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Save Yourself, Save the World

Let's increase sustainability within the home and elsewhere

Everybody talks about wanting to save the world, but much of the time this is mere armchair activism that gives people the feeling of superiority without actually doing anything. However, making an effort to contribute towards saving the world is something that will not just be beneficial for our planet, but also yourself.

There are many things that you are told to do when it comes to feeling better about yourself, but everybody is different, and it might take time to discover what works best for you. There are, however, some solutions that you can explore that will allow you to ease into making life better for you and the world around you.


We typically love to relax at home while watching the TV, reading a book, and generally being as lazy as we possibly can. While it might not seem that you can save the world through this necessarily, that isn’t as true as you may believe.

There are many things you can do within the home that can increase sustainability as well as improve your physical and mental health. Filling the house with plants and other greenery is an easy way to enhance air quality as well as the ambiance of your home. Furthermore, choosing to plant your own fruit, vegetables, and herbs allows you to discover something you might not have considered you had a passion for, and provide you with a nice hobby all for yourself.


But it isn’t just food and air we need to focus on. Looking into energy-efficient solutions both at home and at your office will help with reducing emissions during your home and work life. Switching your current light bulbs to something that relies on sustainable and renewable energy is an easy and quick solution at first before you start focusing on other areas.

These areas can include factors such as driving to work, which will, of course, cause exhaust fumes and air pollution. To combat this, consider taking the opportunity to work from home as often as you can to avoid the commute. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also give you the relief of not being in the office so often, which will reduce stress and the potential for burnout.


We all want to look good doing whatever we want and so embracing the growing trend of green fashion is something that you might want to consider. This can be anything from upcycling your old clothes and furniture to create something totally unique, to investing in products made by eco-friendly companies.

These companies are dedicated to developing clothing that will save the planet but also make you look good, too. Not only will you be helping the earth, but you will also experience a boost in self-esteem from the many compliments you receive. For work, you can find vintage clothes that will be suitable.


Feeling like you need to do it all can have a disastrous effect on your physical and mental health. However, identifying the most problematic issues and working out what to prioritize can ease this stress. Before thinking about saving the world, you need to first focus on yourself, and if you get the chance to do some good in-between then go for it.

30 thoughts on “Save Yourself, Save the World”

  1. A very useful post suggesting ways that each one of us can make a difference in our own way. It’s so important that we each take a step in this direction. I had written a poem last year with a similar title, “Save Yourself, The Earth can take care of itself”. Do check it out when you find the time.

  2. Starting with one’s home and oneself, and continually spreading the message is the way to manage the environment. Your post, Christy, drives it home through simple and easy-to-follow tips. Please keep going with your great work on lifestyle and wellness. Cheers….x

  3. You are insightful! I completely agree with what you say here. If we break down what we do into bite-sized chunks, everything is more manageable. If we want to change the world, tackling this into bite-sized chunks is absolutely the thing to do. Want to save more mountaintops from being scarred from harvesting coal? Switch those lightbulbs to use less electricity. Want to keep paper out of the landfill? Choose recycled paper and recycle the paper that you do use. These little things – done many times over at the individual level and at the societal level – really makes a difference. Love this and love you! Happy Friday! xoxo

  4. wonderful tips, Christy. It’s true, some of these are simple things many of us already do, but if we add them up and get more people to join in, they can make a big difference.

  5. Very nice post Christy, we all in our small way, can be the bringers of change, like a drop in the rain it’s not what makes you wet, but the deluge of them, does the job thoroughly. :-)

  6. I agree with what you’ve written here. All good change comes through conscious effort. Positive begets positive!

    [I found you via Jill. Hello, and congrats on 7,000 followers. That’s a heck of an accomplishment.]

  7. Hi Christy…
    Great article and as a general rule I think most people are aware of environmentally sound decisions. Recycling has become a part of each household. Mine ends up in the garage until I make the trip to the local depot. I have gone as much green as I can here, next I am looking at solar panels on two sides of my roof which catch the sun. Just getting some quotes. I am told I should be able to power my home with what I collect. I choose to walk before I drive, at times that is a challenge living in the heart of winter… trying to do my part anyway…

    Hugs as always

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