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Why laughter is the best medicine

The best medicine is laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. It is better than cough syrup, Advil, or the chicken soup that your mother said would alleviate your flu. Laughter does not use traditional medicinal ingredients bottled in capsule form but it is easy to swallow. So why exactly is it the best medicine?

Being Happy

We genuinely laugh when we are happy. The laugh is accompanied by a smile and sometimes even a wink. Being happy is generally preferred to feeling sad and fearful. Although anger may feel like a good release in the moment, its consequences are often negative.

Laughter lets one brush away the bad moments like a broom that brushes debris off the floor and into the wastebasket. Rid yourself of the emotional debris that may be weighing heavily on your mind.  Heavy thoughts create stress which can appear in the form of stiff muscles in many areas of your body.

Stress and Your Body

Back pain and leg pain are conditions that often result from stiff or sore muscles. Laughter actually stretches the body, loosening the muscles. A hearty laugh can be a workout for the stomach. Have you ever giggled so hard and for so long that your abdominal muscles actually hurt? Your facial muscles also get a good workout.

Laughter does not require consuming a certain amount of pills each day. It can occur naturally when you hear a funny joke or see a comical video on television. Laughter is a form of stress management.

Also, when you laugh you breathe in large amounts of oxygen. Oxygen increases circulation as well as mental clarity. These benefits may explain the growing popularity of oxygen bars.

Laughter and Attachment

Laughter also connects you to others as you join together for a joyful moment. The feeling of attachment leaves you feeling less alone and more positive.

You are more likely to feel motivated and pursue goals than lie on the couch. Physical movement stretches muscles that otherwise would not be worked and become tense.

The Here And Now

A good laugh encourages you to be in the moment, rather than concentrate on your past failures. When giggling, you are positive and concentrate on being happy and living in the moment.

Try not to take yourself too seriously. When you make a small error, laugh at yourself. Remember that no one is perfect. Not taking yourself too seriously shows confidence and the ability to put mistakes into perspective. Was that error really the end of the world? Likely not.

Laugh with others rather than at them. Giggling at someone else’s expense is wrong. Whether laughing at ourselves or with one another, laughter really is the best medicine.

61 thoughts on “Why laughter is the best medicine”

  1. Great reminder! I love laughing 👌🏾 I have an embarrassing laughter when I really get going, but I’ve learnt to laugh as hard as I can no regrets! 😏🤣

  2. Loved this post. Laughter is contagious too…if you start laughing and get ‘out of control’ …the people you are with can’t control themselves and also start laughing. This also lengthens the amount of time that the laughter continues. Also have you ever noticed, everyone has a ‘unique’ laugh…that sets them apart from others. e.g. I know Christy and her laugh as you would expect ‘comes from the gut, is very loud, and brightens up any room she is in’.

  3. Love this! Yes…laughter and good health and stretched muscles are so fun and wonderful! Have you ever heard of laughter yoga? I have only witnessed it once or twice, but it is so fun! You basically “fake laugh” and the other person copies you, and vice versa until you both are laughing. It’s a little quirky to try at first but ten it’s so fun! :D
    I hope you’ve had a great week, you phenomenal woman, you! Love your posts and love all that you do. Sending hugs your way! xo

  4. Great post, Christy. When I was younger, I had a core group of friends and our motto was, “Just laugh!” We even had t-shirts made. Silly times, but fun, too. :) Laughter really is the best medicine. xoxo

  5. Great post, Christy! It helps me to figure out what tv shows make me laugh. Grace and Frankie cracked me up! I think the need for laughter is why there are so many great sit-coms and comedians who do what they do despite it being a hard way to make a living. Unless maybe they’ve made it Big Time. Sometimes memes are hysterical and I think that’s why they are so popular on social media – we need the feel-good chemical release to deal with the heaviness of life. Laughter is powerful medicine!

  6. I was just told today that I have an awesome laugh which of course made me laugh all the harder! I LOVE to laugh and lately I have been doing that a lot! Laughter is such a huge benefit for health all the way around …. I also told a small story today to which much laughter was a result to those who listened. I said that I get such a kick out of myself that I laugh at me when I do dumb things or silly things. The way I said it made everyone laugh!! OH YES!! Laughter is contagious! Beautiful post, Christy! Thank you! (((HUGS))) Amy 😂

  7. Lol, I totally agree with you. There’s nothing I love more than laughing with people I love. I’ve been on like a mental cleanse lately and I’m trying to better myself mentally. I’ve been in search of a lot of blogs that embody similar natures. I wrote a recent blog post that I am incredibly proud of that really relates to hope and happiness, and I’d love for you to read it. 🙂 xx -A

  8. laughingwithlisa

    Hi Christy! Thank you so much for spreading light and love to the world. It feels so good to read posts of like-minded people. We are all connected and laughter is one of the best ways to show that.

    Laughter is a release, and its energy only expands. I like how you compared that release with that of anger and the differences between them.


  9. Laughter…great post Christy. I love the laughter that comes through friendships and sharing understandings. Between my shifts of hearing so much heartbreak, I watch funny clips. I spurted coffee all over my laptop as I laughed out loud the other day. xXx <3

  10. Such a lovely post and yess, a warm smile is the universal language of kindness, it’s the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart !

  11. Terrific post, Christy. I feel so free and alive when I laugh. My body expands and I’m able to release any negative feelings I might be holding. Perhaps someday, we’ll have a good laugh together in person :) I would love that ❤

  12. Laughter is truly the best medicine and l feel it’s effects every single day 😄. I’m literally always laughing, thank you for this post – it’s given me a good enough reason to laugh away 🙌😊💕

  13. There’s nothing like a good laugh, one that makes your back hurt, that make one cry tears of joy, one you need tissue for nose blowing and perhaps even a happy helping hand to help you up from the floor! Release those endorphins!

  14. Hi Christy ,

    very important post. I love laugh, and people are generally too serious about life. I love Charlie Chaplin movies,they are great reason for laugh

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