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Optimize Your Running for a More Comfortable Work Out

Run like the wind... in comfort.

Getting the right shoes for your run is ultra-important. Pexels photo, CC0 License.

Running is great for improving your stamina, getting fitter and giving yourself a boost. It is perfect for de-stressing as well as waking yourself up in the morning. In other words, if you haven’t discovered running yet, you are in for a big surprise. 

Though running does take some getting used to, when you have the right setting and the perfect gear, you will be significantly more comfortable throughout your workout. This is important because generally, we tend not to do things unless we get a big reward from them. So, if you have hated running up until now, here are a few simple tips to get you started again.

Get the Right Shoes

Your running shoes are vital for offering support to your feet, legs and back as you run; they are the predominant thing that stops you from getting pains as you run and keep you in a good posture. Choosing the right shoes can be tough, especially if you don’t know what sort of feet you have and you don’t have the opportunity to run in your new trainers in the shop.

Because all feet are different, you are well advised to see a specialist in orthotics like They will be able to create a liner for your trainers that fits each foot specifically, artificially balancing out any imbalances and supporting you properly. If you have flat feet, high arches or you’ve had problems with running in the past, having these insoles will improve your comfort dramatically.

Set Your Pace

Whatever you’re doing in the gym, it’s important that you know your limits and set your workout accordingly. For runners, this means that you should give yourself time to warm up at a reasonable pace before you pick up some speed for the main section of your run. If you set off too fast, you will exhaust yourself before you can finish and you may end up pulling a muscle.

Interval training is a great way to improve your running technique and gradually build up your stamina. Anyone at any level can use interval training to give their workout a boost and if you are a beginner, this is a good place to start. You can take your time to begin with and then gently increase the amount of time you spend running. This way, you won’t be put off by thinking that running is completely impossible for you as you will hit your targets each week.

Wear Layers

Running outside is a great feeling, especially if you have some great tunes to listen to and scenery to enjoy. But wherever you run, make sure that you are wearing the right stuff. Your clothes should fit well, be waterproof if you are running in the rain and be comfortable. What is comfy for you might not be for someone else so experiment with different fabrics to see what suits you.

When you are dressed well, working at an appropriate speed and have the right shoes, running will be a whole lot more enjoyable. Now it’s time to get out there and get fit!



  1. Easter Ellen February 14, 2018

    Very inspirational to someone that has always been intimidated by running.

    1. Christy B March 6, 2018

      <3 Let me know your thoughts if you try it <3

  2. milfordstreet February 14, 2018

    I remember putting on too many clothes when I’d go running on cool days and then feeling so hot when I worked up a sweat. It’s tricky getting the right balance. Cheers

  3. prior.. February 14, 2018

    such a good point on how we are all different – especially in feet and the right shoes make a difference in running (and in all areas, eh?)

  4. tyna writes February 14, 2018

    Yes running is a good workout. I started running as part of my daily routine for 2 years now and I loved it.

  5. Norah February 15, 2018

    I’m pleased this is advice I can ignore. I’ve never been a runner. :)

  6. Jill Weatherholt February 15, 2018

    Great points, Christy! Thanks for reminding me…it’s time for a new pair of running shoes. :)

  7. lauradoestherapy February 15, 2018

    The right shoes can make or break a run! I’ve been running for 10 years with 1 marathon 😬 and I couldn’t agree with these points more. Running is MY therapy! Great post!

  8. gallantlygal February 15, 2018

    Whenever I go to the track to run… I just despair at how hard it is! And then I speed walk instead haha. I’m also a bit wary of running around on the streets because I really don’t like people looking at me and it doesn’t feel quite safe, but maybe I will try someday since running does seem like a great workout and the scenery will be better than on a track.

  9. Lynne Bradley February 15, 2018

    Great post! And a great reminder that anyone can run. You just have to start, and stick with it, and have faith that it will change your life for the better. As a long-time runner, I’m pretty sure it’s the only thing that keeps me sane. Very inspiring, Christy. Thanks!

  10. Plantsandbeyond February 15, 2018

    Great post, Christy! Right sized Shoes are so important

    1. Christy B February 20, 2018

      Sending love your way <3

    2. Plantsandbeyond February 21, 2018

      Awww always to u 2✨

    3. Christy B February 21, 2018


  11. Sparkling Dawn February 15, 2018

    The shoes are so important. I visited a specialist running Shop and I ran on a treadmill so they could see how I ran and how the feet landed and then recommended the right shoe. Huge difference. I had never run in my life and followed our NHS app Couch 2 5k which guides you and builds up fitness slowly. I loved it and hated it at the same time. I found running in rain fantastic after previously seeing people do that and thinking they were crazy. I really need to get back running again, your post has inspired me Christy xx

    1. Christy B February 20, 2018

      Ooooh if you do get in a run or two I hope you share about it on your blog. I’m glad you’ve been dancing (I was catching up on your blog today) xo

    2. Sparkling Dawn February 21, 2018

      I’m enjoying catching up reading the fabulous blogs I’ve missed. I’m hoping to restart the C25K once the weather improves so I’ll keep you updated xx

  12. Shaurya Pratap February 16, 2018

    Very true

  13. themedicalmamacom February 16, 2018

    It’s so funny because I just read one of your other articles. I clicked on this one in my wordpress “feed” and didn’t realize it was you again. Lol. Again, love this article! I was a runner (before I got pregnant). I cannot wait to get back at it. I need to buy a new pair of running shoes though. I’m scheduled to deliver March 8th. Yay! As soon as I get cleared to exercise I’m going to build back up to where I was at. It’s been rough not being able to run. I love this article. I’m saving it for later too.

    1. Christy B February 16, 2018

      Oooh the due date is close! I love your description of how you came across two posts of mine in the feed. Great to have you here :)

  14. Cristina February 20, 2018

    Great tips! The one with the right shoes it’s the trickiest part for me. There are so many sophisticated models on the market and it takes time to find something simple and comfortable. Something that will make running more pleasant and pain free!
    It’s also important to take it slow in your new running shoes till you get used to them.

    1. Christy B February 20, 2018

      Thanks for adding these points here and for your encouragement, Cristina!

  15. Excellent points to bring up

  16. Away In Autumn February 23, 2018

    thanks for the words! As a newer runner, I love reading your post here. Enjoy your running, and looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  17. Club of “Runners” March 1, 2018

    Totally agree with you about custom orthotics! I had constant knee pain after running a half marathon and it disappeared once I bought orthotics that were made for my feet. Love, love, love them!!

    1. Christy B March 1, 2018

      Glad to hear you found a solution that works well for you!

  18. Alexandre Fagundes April 1, 2018

    I would also add music, this is for me a must on my running. You can use your smartphone or a smartwatch, but have the music you love, this will make you feel like coming back to your running every time.

  19. gorunhussell April 5, 2018

    Great information!

  20. 1solarblog April 11, 2018

    Lots of good information, thanks for sharing!

  21. Alexi Harding May 23, 2018

    All great pieces of advice! Thanks for sharing!


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