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3 Simple Tips To Stop Feeling Sad Now

Sunlight can improve your mood

Feeling blue is the kind of thing that most people try to ignore. In the midst of a busy life, it’s easy to see how your feelings may not be your top priority. When you’ve got to pay the bills, meet that deadline and fix the car, you’ve got no room for sadness in your life. You don’t have the luxury of feelings because you are too stressed all the time. However, it would be wrong to ignore your emotions. While they may feel like an obstacle to a normal and healthy work/life balance, your emotions are an indicator of your mental health. As such, they can’t be ignored. You need to not only pay attention to the signs that your mind gives but also find ways of fighting negative feelings before they turn into something more serious.

Take a walk in the sun

Did you know that feeling sad can be a reaction to a shortage of direct light? Indeed, vitamin D, which is the vitamin that your body produces as a result of being exposed to direct sunlight, is not called the happy vitamin by chance. It is known to help lift your mood – as well as ensure that your body can make the most of your calcium intake, but that’s a story for another day. As a result, the best way to change your mood is to open the door and spend some time outside. As simple as it sounds, 20 minutes to half an hour in the sun can significantly improve how you feel. You might need to take supplements to see quick results. However, the sooner you build the habit of going outside once a day, the more satisfied you’ll feel about your life.

Put your nicest clothes on

The clothes you wear don’t only affect the way people see you; but also the way you perceive yourself. Indeed, when you pick a piece of clothing, you instinctively adopt the characteristics associated with it. For instance, when you want to feel powerful in an office position, you put your best suit on to give yourself a boost of confidence. Similarly, if you feel down and worthless, wearing happy clothes such as party dresses can completely transform your mood. If you dress like a princess, you ultimately feel like one. In short, it’s time to ditch those gray sweatpants with the holes in them.

A party dress can help you feel more confident
Wearing nicer clothes can help you feel better about yourself, even just temporarily. Photo via Pxhere (CC0 Public Domain).


Laughing is by far the best medicine for your mind and even your body too. When you’re in a bubble of stress and anxiety, laughing is a powerful remedy to recenter your energy and be able to move forward. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that laughing can leave your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes. More importantly, when it comes to your mood, it helps to release endorphins, the feel-good hormones in your body. The more you laugh, the happier you feel. How do you best find something to laugh about? Forget your favorite comedian; all you need is a girls’ night out with your best friends. Making time for your friends is key to maintaining a healthy work/life balance. It doesn’t matter how busy your days get: You need the time together to recharge your batteries.

37 thoughts on “3 Simple Tips To Stop Feeling Sad Now”

  1. I love these ideas! It’s very cloudy where I am, and it has been dark and dreary for months. I can’t wait to get the opportunity to walk in the sun again!
    Wearing nice clothes is such a great way to perk myself up! I often wear nice skirts and dresses to work whenever I’ve got a big challenge coming up. I find that I act more confidently when I dress like a boss!

    1. I just wrote a similar comment above, Carolee. I hear you! It’s tempting to stay in PJs but I find writing quality is better when I shower and dress :)

  2. Hi Christy…

    All great advice and the choices we make can a will effect the way we feel. Years ago I used to have these days I called slob days, you know when you live in your sweats and pull the curtain shut. Best thing is to get outside and enjoy yourself.


  3. I like the way you just pick three little things that can instantly change our moods. I’m a database sort of person, and your pragmatic selectivity is such a relief! I exemplify your theory in reverse: do these things daily, and am not feeling blue. Thanks!

  4. It is amazing what a walk, a little fresh air and some sunshine can do to your mood. With all the sickness that has been going around our house this Winter and feeling cooped up, I decided since it was finally a bit warmer in WI (43 degrees) it was time to get outside for a walk. An hour and a half later I came back feeling literally like a new person. It was seriously the best medicine for my soul. Great post with so many simple and easy tips!

  5. Such perfect timing to read this since I was feeling a bit down. Thanks!
    I’ve definitely been thinking a lot about the dressing up thing lately. I feel like I’ve been bumming for too long with the clothes I wear so I haven’t felt as confident lately. I’ve just been feeling lazy haha plan to dress nicely more often soon :)

  6. I agree; that Barbie dressed to the nines cracked me up. She’s dressed up and feeling good, and I’m feeling good from laughing because apparently there’s something amusing about a doll that is far better dressed than I am at the moment. 😆

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