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Don’t Let The Workout Outwork You!

Fitness common sense

Working out is a great way to not only get active and improve your lifestyle but to get in shape and have a killer body that makes you feel confident and empowered to walk around the beach without a sarong wrapped strategically around your ‘bad areas.’ But sometimes, it’s very easy to get carried away, and you start pushing much more than what your body can handle.

You have to do things slowly, and then you can begin to build up depending on what your body is telling you, and this means in all areas. Even when running, you should start out with a small distance and a light jog on a simple pathway, and then you can decide on making things more difficult, like a longer length to run, varying from a jog, to a sprint, to a run, and so on. And also the terrain you choose, as you may move onto difficult footing through woods, which means adding more pressure to your core to keep your balance, or up a steep hill so your glutes and thighs are working more.

Here are some tips to ensure you don’t overdo it.

Warm-ups and cool-downs

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a warm-up is a waste of valuable time that could be used on working out. Or to think that there’s no need to cool down because you can’t be bothered.

But do it! Both of them!

It is so important that your body has that time to loosen up and prepare for a session; otherwise, you’ll just cause yourself a serious injury. So much so you may even need some help recovering, like at Ferrell Whited Medina clinic, which specializes in many different types of therapy from pain management to aquatic physio.

Be aware of your movements

Focus on every exercise and break them down so you see each movement as an individual thing. You need to ensure that you are doing all the right movements so you have a good technique, as failure to do this will mean you may strain something.

Only use the muscles that you are meaning to use. Otherwise, if you get lazy or sloppy, you will engage other areas of your body that you shouldn’t, which will just end up wasting your time because you aren’t getting any gains from what you’re attempting to do.

Take time to recover

People seem to think that the more often they work out, the more their body will benefit from it, and while this holds some truth, you need to have at least one day off so that your body can recover. This is essential. It gives you time to recuperate and soothe any aches and pains that you experience so that you are energized and re-powered to get back at it all. So make sure you give yourself a day every week and do nothing other than relaxing.

So don’t push yourself more than what your body is capable of doing. Be safe, especially while working out with an injury. It’s in your best interests.


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23 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Workout Outwork You!”

  1. Very true, especially the part about time to recover. People forget that over-training can do more harm than good as it can lead to injury, cause fatigue and weakness in your next workout because the muscles haven’t had time to recover. Great post!

  2. You made a great point about recovery, its as important as the workout itself! Foam rollers can be really useful for loosening the muscles, definitely something to take advantage of if you don’t already💪🏻great post btw😁

  3. I’ve been working out for almost 4 months now and only lose 4kgs so far without having strict diet though I workout 3-4 times a week. Thanks for sharing these info.

  4. Great tips Christy,

    I love to train, but with years, when I read those tips in my years (36) , I can say great. Earlier, when I way younger, I trained hard and I did not care for advice.

    Thank you

  5. Great info! As a fitness coach I see all sorts of bad things happening. It’s easy to let the ego take over sometimes. But you won’t get the results you want if you’re injured 😉

  6. Great advice! I know better but yet I jumped too fast and I paid the price being too sore for days on end after one workout. I was thinking back on the days when I was actively a body builder and my enthusiasm carried me away. Need to rethink things …. LOL

  7. Great tips, Christy!
    My ‘rower’ will be arriving on Monday (a birthday gift). Your last sentence rings ever so true. I will need to be extra cautious because, knowing me as I do I will want to overdo the workout. I must say, though, I am quietly excited.. ;) ;)

  8. Yesss!!! When I started working out I went from 0-100 in a week. I’ll tell you what: I paid for it! I was running right away off the bat. My knees and shins hurt so bad. I wasn’t warming up or cooling down. I really hurt myself. Then I had to do low resistance exercises until I could heal. Then I had to start all over again. I love this article. It’s really helpful, especially if you’re new to this or getting back in to it. Thank you. :)

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