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Dressing fiercely: Power dressing tips for women

Power dressing tips

What is power dressing? And how can you incorporate it into your wardrobe? Read on for answers!

Intro to power dressing for women

Fashion is one of the most popular and essential ways to express oneself. Fashion allows for the expression of creativity and provides opportunities to illustrate who you are to those around you. A popular trend sweeping the fashion world, strongly supported and embraced by women like Joan Collins and Michelle Obama, is the concept of power dressing.

A nod to 80’s fashion and a reflection of women finding their voices and standing firm, this fashion trend is relatively easy to embrace and incredibly stylish. So, grab your favourite Converse shoes NZ and embrace your power.

What is power dressing?

The trend of power dressing skyrocketed in the late 70’s and early 80’s as a way for women to build and maintain their authority within workspaces. Powerhouses in the fashion industry like Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren supported this fashion trend, primarily comprised of oversized, boxy silhouettes that seemingly erased the female form and promoted masculine tailoring.

The idea was that this body shape was more acceptable in the working office and would help women professionally. Over the years, this trend has evolved into a wardrobe that celebrates a woman’s body shape and encourages embracing our physical attributes while maintaining confidence and professionalism.

Six power dressing tips

If you want to get onboard with this trend but aren’t sure where to start, check out the tips below. Each tip revolves around a certain garment or accessory.

1. Embrace the structured blazer

A structured blazer is essential for any power-dressing wardrobe. It has played a pinnacle role in elegant dressing for the last century and has secured a place in classic fashion. It is incredibly versatile and can be worn in the boardroom as easily as in a cocktail lounge.

As with most fashion items, you must consider body shape, existing wardrobe, budget, and personal style before purchasing. There are many options from which to choose!

For example, form-fitting blazers are best worn with tailored pants or a pencil skirt in a more professional environment. In contrast, oversized blazers are best suited with tailored pants or fitted jeans in a more casual setting.

2. Invest in a quality watch

In men’s fashion, investing in a stylish and classic watch is considered an essential part of formalwear in the workplace. This same principle can apply to power dressing in women’s fashion.

The watch is the ultimate accessory to tie a look together and as a symbol of time. Wearing one implies you value and respect the importance of time management and punctuality. Therefore, it is a necessary addition to any professional look.

3. Footwear: The fabulous heel or loafer

High heels are a great example of a fashion item you love or hate. For many women, they are essentially torture devices that cause discomfort and pain throughout the day. But in the professional world, high heels can be part of power dressing.

The key to perfecting this trend is finding heels that are comfortable for you. There are many designs and heel heights to choose from, and through trial and error, you will likely find at least one type of heel that works for you.

If, however, you cannot wear heels for medical reasons or dislike them too much, swap them out for chic loafers. That will maintain that stylish effect you are after.

4. Don’t forget button-down shirts…

You will have to look long and hard to find a more versatile fashion item than the button-down shirt. Often described as the workhorse of the wardrobe, this clothing item can be worn with anything, for any occasion, and in any weather.

Because of the immense versatility and style options available, from different materials to colors and patterns, it plays a large part in power dressing. It can be worn with chic pantsuits, tailored pants, and elegant pencil skirts. You can wear it by itself, underneath a blazer or warm cardigan. The options are endless.

5. … And tailored pants

The secret behind the perfect pair of tailored pants is that there is no rule that everyone has to wear the same size or style. Human bodies are all different and look best with different designs. For shorter bodies, ankle-length cigarette pants are incredibly flattering, while women with wider hips will likely feel most confident in a flared cut.

Try as many styles as possible until you find the ones you feel the best in. Once you have found a great pair of pants, style them with a range of outfits to carry you through countless workdays and effortlessly into the weekend’s social events.

6. Complete the outfit with a chic handbag

Fashion accessories are those incredible items in your wardrobe that elevate your overall look to a level no clothing item can achieve. An important accessory is a classic handbag, designed to elevate your professional wardrobe.

Ideally, you will want a purse that is as functional as it is fashionable. If you’re going to invest in a more expensive choice, it needs to be very wearable and made from materials with an extended shelf-life. Leather is a fantastic option in this case, as it will only get better with age (like you!). If you’re against genuine leather, faux leather is an excellent alternative.

6 thoughts on “Dressing fiercely: Power dressing tips for women”

  1. These are good tips for women in a corporate world. I don’t power dress and I break all the rules for corporate women with regards to appearance. I take a lot of pleasure in seeing the Penny drop with corporate men when the realize just how smart I am and how much they’ve under estimated me. It is a character flaw of mine 😉😂

  2. I thought that high heals were out of vogue (at least in corporate circles) due to its adverse effect on legs. The keenness to persist with it as part of power dressing is surprising.

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