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LOVEBOMBING: Actress Mara Hall pens new book on narcissistic abuse

Mara Hall, author of LOVEBOMBING

You might know Mara Hall from her acting role as Nurse Kathleen in the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. She has also appeared in the cable series Scandal and was a regular on Ambitions (OWN network). Mara’s newest project takes her on a different path as the author of LOVEBOMBING: How To Avoid Narcissists, Scammers, and Unlock The Treasures of Self Love. This book, which explores the manipulative relationship tactic called lovebombing through a fictional storyline, is the topic of our interview. Please join us for the full Q&A below.

Disclosure: This sponsored interview focuses on a book that delves into the topic of narcissistic abuse and common signs of lovebombing to help those at the receiving end and bring wider attention to the issues.

Overview of the book LOVEBOMBING

In this candid masterpiece based on real-life experiences. Author Mara Hall takes readers on a journey through the dark levels of Narcissism and how to see the signs when they first arise. Because of the twisted nature of Narcissism, Mara reveals alternative lifestyles to the average person and how this can affect your psyche. Welcome to Fifty Shades of Grey meets Zane’s Sex Chronicles with a little self-help sprinkled in!

Heather Moore is an accomplished reality tv entertainer and recently divorced single mother. During the global Covid-19 Pandemic, Heather was introduced to a live streaming platform called Ego Live, where she found comfort, solace, and a social life outside of herself. It was there where she met Kyrie, a young sculptor who swept her off of her feet instantly and cured her lonely woes and pandemic blues. He was a dream come true, or so Heather thought.

LOVEBOMBING: How To Avoid Narcissist and Scammers and Unlock The Treasures of Self Love takes us through love at first sight gone wrong. The Dark & Twisted Mind of a Narcissist and a loving unsuspecting victim.

Interview with Mara Hall

Welcome, Mara! Before discussing your new self-help novel LOVEBOMBING and emotional abuse, I want to ask about your acting career.

You are an accomplished actress. Which roles do you consider to be your most significant ones, and why?

That’s a tricky question. I have different levels of excitement about all of my acting roles because they were all so special to me. I love my performance the most in the movie Loqueesha, which was a very controversial movie because of the content.

I also loved my role as Darcia Lancaster on Ambitions because it was my first Series Regular role on Cable TV. But I also cherish my role on Nickelodeon’s Victorious because it was my first TV Role, and that was a big accomplishment.

What led you to write LOVEBOMBING in addition to your acting achievements?

Life. Lol. My experience with dealing with several narcissists in my life led me to write about what I experienced. I love to be of service and to help people, so that led me to turn the book into a self-help novel.

I have no doubt your book will help people. How would you define lovebombing, the subject of the book?

Lovebombing is when a person bombards their partner with excessive attention, grand gestures, and lavish signs of affection, often in the beginning of a relationship. It has dangerous ulterior motives rooted in manipulation and control.

It is not a genuine attempt to build a healthy, loving relationship; it is a tool of emotional abuse and creates toxic relationship dynamics. It is characterized by excessive attention and affection with the goal of making the recipient feel dependent and obligated to that person

Why was it important for you to focus on narcissistic lovebombing in this book?

Because that is the first thing that a Narcissist uses when they are trying to find their new supply and get them under their control. It was also the first term that I discovered when it was happening to me by several narcissists.

If I could shed a light on this and spread awareness about what traits and characteristics that they exhibit, maybe I could help the next person from becoming a victim of the terrors of a Narcissist.

Let’s talk more about this. How can narcissism rob someone of self-love?

Narcissism will have you believe that you are crazy and that something is wrong with you. But in actuality, you are perfect.

It will make you think that you are supposed to subject yourself to this behavior because of the mind games and tricks that the Narcissist plays constantly. It will rob you of your dignity, self-respect, moral character and fiber because you truly lose yourself when you are dealing with a Narcissist.

What are some common signs of lovebombing?

  1. They say “I Love You” within only a couple weeks of dating.
  2. They shower you with gifts right away.
  3. They say all the right things to the point of being cliche’.
  4. You’re bombarded with texts and calls from them.
  5. They lay the compliments on thick.
  6. They don’t respect your boundaries.
  7. They want your undivided attention all the time.
  8. They’ll change their personality based on what they think you want.
  9. They pressure you to connect very early on.

To someone who is in this type of relationship, what would you say?

Take it one day at a time, but make your plan to exit. Read up and get as much knowledge that you can so that you know how to deal with the Narcissist.

Get a therapist to work through any and all trauma that you have been subjected to. Allow yourself some grace to heal and get better because it’s gonna take time.

What do you hope readers take away from reading LOVEBOMBING?

I hope that readers will see that everyone can fall down, but it’s how you recover from being so low. I would never in a million years think that this could or would happen to someone like me, but it did.

I hope that this book will bring awareness and will spotlight the negativity of Narcissism and how to spot it immediately and, therefore, avoid it or how to deal with it when spotted.

Thank you for sharing so much to help others. Who inspires you, and why?

Anyone who is out here doing their best work, living their best life, and making a difference while they are doing it!!!!

Book cover of LOVEBOMBING by Mara Hall

Get LOVEBOMBING The Book today

Get your copy of LOVEBOMBING: How To Avoid Narcissists, Scammers, and Unlock The Treasures of Self Love now. It’s a self-help novel that offers insights into the dangers of lovebombing, how to spot the signs of narcissistic abuse, and more.

The read might help you or someone you care about. Emotional abuse, from lovebombing to gaslighting, is devastating for its victims. This is NOT a form of healthy love.

Connect further with actress and author Mara Hall

Reach out to Mara, find out more about her, and get exclusive details about the novel at LOVEBOMBING The Book website.

Also, find her on social media! That’s where we first connected. She is on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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  1. Enough can never be written about this topic. What a fantastic title. Thanks for introducing us to Mara and her wonderful book. And yes, I have been a diehard fan of Grey’s Anatomy since its inception – many years ago. <3

  2. Thank you, Christy, for sharing the interview with Actress Mara Hall. My daughter recently revealed that she has filed for divorce from her husband who is not only an alcoholic but has narcissistic characteristics which are described above. We were losing our relationship with our daughter, which we learned was the result of his isolating her from all support systems. Thus, we are now supporting her through this period and regaining our relationship with her.

    1. I’m sorry that your daughter has been in such an unhealthy relationship, Linnea. I hope she begins the healing process soon and, as Mara says in the interview, she takes the time to do so and goes easy on herself xx

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