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What should you not pack when moving?

Not pack when moving

Moving to a new location requires a lot of decision-making and research. The minute you decide to move things, you need to know the transport facilities available and search for the best coast to coast movers. When looking at transport facilities, consider the price and what it includes. Usually, the weight carried and the distance covered influence the price. A smart decision can save you from paying extra money. So, what should you do? Choose to leave your things or bring them all along? Well, that’s up to you! However, here are some suggestions for what to NOT pack when moving.

Avoid carrying bulky furniture that’s no longer of use

Why take it to the new house if your family doesn’t use it anymore? Carefully decide what to take based on what furniture gets used and what doesn’t.

The sofa in the corner of the basement that hasn’t been sat on in years probably doesn’t make sense to take along. Reducing all the bulky furniture will free up space for the necessary items and save you from paying extra bucks on moving day.

So, what will you do with the furniture? Give it to someone in need, sell it online, or donate it! There are many ways to dispose of the extra load and help another person in the process.

Unused toys and other stuff

There’s more than just the bulky items to consider too. There are a lot of things that your child has probably outgrown now.

There are toys that your child doesn’t play with anymore. You can simply donate to kids who need them. Doing so will lighten up your load and bring a smile to a child. Plus, your little ones will see the importance of helping others.

When moving, don’t pack outgrown or unworn outfits

Look through your closet and your kids’ wardrobe. Do you see clothes that no one wears anymore?

You will be surprised to see how much bulk they put all together. So, all you can do is select only those clothes that you wear regularly or seasonally and donate or sell the rest. Otherwise, you simply move clothes that are never going to get worn in the new home.

Older appliances or extras

There are always some extra appliances in almost everyone’s house. It could be the old crockpot that has been replaced by an Instant Pot or a hand blender you don’t use anymore. In other words, look for things that have been in cupboards or on shelves so long they’re collecting dust there.

These appliances have a lot of weight, so they add to the moving cost. If they’re not in great condition, why take them with you?

There is no point in carrying a broken washing machine when moving house. Instead, consider selling parts, donating the items, or taking them to a local recycling facility.

Easily replaceable home furnishings

There are some things around the homestead that will obviously be close to your heart. But others are easily replaceable and don’t have a deeper meaning to your family.

For the decor and other items that are easy to replace, consider selling and then re-buying them in the new location.

Doing so will ease your carrying capacity. Plus, you can start to create a new atmosphere with trendy furniture in your home in Houston or wherever else you move to soon.

Avoid packing and moving worn-out mattresses

The life span of a mattress is only about eight years. Over time, it often gets worn, slumped, or lumpy.

Moving to a new place can be the desired justification for buying a new mattress or mattresses. Some online suppliers will deliver your mattress on the same day. Isn’t it lovely sleeping on a new mattress in your new house?

Handle with care products

Some things are very delicate. It might be expensive glassware, for example. Deciding to carry them or leave them is up to you.

Be aware that there is a risk of damage to these delicate things, no matter how careful the movers are with the belongings. One option is to buy them again, at your new place. Or, consider gifting them to a relative or friend who you know will cherish them as much as you have over the years.

Concluding words on what not to pack when moving

Now you have some suggestions when it comes to what to potentially leave behind when planning to move so that you get the most value on moving day and beyond. The decisions you make can save you money with the moving company and also prevent any damage to items during transport.

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  1. How timely that I am reading this now. We will be moving in the next couple of months and am in the process of going through things and culling. We are taking some items to a resale shop. We also have donated some furniture to an organization that helps refugees. We have much more to do! Thanks for the suggestions.

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