how to save time and $$ ~ Thanks for your comments here :)

    2. Most welcome Christy. Also, a good trick for FREE boxes is to go to your local liquor store and supermarkets, there’s always a ton of boxes waiting to be thrown out. :) x

  5. It’s been just over a year now since we moved into our bungalow. So glad we used pro movers! With Pat recovering from Cancer treatment and other health problems. I don’t think we could have handled doing it all ourselves. Great tips, Christy.

  6. Hope I never have to move again!!! The worst is the cats and plants (I nurture a small jungle) It takes about 2 weeks for the cats to forgive and forget. LOL! Wish there was magic bubble wrap for the cats!

  7. ah, moving! I hate it. My son is in the Navy and has moved 5 times in the last 4 years. I have helped him and his wife every time. Whether they do it or the movers do, it’s still so much work!

  8. I’d add putting an inexpensive tracking device in one of your boxes as well if hiring a moving company. I went with Allied on my move back to ID from NC. It was a nightmare. I had to wait three weeks for my belongings to arrive. Turns out they just didn’t want to say the truck had broken down and things got held up. I did get a chunk of money to buy some supplies and clothes, but the hassle of it all was not fun at all.

  9. Hi Christy, you are like a breath of fresh air, lots of excellent points raised and suggestions, I sometimes feel stressed just packing to go away lol, thank you for sharing x x x

  10. That’s major stress alright, Christy. I’ve done cross-country moves. Even with movers, it’s huge effort. The expense literally enough to break the bank. Yepper, every kind of stress is involved in moving.
    Three items I’ve learned to keep in the car with me: Box cutter, toilet paper, and shower curtain! Somehow those are always buried under everything else. ;) Hugs.

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